Jenn Donovan

Jenn Donovan knows a thing or two about the retail industry. Not only has she experienced great success in her very own small retail business – Jenn is also COO & Head Coach of a company named the Marketers Club, which educates, connects and inspires small businesses. Her passion for empowering retailers worldwide using the simple tools, skills and attitudes necessary to build successful, profitable and productive businesses – makes her the perfect mentor, coach and speaker when it comes to retail.

Recent Posts

Why email campaigns trump social media.

If you’re spending more time on social media than you are on developing email campaigns for your database – you are leaving “money on the table”.

Is your website ready for Christmas and peak trade season?

Every (successful) retailer has a website. Some have ecommerce attached to them – others are purely informational. Just having one allows you to drive more sales either online or to your bricks-and-mortar store.

Selling Slow Stock

One of the rules of my retail shop, with regards to slow moving stock, was MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT – SELL IT.  If a product was moved around the shop floor 3 times and still hadn’t motivated a customer to buy it, then it has to go. We have all purchased a product we were sure would be a hot...

Using Digital Marketing to Engage your Retail Customers.

Are you using video in your digital marketing to engage your retail customers?

How to Employ Right to Reach your Financial Goals

Summer, peak season and Christmas trade is only just around the corner.  So it’s now that you need to start planning. 

5 Ways to Have a More Profitable Christmas

Are you thinking of Christmas yet? As a retailer you should be. With the Christmas and summer peak-trade season on the horizon, customers have become savvier than ever. The retail market is crowded and noisy, meaning that shoppers are good at filtering out the things they don’t want to hear....


Creditability in a noisy and competitive retail market can give you the competitive edge against your competitors you have been looking for.  When was the last time you had a look at your own reviews on your social media site, website or even eBay site?  When was the last time you checked out a...

Are you listening to your customers?

Everyone in retail knows that customers are the lifeblood of your business, but do you listen to your customers?  Really listen?

5 Ways to Increase Sales This Winter

In the quieter months, increasing your chances of sales opportunities falls into two categories: you need to make some changes to your store, or you already have all the tools (stock and staff) you need to increase those opportunities – which category does your store fall into?  Overall,...

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Arrival of Amazon

Amazon has become the new buzz-word. With the global e-commerce giant about to enter the Australian retail industry, it’s important to know that the retail space you currently occupy will be affected. It isn’t all doom and gloom for existing retailers however, as there is a lot that can be...

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