Firstline Workers: the hidden gem in retail

In order to remain competitive, retailers must prepare themselves with a digital transformation strategy to grow the customer experience whether it's online or in-store. While many retailers acknowledge digital transformation has had a major role in its success, they must also recognise that its...

Are retailers ready for gen Z?

Coming of Age

Three common leasing mistakes

Retail leases are complex, and it isn’t necessarily the amounts of paperwork involved or the extensive lease legislation in each state and territory.



Remaining Professional

When you are interacting with customers on a daily basis it is important that you act in a professional manner at all times. A key part of this is how you present yourself and the way in which you interact, not only with your customers but also with other team members. If you are in a leadership...

Five vital email marketing tips to boost the digital retail experience

Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of the internet and things like free next-day delivery, more and more people are choosing to shop online, even more so than shopping in-store. At the end of the day, who wants to venture to the shops in the rain to pay more for products and stand in queues when...

The 'impulse buy' is dying

Despite the joys of shopping, new research has found that ‘impulse buying’ is in fact slowing. Instead, shoppers are proving to be keen bargain hunters that do their research and stick to a strict budget – regardless of their disposable income levels. The research also found that despite the...

Australia needs to work on consumer privacy

The Notifiable Data Breaches amendment has now become law, meaning Australian businesses must notify their consumers when a data hack, security threat or leak has occurred at their organisation.

Retailers need to give bad behaviour the BOOT

To remain competitive in the current retail landscape, businesses need to provide personalised service, a high-quality product at an attractive price point, offer multiple methods for payment and stand out from the crowd. Further, they must ensure they’re adequately protected against cyber...

Building relationships through customer emails

Whether you send one or 1,000 customer emails each day – it is crucial that you don’t lose sight of how important each one is – that each one is an important relationship building tool in your business. 

The Melbourne Retail Festival


The Melbourne Retail Festival, a major, two day event over the 28th and 29th of March, is now less than a week away.

The ARA paving the way for the Millennial Movement

The ever-changing retail landscape sees new generations growing in importance. With millennials now making up a large portion of the retail sector, retailers need to invest in their staff to enhance their training and development processes to transform retail from a stepping-stone industry into...



Lead the customer service team

Leadership is all about influencing the actions of others and helping your team to enjoy the satisfaction of high achievement. It is an important part of giving great customer service and building strong relationships with your customers.

To learn how to steer your success as a team leader, the ...

Technology to accelerate retail in 2030

Robotics, automation and increasing focus on customer experience are some of the trends expected to transform the retail industry and the way consumers shop in the future.

Tyro first-to-market contactless payments ahead of government deadline

Tyro, Australia’s business-only bank, recently announced ‘Tap & Save,’ allowing merchants to save money by processing debit tap-and-go payments through the eftpos network. Tap & Save offers least-cost routing to merchants that has launched ahead of the 1 April 2018 deadline recommended by the...

Can you speak data?

Stating we live in the age of data is like saying water is wet – we all know this. Customers are increasingly providing brands with data about themselves without any hesitation but there is still a large problem with many brands not using this freely provided data effectively. There are some...

How to be positive about the negatives

It is a situation that can make us squirm more than Stephen King’s last horror story - you know, that chat you need to have with one of your direct reports? The one where you have to point out a big fat negative in their work. Why is it so hard? Even pointing out a small critique in someone’s...

Hiring right is the secret to success

We all know customer service is at the heart of the retail industry, so it comes as no surprise the success of your retail business is intrinsically linked to the ability and drive of your human capital.

What are your options?

In life and of course in business we regularly review and assess important services and contracts associated to both.

Performance culture

In a true performance culture, the focus and effort are placed on (a) maximising the performance of each individual, irrespective of their role, level of capability, etc. and (b) enabling each individual to strive to reach their true potential, irrespective of what that is. In such a culture,...

Six common questions about casual employees

With autumn settled in, retail in Australia sets into full swing for the rest of the year. Many businesses are planning for strong retail sales in the upcoming months, planning and executing the next phase of their 2018 strategy. It is this time of the year where recruitment plays an important...

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