The importance of small pretty things

Booking a hotel room throws up many different variables. I find it very difficult. Especially when you have never visited a holiday destination before. Recommendations from friends and using online social proof sites (Trip Advisor and the like) are the usual starting points. However, to make a...

Small business retail showcase

Small Business Victoria have partnered with Reed Gift Fairs for the upcoming Melbourne Gift Fair to highlights the importance of small business.

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Use your expert product knowledge

One of the main ways that you can use to stand out in a retail environment is through your product knowledge. Great product knowledge shows that you are professional and that you want your customers to have up-to-date, relevant information.

The advent of technology means that customers are more...

21st century customer engagement

Would you text a customer service desk?

How much should you spend on your brand?

It is true that some businesses spend only a few thousand dollars on branding, whilst others spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. With such a large range, how do you know how much you should be spending?

How to help manage the wellbeing of Generation Z in retail

The retail industry is a major employer in Australia with 11%[1] of the workforce employed in this sector. It’s highly labour intensive, therefore the psychological health and wellbeing of its workers are fundamental to the future of the industry. A lack of both experience and development can...

Australia’s independent retail revenue up 18% on global markets

The monthly revenue of Australia’s independent retailers over the past 12 months was 18% higher than the global average, according to data from retail management software leader Vend. This insight comes from Vend’s first Retail Benchmarks Report recently launched, which compared data from over...

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Build the sale and the relationship

Throughout the selling process you need to take advantage of every opportunity to build the relationship with your customer. You are aiming to give them more than the competition to ensure that you stand out in the customers’ eye. You want them to return to your store the nest time they need to...

Retail on the move with mobile printers

With the retail industry averaging a 2.76% growth year-on-year last year, and retail trade growth down more than 1% on the 50-year average, it is obvious retailers across the country are facing challenges.

Why the cost of labour is costing you good service

Today, all over the world, tasks are being automated to make transactions faster, more efficient and more consistent. Bit by bit, they are replacing traditional interpersonal service experiences. There are fewer strangers interacting with each other, fewer smiles being exchanged, fewer...

Mentally healthy workplaces

One in six working-age people are living with a mental health condition. Mental health conditions can come at a huge cost to individuals, those close to them, and to businesses that are ignorant to the existence of mental health problems in the workplace.

You only lease time

Your lease should be likened to your local Member of Parliament. No sooner have they won the election for a further term, they are out there campaigning for the next term.

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Establish initial interaction with customer

If you were to look at your position description you would find that the area of sales and customer service is at the top of your priority list. There is nothing more important than the customer and everything that you do should be focused on what you can do to ensure a successful experience for...

Why customers love to buy now, pay later.

No doubt you’ve heard of the likes of AfterPay and ZipPay, allowing customers to pay later for things they want right now. These buy now, pay later (BNPL) services are the new-age version of lay-by, except the third-party companies typically assume all the financial risk. It allows shoppers to...

Technology: key to the retail industry’s employee engagement

When it comes to finding more innovative methods of marketing to consumers, the retail industry is ahead of the curve. A recent article from Forbes[1] highlights several current trends that show just how far this industry has gone to become a leader in its visionary deployment of advanced...

More Aussie shoppers snagging EOFY sales

Recent research by Salmat revealed the buying habits of Australian consumers just before tax time.

According to the study, a fifth (20%) of respondents said they planned to purchase something in the EOFY sales last financial year. Just under half (46%) of shoppers indicate they might have...

Meeting consumer demand for electronic payment

Fumbling for the right change in your wallet used to be painful. For years it had the potential to be a major source of frustration at supermarket checkouts, coffee shop counters and train stations all over Australia.

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Mission vision and values

Ask any retailer why they are in business and if they give you any answer beyond to make a profit, they know something of strategic thinking and having a deeper organisational purpose.

It goes without saying that profitability and sustainability are key business objectives, yet some businesses...

Solving Australia’s waste crisis – how Australia’s retail industry can be part of the solution.

In April 2018, Australia’s Environment Ministers announced a historic target to make all packaging in Australia 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is the agency charged by government to make this ambitious target a reality....

Country of origin labelling update

When the mandatory date for the updated origin labelling requirements for food sold in Australia was announced on July 1 2016, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) fought to extend the legislative imposed transition period for the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016...

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