Five common leasing mistakes

There are several common mistakes made when dealing with your Lease and the Landlord/Centre Manager relationship. We describe the most common leasing mistakes retailers make and why they're so important.

Tackling legacy systems to exceed consumer expectations

Mobile phones used to be pre-purchase tools for activities such as researching products and prices. Today, shoppers are using their mobile phones to make purchases.

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Develop layout assessment checks

Visual merchandising (VM) plans are built upon principles of design similar to those used in other design fields. The overall intention is to create a balanced and harmonious backdrop where displays can be placed to emphasise the product offer.

Each customer entering the store should experience...

Learning from evolutions of the past, to keep yourself relevant for the future

Retail’s history is filled with stories about disruptive change and keeping up. It’s time to take a deeper look at why and to reflect on the common practices that are holding the industry back from truly meaningful change.

Domestic Violence leave

Recently the Australian Council of Trade Unions sought to introduce 10 days domestic violence leave for all employees who are employed under the terms of a modern award.

Productivity Commission picks up ARA’s recommendations

The Productivity Commission (PC) released its Inquiry report into Competition in the Australian Financial System recently. Here are the key takeaways for retailers after the PC’s recommendations:

How are you leveraging technology across your business?

With technology advances impacting various industries, retail technology has transformed the industry in more ways than one. Last year, a staggering 49% of retailers admitted to not having an integrated POS system, limiting them from processing sales offline when disconnected from their network.

From Muji to Ikea: why the best retailers think like UX designers

Imagine walking into a store and finding a fitting room full of outfits curated just for you- items you reserved online, and a few chosen for you based on what you’ve bought in the past. You like a pair of jeans and a button-down, but you’re walking straight to dinner, so you have them shipped...

Trade opportunities for Australian small and medium-sized businesses

International demand for Australian products present a significant opportunity for Australian small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to grow their business through cross-border trade over the next 12 months, according to independent research conducted by FedEx Express.

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Adapting VM standards in store

It is up to the visual merchandising and store management teams to adapt visual merchandising standards to the realities of their individual store. Without guidelines the store may look aesthetically appealing but not gain sales so it is again through a blend of creativity and commerciality that...

The power of personalisation

The power of personalisation

Physical stores still king until 2040

According to a recent report by Australia Post, online shopping represents 8% of total traditional retail sales. That same report predicts that by 2020, 10% of physical goods will be purchased online[1].

Eight ways to increase your online sales in 90 days

As a retailer, your online sales portal is a vital component of your revenue stream that, naturally, you want to grow. Unlike customers’ shopping experience on the ground, however, customers browsing the internet for products are exposed to a far wider variety of choice and it can be much harder...

Conversational commerce and its impact on retail

The integration of messaging apps and voice technology is transforming how people communicate and get information. Consumers already prefer to use conversational interfaces such as SMS and Facebook Messenger, to interact with their friends and family. Retailers are now able to bring that same...

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Establish VM standards

Successful retailers build their businesses on sound strategy and structure. This approach can be applied to visual merchandising to ensure all initiatives focus upon providing a creative and consistent representation of the brand that attracts and appeals to the target audience.

To learn how to...

Are you connected?

When discussing customer satisfaction, our attention is often drawn towards shopfloor elements such as visual merchandising, product ranging, seasonal promotions, and frontline staff performance. In fact, there are many ways to rate satisfaction from our online review results, to a Net Promoter...

In-store fulfilment – how to use your retail stores as mini distribution centres

Under pressure to compete with international competitors, the tyranny of distance in Australia is a unique challenge for our domestic retailers. With many still operating central distribution centres, orders can travel thousands of kilometres to reach their destination. That’s time and money...

Style with substance

The retail industry is facing increased scrutiny around, and demand for, products and practises that are sustainable and ethical.

Employment Relations Overview 2018

With some major changes introduced by the Fair Work Commission in 2017 affecting casual work arrangements across the Australian workforce, along with the increased powers of the Fair Work Ombudsman it is time to prepare for another big year in the in the retail industry. Lets look at whats in...

Mobile wallets: the future of retail payments

The traditional wallet as we know it today is rapidly being replaced by mobile management platforms, prompting retailers to explore new ways to engage customers. Mobile wallets can be a strategic marketing tool for retailers to drive repeat customers and improve sales. Digital loyalty programs...

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