Advance cross-selling on store pickup orders

Retail as an industry is always changing, but today the advancement of digital and mobile innovation is creating disruption across the industry. The role of the store is evolving, shifting, and becoming more integral in the digitally-influenced buying journey. To adjust, store associate roles...

Mobile loyalty – a necessity, not an accessory

Embracing mobile is crucial to win over customers and increase their loyalty. With over 40% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, and 84% in Australia, according to Deloitte; we use our devices more than ever - including for interacting with businesses.

The future of retail digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retail

The retail industry is among one of the industries that are most affected by digital transformation, giving rise to experimentation of better ways to respond to changing shopper expectations. In response to the shift, there has been a substantial growth in the availability of digital signage to...

A year in the life of a retail lease

With the end of the financial year close by naturally comes the beginning of the new financial year, so what about your lease year?

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The strategic planning process

It may seem an obvious statement to say that strategic planning is a process. Yet it is important to grasp that strategic planning is a series of sequential activities supported by monitoring, review and evaluation. Initially it requires a big picture perspective and an objective standpoint to...

Do you want to lead the retail revolution?

It is common knowledge that the retail industry is in the full grip of a digital revolution thanks to the internet. With more people connecting to the internet every day and more communities embedding it into their culture, it is driving an unstoppable retail transformation from which there will...

Using media to amplify your expertise

If you’ve wondered about the power of public relations (PR) and free media, the 2016 US Presidential election was the best example yet for generating awareness and leads without the hefty price tag of the usual media costs.

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Implement sales and service strategies

Being customer centric is about having an underlying commitment to placing the customer’s interest at the centre of every business decision. This requires a consideration of the most appropriate sales and service strategies to fulfil on that commitment. Retailers, both large and small benefit...

State of e-commerce

A recent report by international money transfer company OFX and Hitwise revealed that Australian ecommerce sales grew at an annual rate of 8% over the last three years - from $17 billion in 2014 to $22 billion in 2017. On a global scale, Australia is widely recognised as an early adopter of...

Tech trends in customer experience

Retail is no longer about just making sales, it’s about making life-long customers. Analysts predict [1] that over the next five years, customer experience will overtake price and product as the number one brand differentiator. Emerging technology is creating innovative, unique and interesting...

Retail disruptors: speed, customer experience and differentiation bring the winning competitive edge

Disruptive technologies are reshaping the retail landscape and many retailers are eager to adapt. But one force will remain constant as retail evolves: The customer is at the centre of everything. Unlocking insight into customers’ preferences, shopping habits and fulfilment needs will be key to...

Right-Sizing retail

There are a lot of articles of late discussing the issues of right sizing retail networks and even descriptions of shopping centres and high streets as shrinking giants.

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Be customer centric

‘We are at our best when we deliver enriching experiences.’ - Apple credo

There is no better time than now to be a retail customer. There is so much choice. It is easy to shop internationally and take advantage of the strong Australian dollar, no GST and low cost shipping. Using technology,...

Privileged account security never goes out of style

In April, hackers breached the Point of Sale (PoS) systems of iconic New York department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor – which are both owned by Hudson’s Bay Company. This latest cyber-attack against a major retailer resulted in the potential compromise of millions of payment cards.

Loyalty = success

Retailers are built on the currency of repeat customers, loyal customers. New customers are too hard to continually find, reach and market to; so we need repeat customers, and we need them to love us and to be loyal to us. In fact, a new customer is six times more expensive to market to than a...

Warning about threat-based impersonation scams this Scams Awareness Week

If you received a call out of the blue from the Tax Office saying you had a tax debt that you had to pay immediately or be arrested, what would you think? If Telstra called you and said there were internet problems in your area and they needed remote access to your computer in order to help you...

Business plans, what’s the point?

Business plans are not a new concept, most retailers have seen them and have a fair (if theoretical) idea of their value. Despite a lot of interest from retail owners who seem enthusiastic, what I have seen over the last 15 years is a long way from that enthusiasm. It is estimated that less than...

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Foster a beneficial learning-facilitation relationship

Taking the time to tailor learning to the needs of each individual learner can have a significant impact upon the quality of the learner experience. It is the domain of the facilitator to ensure this occurs and can take considerable time and effort to do so.

To learn how to steer your success as...

Three ways retailers can thrive in the age of disruption

When Michael Ford of The Good Guys suggested that retailers needed to brace for a ‘tsunami’ of change, he wasn’t mincing words. As Ford argues, “Retail has been a pretty sleepy old industry for the last 150 years,” and now is the time to embrace the future.

Shopping with the current and future generations

In 2018 achieving success in the retail industry involves accepting that the future is here. This entails having an understanding of both the current cohort of shoppers, millennials, who already control a large amount of wealth, and the future cohort, Gen Z’s who at 18-22 years of age are now...

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