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The Australian Retailers Association, Master Grocers Association (MGA), Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) and Shopping Centre Council of Australia (SCCA) are the only industry bodies to have contributed financially to this important case, with the ARA having lead the case in conjunction with our law firm, FCB, in addition to acting as secretariat.

To date, the ARA has contributed hundreds of thousands of member funds from consolidated revenue in fighting the case along with additional retailer support, and the ARA and working group has contributed millions of dollars into the case.

There has been erroneous information circulated in relation to the GRIA Modern Award Review, and regarding penalty rates, by ill-informed players who have not contributed to the substantive funding or case work, and the ARA advises all retailers to double check that they are paying staff under the correct Award.

  • The current Saturday penalty rate is not an additional 50 percent as stated in a recent email by the industry body in question. Saturday penalty rates are 125 percent
  • The case that has been made to reduce the Sunday penalty rates
  • The hearing of further evidence on September 28 by the Fair Work Commission does not involve the GRIA.

The ARA would like to thank the MGA, FCA, and SCCA for their ongoing support of this case along with additional retailer contributions.

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