George Lekakis

George is the Associate Editor of Banking Day

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CBA, NAB bow to Reserve Bank on debit reform

The Reserve Bank has almost demolished the last lines of resistance to debit card reform at major banks, with Commonwealth Bank and National Australia Bank the latest to confirm they are moving to give merchants unfettered access to the low-cost eftpos network for routing contactless payments.

New deal allows consumers to ‘buy now and pay later’

The $200 billion Australian retail sector could be revolutionised by the rollout of a new ‘buy now and pay later’ form of purchasing.

Retailers can now use Siri to easily pay business bills

In an Australian first, business banking is now as easy as “Hey Siri” with the latest customer release from SME mobile banking challenger, Tyro. Using Apple’s smartphone assistant, Siri, Tyro Smart Account customers can access their daily settlements from their Tyro EFTPOS terminals, which can...

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