Paul Sideridis

Paul is the Customer Engagement Specialist at Onsite Insights

Recent Posts

Who’s Spending Money and Who’s Just Wasting Time?

You walk into a store looking for a new outfit, it takes you around 10 minutes to pick out a few items, but it’s fun so who’s counting. You then spend 4 minutes waiting for help on sizing, ok they’re busy. Could I now be bothered waiting to try these on? 5 min’s later you finally get a change...

Is the future of the store- shopping centres or shopping strips?

Retail has been facing varied challenges from international entrants, online and evolving shopping centres and outlets. This has placed continued pressure on older shopping strips that were once filled with feet pounding the pavement.

What Can Local Retailers Learn From Overseas Entrants?

Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and TK Maxx are a few global giants successfully selling apparel within Australia at discounted prices. So what is it we can learn from them? 

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