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ARA Retail Institute is Australia’s leading retail training provider for both accredited and non-accredited learning programs. The ARA Retail Institute is a Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO) making it fully qualified to offer retail education programs to ARA members and broader retail industry.
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Managing the generations

Within organisations and teams generational diversity management is very challenging and can have a great impact on team and individual performance. Organisations may have up to five generations in their workforce:

Group development for greater performance

A team’s ability to work together and remain cohesive in achieving the team goal regardless of any challenges leads to greater performance. A leader needs to seek to understand the dynamics of their team.

Promote targeted events

Event planning is a detailed business.

Involve staff in event planning and design

Modern technology has left customers with a short attention span. There is so much information coming at people at any given moment that they subconsciously edit the vast majority of it.

Prepare for event planning

‘Customer happiness results from joyful, meaningful and engaging experiences, and customer happiness campaigns are most successful when they are executed in creative and innovative ways’ -Bernd Schmitt - Happy Customers Everywhere

Best Practice in WHS Maintenance

How to Manage Hazardous Substances and Goods

Risk Assessment and Control

After identifying hazards the next step is to assess the risks to health and safety that they pose. A risk is the chance, however big or small, of a hazard actually causing harm.

Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

In Australia, accidents in the retail workplace cost millions of dollars per year in direct costs and loss of production. Every year many people suffer a long-term injury, which affects their ability to work and enjoy life. Some even die.

Intellectual Property

Understanding Intellectual Property

Legalities of Online Brand Protection

In most situations knowledge is power, and the more online retailers know and understand about the realities of brand protection online, the more informed they are to make decisions that will effectively protect their business.

Brand Value Online

Brand value is a key consideration of online retailers. How to determine, establish and measure brand value are questions of importance to retailers wishing to benchmark their business and ascertain its strength as related to other players in the sector.

Using Social Media Successfully

How can a brand and its positioning efforts take into account social media?

Daily Operations

Retailers need to pay specific attention the conduct of daily operations in their attempts to reduce the risk of theft and robbery. Addressing policies and procedures related to cash security in detail helps to minimise the most commonly sought after and highly prized targets of prospective...

Theft in Retail

Theft is the most prevalent form of shrinkage experienced by retailers on average globally. In Australia, theft costs retailers billions each year, and for most retailers that number is on the rise. Averaging between 1 and 3% of gross profit, theft can significantly impact the net profitability...

Minimise Stock Loss

There are causes of stock loss beyond the obvious of theft and robbery. Any damage to stock prior to sale that prevents it from being saleable is also considered stock loss and adds to a retailer’s shrinkage calculation.

Develop Store Security Procedures

Bricks-and-mortar retail stores can be vulnerable to all manner of security issues. Merchandise theft from both internal and external sources, full-scale robbery during or outside of opening hours and cash loss through premeditated or accidental means are the most frequently occurring causes of...

Technology and Customer Service

Telephone Procedures Telephones are a form of communication that will need to be used to contact customers, other stores and team members. It is therefore essential to understand how to use it effectively and within company standards.

What is Good Customer Service?

Good Customer Service is essential to whether retail, hospitality or any service industry. Good customer service can be defined by the 5 “Ps”:

Communicating With Customers

What is Communication?

Launch Strategic Marketing Plan

Objectives into action

Manage Strategy Development

Marketing strategy development is a complex procedure involving considerable research, consultation and review, underpinned by a comprehensive knowledge of the business and the market in which it operates.

It is a process that demands commitment across the business and requires a framework...

Employ Consultation to Improve Marketing Strategy

With the momentum of a committed team to support improvement, retailers can overcome many significant challenges their business may face. The question is how to inspire commitment and engage retail teams to contribute their insights to the improvement of marketing strategy.

Align Your Business with a Marketing Plan

It may be a question of the chicken and the egg regarding what comes first in retail, business or marketing objectives. In truth  they  are  at  best  one  and  the  same.  Without a marketing plan, business objectives cannot be achieved, without business objectives; marketing plans have no...

Assess and Select Potential Recruits

Those retailers who take the time to develop tailored recruitment specifications and support them with appropriate methods to attract candidates to interview are more likely to begin the process with a strong candidate pool and finish with more than one suitable applicant after interviewing.

Source and Interview Candidates

A Recruitment Strategy is a blueprint used to inform decision making about how available roles are presented to market and outline the actions at each stage of the recruitment process. When aligned to the overall business or strategy it becomes a powerful framework. There are a number of...

Develop a Framework for Staff Recruitment

Retail relies upon people to bring the brand to life through the customer experience. An effective and easy to implement recruitment framework is at the heart of every successful retailer’s people policy.

Coaching your Retail Team

Coaching is a way of maximising the potential of team members through setting clear expectations, providing feedback, sharing skills and experiences, leading by example and developing action plans. Coaches need to have a genuine desire to help people, a passion to help people grow and be more...

Diversity in the Workplace

Understanding Diversity

Diversity in the workplace makes teams perform more creatively and innovatively than teams with similar backgrounds. When people react and think differently, approach challenges and solve problems differently, it can mean that customers receive a better level of service...

Communicating With Your Retail Team

What you need to communicate

Communication is such a common part of our everyday work, we often take what we communication for granted. If we don’t stop to think about the subject matter of what we are saying, then our interaction with the team can become a bit unbalanced.

