Five steps to optimise your supply chain

Building and managing a complex supply chain starts with due diligence and quality assurance. Get it wrong and you can expect headaches from disgruntled manufacturers through to unhappy customers, but get it right and you can secure a decent profit margin and great working relationships up the...

Rent per metre versus sales per metre

Apart from not leveraging time, when negotiating your lease renewal, the other mistake Lessees make is to concentrate on the Landlords measure of success: rent per m2.

Is omni-channel thinking jeopardising retail success?

Customers are channel blind – all they want is a good retail experience and they will come back for more. But retailers are still persisting with fragmented omni-channel strategies that are not only damaging customer experiences but are also undermining retail’s standing in the eyes of the...

Developing a unified commerce

Retailers should no longer be adapting to change, they should be driving the future of retail

Are you a Retail Realm finalist?

With the 2018 eftpos Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Australian Retail Awards just around the corner, the ARA have announced the finalists of this year’s prestigious Awards breakfast.

Driving delight through your brand’s experience

How can retailers be sure they are giving customers a reason to shop with them again?

Personalise your purpose

How to successfully personalise cross-selling strategies to grow revenue

Why cash could be costing your business

Do you remember the last time you were waiting in line to make a purchase only to see a ‘cash only’ sign sitting on the till? Or when a tradesman insisted on cash payment after finishing a job at your home?

The 2018 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards stellar line-up

The stage is set for the 2018 Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Australian Retailers Awards. The awards will acknowledge those who have contributed to the retail industry with the key focus of this year’s awards on The Retail Realm: Thinking outside the shop.

The importance of creating a positive shopping experience

The ever-changing digital market has resulted in a competitive marketplace for retailers. Whilst some customers shop for entertainment purposes, others find the task daunting and unpleasant. With the majority of customers nestled in the middle ground between pleasure and necessity, the...

Sydney Retail Festival features stellar line-up of speakers

International model and body diversity advocate Robyn Lawley will speak about the growth of the body positive movement at the inaugural Sydney Retail Festival, to be held on September 14 and 15, as part of a series of free business seminars on the fashion industry.

Transparency is the new black

How retailers can use transparency in marketing

The 2018 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards are fast approaching

In a month’s time Myer’s Mural Hall will play host to this year’s 2018 eftpos Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Australian Retail Awards. The theme of this year’s awards will centre around The Retail Realm: thinking outside of the shop and focus on customer experience, technology, payments,...

Managing your finances to make a profit

There’s no denying that managing financial resources is an important aspect of operating a business, and the retail industry is no different. While every retail business differs in size, target audience and product offerings, finances are key to ensuring a business can operate well into the...

New website to test banks on merchant fees

A well-credentialed Australian payments consultancy is preparing to enter the comparison shopping field, with the launch of a pricing website aimed at online and point-of-sale merchants.

Small business tax write off

With the financial year at a close and tax returns underway, how businesses can better utilise government incentives is front of mind. For small businesses (turnover of up to $10 million) the $20,000 instant tax write off is a great opportunity to invest in new technologies and equipment that...

Video Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the best marketing strategies today. If you are an online marketer and you want your product or service to be known then video advertising is one good option. However, there are several things that you should know before advertising your video to make it a success.

This Father's day: Dad's the word

Father's Day marks a special occasion for dad's across Australia to celebrate with their loved ones.

Customer service: The common thread for retail success

Closely intertwined, sales and service have long been the backbone of retail. Recently the impacts of technology, economic unpredictability, social awareness and environmental responsibility are changing the stakes for both retailers and consumers.

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