Privileged account security never goes out of style

In April, hackers breached the Point of Sale (PoS) systems of iconic New York department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor – which are both owned by Hudson’s Bay Company. This latest cyber-attack against a major retailer resulted in the potential compromise of millions of payment cards.

Loyalty = success

Retailers are built on the currency of repeat customers, loyal customers. New customers are too hard to continually find, reach and market to; so we need repeat customers, and we need them to love us and to be loyal to us. In fact, a new customer is six times more expensive to market to than a...

Warning about threat-based impersonation scams this Scams Awareness Week

If you received a call out of the blue from the Tax Office saying you had a tax debt that you had to pay immediately or be arrested, what would you think? If Telstra called you and said there were internet problems in your area and they needed remote access to your computer in order to help you...

Business plans, what’s the point?

Business plans are not a new concept, most retailers have seen them and have a fair (if theoretical) idea of their value. Despite a lot of interest from retail owners who seem enthusiastic, what I have seen over the last 15 years is a long way from that enthusiasm. It is estimated that less than...

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Foster a beneficial learning-facilitation relationship

Taking the time to tailor learning to the needs of each individual learner can have a significant impact upon the quality of the learner experience. It is the domain of the facilitator to ensure this occurs and can take considerable time and effort to do so.

To learn how to steer your success as...

Three ways retailers can thrive in the age of disruption

When Michael Ford of The Good Guys suggested that retailers needed to brace for a ‘tsunami’ of change, he wasn’t mincing words. As Ford argues, “Retail has been a pretty sleepy old industry for the last 150 years,” and now is the time to embrace the future.

Shopping with the current and future generations

In 2018 achieving success in the retail industry involves accepting that the future is here. This entails having an understanding of both the current cohort of shoppers, millennials, who already control a large amount of wealth, and the future cohort, Gen Z’s who at 18-22 years of age are now...

Embracing change with agile retailing

Every decision a retailer makes these days (whether it’s about price, product, placement or promotion) revolves around delivering the best possible customer experience to build and retain customer loyalty. The pressure on retailers to deliver these outcomes faster is heightened further by...

New rules of leasing – time to change your thinking!

Recently we celebrated 20 years in business, supporting Retailers in all facets of Retail Leasing and the challenges inherit in the Lessee/Lessor relationship, it is time to reflect where the industry is at and how it has evolved.

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Develop and implement a work-based learning pathway

A learning pathway is the way an individual navigates their knowledge and skill development, growth and life experience through formal and informal education and training across their personal and professional lives.

Learning can be a positive and rewarding experience, yet it is not always so in...

Top three tips for breaking into the international market

Despite there being many keys for a successful international expansion, these are three of the more important things to get right to have the best chance of success.

Online sellers say after-hours delivery to be popular in the future of e-commerce

Aussie consumers have voted on the services they would most like to see in online shopping in the future, and online sellers have admitted what they can realistically offer. The results have revealed surprisingly similar outcomes, with more than 50% of consumers and more than 60% of online...

Leveling the playingfield

Data and analytics have long been an edge for online retailers over their bricks-and-mortar counter-parts. Shoppers have been astonishingly happy to part with data online if they get something valuable in return. Amazon’s recommendation engine drives sales growth by applying algorithms to...

Seamless shopping experiences with real-time stock visibility

Retailers lose sales every day when customers walk into store and find the item they are looking for is not available. This happens 60% of the time, and they leave disappointed in the brand and with their shopping experience. If you don’t believe it, let us paint you a picture.

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Create a learning environment

Learning can be a positive and rewarding experience, yet it is not always so in the workplace. Organisational learning is a contributing factor in the achievement of organisational goals and objectives, the retention of key staff, staff engagement, morale and discretionary effort. It is often...

Consumer guarantees

While most businesses are by now aware of the existence of the consumer guarantees contained in Australian Consumer law (the ACL), there are a number of peculiarities in this area of law which can cause confusion. In light of this we’ve put together a quick FAQ about some of the issues which...

Power partnerships and moving beyond millennials: the trends defining brands in 2018

We want brands to stand for something that matters and to know there are more social groups than just millennials, according to The Media Store’s 2018 Trend Forecast.

Why customer curiosity is crucial for retail growth

In today’s retail world, it’s important you stand out and stay ahead of your competition, but that is becoming increasingly harder to do, as speed is a necessity and competition intensifies. You may be investing resources, effort and money responding to what your competitors are doing, but are...

Defending Australia's retail talent

The ARA are leading the charge in protecting local skills required to keep Australian retailers globally competitive.

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Establish good work habits

Have you ever worked with someone who was really organised? No matter what happened during the day, they were able to successfully get through all of their tasks as well as taking care of their number one priority – the customer. These people have great time management skills. They can...

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