NSW gift card regulation producing more harm than good

Moves to regulate the sale of gift cards with a lack of evidence have been excessive in New South Wales (NSW), with the Government regulating a popular product for retailers which had no serious issues.

Unlocking the valuable resource of trade event

In tough retail climates, the best way to increase your profitability is to get smarter in the way you operate. In this instance, I don’t mean smarter as in more educated, I mean smarter as in being open to new ideas, concepts and in having the courage to reach out and network. Fortunately, new...

Apple Pay to level the playing field for mobile wallets

In recent years, the retail sector has been impacted by considerable payments system change, much of which has been of great benefit to the sector. However, as always there are still various challenges facing retailers including maintaining a fair, open and low cost transactional environment....

Why brands must keep pace with changing grocery shopper behaviour

One of the biggest challenges identified at last year’s Australian Food and Grocery Conference was how supermarkets can juggle consumer demand for lower prices with the increase in business running costs, which includes everything from wages to utilities. Households are still looking to save...

Managing the generations

Within organisations and teams generational diversity management is very challenging and can have a great impact on team and individual performance. Organisations may have up to five generations in their workforce:

Modernising the customer journey

The rise of online shopping, click and collect and the world of social media has transformed the buying experience. Customers have access to information, expertise and validation at every step of the journey online but today they want an in-store and offline experience that complements and meets...

E-commerce technology trends, sorting through the hype

Customer Experience – we’ve all heard the term, we all know what it intends to mean and convey, and we’re all committed to improving it – a better experience means happier customers, and happier customers engage and spend more.


Aside from a few short-lived pilots, and the tradeshow stands...

Meet the world’s first crowdsourced delivery company.

The past few years have seen rapid change in customer demand. The response from retailers has been quite diverse. We have seen the introduction of many products, innovations and solutions to uphold customer expectations and overall, a brands reputation. The rise of crowd-sourced services such as...

CCTV health

CCTV technology has been around for some time and although its quality and accessibility has improved dramatically so has some of its complexity. Many systems are becoming larger and more complex to manage, including network management, cyber threat mitigation and efficient integration of newer...

Retail Training in a Digital age

You would think mobile training applications are a new phenonium, however learning through applications have been around since 2014, with key retailers such as Target USA, Bunnings and Best Buy utilising specific apps to train ‘on the job’ and provide information to associates to enhance the...

Concerns over consumer confidence

Retail sales have posted the biggest two-month decline in seven years as households reduced spending in many discretionary product areas. Not since late-2010 has there been a larger two-month slide.

Group development for greater performance

A team’s ability to work together and remain cohesive in achieving the team goal regardless of any challenges leads to greater performance. A leader needs to seek to understand the dynamics of their team.

A divided vision of the future

We’re entering the next era of human-machine partnerships with a divided vision of the future, according to global research from Dell Technologies. Half of the 3,800 global business leaders surveyed, forecast that automated systems will free up their time while the other 50% believe otherwise....

24/7 delivery network for online sellers and shoppers

Parcel delivery network HUBBED have partnered with eBay and DHL e-commerce, giving online sellers new affordable and convenient options for sending goods internationally.

How retailers are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, shoppers will once again be searching for the most meaningful gifts to celebrate this notorious event. This Valentine’s Day will see retailers offering a range of personalised gifts and limited edition products, giving Cupid a run for his money.


Getting realistic about personalisation

Creating a highly personalised in store experience is retail nirvana. Yet with limited numbers of Store Associates managing stock and display as well as customers, is personal service always an option? And with technology in-store on the rise the temptation to overload the Store Associate with...

How to outsmart the competition using HR technology

As more and more global retail giants enter Australia, it places a spotlight on the demand for more rigorous HR processes to ensure workforce compliance obligations are being met and the importance for niche retailers to up their HR game as a competitive strategy.

Using new technology to generate ROI

Technology is reshaping the way retail businesses and markets operate. Although many industries have already begun using such things as virtual reality and wearable devices, many bricks-and-mortar retail stores bare unsure how they can benefit from these new technologies.

Soundtrack your brand

 Marketing Melodies, Australia’s independent in-store music provider, formed a reseller agreement with Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand, for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Promote targeted events

Event planning is a detailed business.

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