Top 4 trends in retail lighting for 2018

With retail lighting undergoing major changes in 2018, the next 12 months will see a shift to more human-centric illumination and new technologies emerging in both the controls and delivery of lighting.

Digital Transformation contributing $45 billion to Australia's GDP by 2021

Digital transformation will add an estimated $45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021, and increase its growth rate by 0.5% annually, according to a new study recently released by Microsoft[1].

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Show team support

As a team member in a retail store you don't work in isolation. You work with a whole range of people. These include your direct managers, the other employees in your store, other supervisors and a whole range of employees in other parts of the organisation. You may even deal with people who are...

David Jones, the now department-supermarket store

Melbourne’s Malvern Central Shopping Centre have expanded its food retail offering by welcoming David Jones Food earlier this year.

Google’s Digital Garage empowers all

The new Google Digital Garage in Manchester is part of an initiative announced by Google to help 100,000 people in the UK enhance their retail career by offering free digital skills in more than 200 towns and cities. Designed by creative agency Dalziel & Pow and delivered in partnership with...

Five ways digital transformation can improve employee engagement

Today’s employees are digital first. They expect collaboration, flexibility, energy, purpose and inclusion. Employees are motivated by recognition, rewards and competition. But are workplaces keeping up? Recent research shows that 70% of business transformations fail due to a lack of employee...

The secret to effective employee engagement for the retail industry

Employee engagement is a worldwide problem—but the retail industry is particularly affected. The Employee Engagement Trends Report from Quantum Workplace revealed that nearly 35% of retail employees in the United States (US) feel disengaged— that’s lower than the national average for all...

Technology is creating a faster, more intuitive and data driven retail sector

It is easy for retail businesses to view the rise of digital engagement as a threat to traditional retail, but it is just as important that retailers also see the opportunities it brings. Digital engagement is an opportunity to capitalise on your customer's love of all things electronic, to...

A new augmented reality experience

Following the successful launch of their online store earlier this month, fashion retailer ZARA are not quite finished with disrupting retail sphere, with a pioneering in-store concept launching today.

Organisational requirements

All retail businesses are expected to follow the laws that have been established by the Australian Government. These are usually documented for staff members in the Company Policy and Procedure Manual. They are Position Descriptions, the Code of Conduct or similar types of documents. The...

Three ways Aussie retailers can get smarter with communications

The increasingly competitive retail landscape in Australia means that businesses must adapt if they are to stay afloat. Companies must move away from legacy systems and old technology and adopt more competitive and nimble technologies, such as the cloud. This is particularly true when it comes...

2018 retail technology trends

As consumer expectations continue to rise in a fast-changing retail environment, retailers are seeking new ways to succeed. With the pace of innovation increasing, we anticipate retailers will double down on technology deployments in the year ahead.

Why RFID technology is the key to a successful omni-channel strategy

Following Christmas, the New Year’s sales and a busy back-to-school period, many stores have taken stock of their inventory with varying levels of accuracy.  For omni-channel retailers, where inventory is spread across multiple store locations, warehouses and distribution centres, the...

The human benefits of omni-channel retailing

Many local retailers are considering how they can get one-up on their competition. In the modern, data-driven retail landscape, technology is a key investment in gaining a competitive edge. It’s all about finding the diamonds in the data – drawing insights from business information to deliver...

Innovating in-store

Dubbed the training of tomorrow’s workforce, the possibilities of using Virtual Reality (VR) to educate staff are expanding at a rapid rate. As the benefits of mixed reality and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly becoming more available to organisations, the ability to create effective and...

Retailers preparing for Modern Slavery legislation

Retailers preparing for Modern Slavery legislation



Action customer service standards and policies

For any retail store to operate efficiently and within the guidelines of the law, they must have well documented policies and procedures. These provide staff with written information on the standards of the organisation.

It is the role of the Manager or Supervisor to ensure that these standards...

Six simple tips to ensure your retail store is providing a quality experience

Managers for bricks and mortar retail stores have a lot on their plate, and maintaining a safe and effective in-store environment is typically at the top of their list. Following these six simple steps can help retailers increase sales, reduce stock loss, create happier staff, and produce better...

Tips to help your business target the next generation of shoppers – Gen Z!

  1. Be technologically flawless

Gen Z, unlike most of us have grown up with mobile phones virtually attached to their hands, meaning they are extremely tech savvy and have immediate access to information at the touch of a screen and no patience for delays.

Gift Aussie quality this Easter

The Australian Made Campaign are encouraging shoppers to look for the Australian Made kangaroo certification trade mark if they want to ‘gift Aussie quality during Easter’.

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