Improving Learning in the Workplace

Improving learning is concerned with adjusting learning based on evaluation and feedback; negotiating adjustments with training and development specialists and documenting adjustments to inform future planning.

Reinforcing and Rewarding Learning

It is important that leaders reinforce and reward learning. Reinforcing and rewarding learning not only acts as a motivator for team members, it also sends a message of what the organisation values. This in turn encourages repeat behaviour.

Evaluating Learning

Evaluation involves determining the worth of a learning and development program by comparing the initial objective of the program to the achieved results. Evaluation can include examining the learners and their immediate improvement in ability, as well as evaluating the learning opportunity...

Monitoring Learning

Having created and implemented learning in the workplace, organisations need to turn their attention to monitoring the learning. Monitoring learning involves consulting learners, conducting learning debriefs and recording competency.

Evaluating E-Business Models

The purpose of investigating e-business and e-business models is to gain insights that may be useful and applicable to business and work. Business models are perhaps the most discussed and least understood aspect of the web. There is so much talk about how the web changes traditional business...

E-business for Retailers

Modern retailers can no longer ignore the presence of online channels and remain sustainable. Whether they decide that an online presence is a viable part of their business model or not, every retailer needs to understand the implications of online retailing for their business.

Moving to a Multi-Channel Model

Before embarking on a move into the multichannel model, it is important to understand the capabilities of the various models, their potential impact on the business and on your customers, and the importance of developing an appropriate strategy to meet your business goals. The decisions made by...

E-Business Fundamentals

For most retailers and their customers the online shopping process is as follows. Online stores utilise a "shopping cart" application that allows users to complete an online order form and process orders and payments. Physical products are then shipped to the customer or electronic products can...

Review and evaluate approaches to development

Development is the final pillar of effective people management and is a focus concurrent with leadership. Many retailers are investing heavily in staff development as a means of driving performance and the achievement of organisational objectives. Such investment requires review and evaluation...

Review and evaluate approaches to recruitment

Recruitment and selection is the funnel through which talent is brought into an organisation. It is of value to establish measures for the review and evaluation of related policies and procedures to ensure that the objectives of recruitment strategies are in actuality being realised.

Review and evaluate approaches to leadership

The most effective leaders may have vastly differing styles; they may also work in vastly different organisations yet their personal brand of leadership will almost always be well aligned to the needs of the organisation in which they work.  It is through self-reflection that leaders review and...

Reflect upon personal leadership performance

Leaders have an undeniable capacity to positively or negatively influence the outcomes and achievements of their teams. It is with this in mind that leaders should view the team’s performance as a measure of their performance. When the team is performing poorly, leaders need to look to their own...

Managing grievances and disputes in your retail team

Business are generally focused on fostering good relations amongst team members, but sometimes problems can arise at work that may cause the team member to become distressed or upset.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

As soon as someone says “feedback”, most people think ‘negative and criticism’. This is a harmful mindset. From now on when you hear ‘feedback’, you should think ‘information’- information that helps people perform better, learn and build their skills, change their behaviours when necessary and...

How to manage workplace conflicts

There is no ideal time or location in a retail environment to have interpersonal conflict with others, and when they do occur most people will put off a conflict discussion with a colleague or their Manager. Ultimately, it’s because people think they have more to lose than gain from having such...

Retail Awards and Agreements

Awards and Agreements prescribe the wages and conditions of work in the industry and have the force of law. It is important for retailers to know the difference between Awards and Agreements, as some retail employees find that they are better off with the Retail Award, while others feel that an...

Keys to optimising your online brand presence

Marketing creates awareness and demand. Brand strategy and brand management are not about creating awareness; they are about guiding the quality and relevance of organisational behaviour in serving a specific group of customers.

Online Brand Communication

Communicating a brand in the online context brings a different set of variables than those involved in brand communication offline. Not only are customers likely to behave differently, competitors behave differently and to a large extent retailers must relinquish some control of their brand...

Getting to grips with online retailing

Online retailing is fast becoming the obsession of global retail operators and commentators.  It is filled with start-up retailers launching their businesses online and traditional bricks and mortar retailers making the shift online. To be successful, prospective online retailers need to...

Understanding customers and assessing competitive advantage online

When shopping online, the majority of retail customers have different expectations than they do of a physical bricks and mortar shopping experience. However, their expectations of online are often informed by offline shopping; Fast and free postage, hassle free returns process, straightforward...

Pandora Championing Team Achievements

Many retailers in Australia are experiencing challenging times, impacted by the shifting retail landscape and economic impacts from international markets. Retailers and their teams are undoubtedly feeling the pressure, which can lead to a severely demoralised workforce. During these hard times,...

The importance of fostering team development

Team effort is at the heart of achieving business goals and objectives in retail. Fostering team development is a cornerstone of effective leadership and one that requires preparation, flexibility, drive and respect for the qualities that each individual brings to the team, combined with an...

Developing Effective Customer Service Staff

A sale now begins the first time a potential customer experiences your brand. And the way staff approach, interact with, learn about and introduce their product to customers is a strong part of sales and service in the world of retail. Great customer service is increasingly returning to centre...

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