5 tips retailers can implement to prevent stock loss

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the e-commerce industry, you’ll know that e-commerce is growing at an extraordinary pace, resulting in Australian retailers increasing the customer experience they provide.

How to boost in-store traffic on peak trading days

Now is not the time to rely on guesswork in retailing in Australia. It’s clear that retail disruptions – most notably web titans Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and – will have a growing impact on traditional Australian retail sales in the coming decade.

From bricks to clicks

A survey conducted by Rakuten Marketing across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has revealed that 78% of Australian consumers like to shop both online and in store, with 20% shopping in store only and 2% of Australians shop exclusively online. The report suggests that for retailers to grow in...

Businesses and consumers define good customer experience

Recent LogMeIn’s 2018 AI Customer Experience Study shows business and consumer disparity

Generosity Marketing

Be memorable for all the right reasons to fast track customer loyalty.

Becoming a trusted retail mentor

How becoming a mentor in the retail industry is a rewarding experience.

Leasing Insanity!

The thought of dealing with your pending lease renewal and expecting a different result without changing how you approach the process is in essence leasing insanity.

Top ten tips for creating an impactful logo

As world famous Tennis star Andre Agassi said “Image is EVERYTHING,” and it’s especially true when it comes to a business logo. As the cornerstone of any brand, a logo can effectively express a brand’s essence that’s more easily digested than a written explanation of your products or services.

Five steps to optimise your supply chain

Building and managing a complex supply chain starts with due diligence and quality assurance. Get it wrong and you can expect headaches from disgruntled manufacturers through to unhappy customers, but get it right and you can secure a decent profit margin and great working relationships up the...

Is omni-channel thinking jeopardising retail success?

Customers are channel blind – all they want is a good retail experience and they will come back for more. But retailers are still persisting with fragmented omni-channel strategies that are not only damaging customer experiences but are also undermining retail’s standing in the eyes of the...

Driving delight through your brand’s experience

How can retailers be sure they are giving customers a reason to shop with them again?

Small business tax write off

With the financial year at a close and tax returns underway, how businesses can better utilise government incentives is front of mind. For small businesses (turnover of up to $10 million) the $20,000 instant tax write off is a great opportunity to invest in new technologies and equipment that...

Video Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the best marketing strategies today. If you are an online marketer and you want your product or service to be known then video advertising is one good option. However, there are several things that you should know before advertising your video to make it a success.

Customer service: The common thread for retail success

Closely intertwined, sales and service have long been the backbone of retail. Recently the impacts of technology, economic unpredictability, social awareness and environmental responsibility are changing the stakes for both retailers and consumers.

The ARA supports new retail definitions for big box and small supermarket shoppers

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) support the NSW Government’s move to making it easier for large format retailers to provide the goods and services their customers want by introducing new and updated retail land use definitions into law from 31 August.

Packaging solutions for your delicate products

What is the worst part about transporting delicate goods? You guessed it, packing fragile items in a way that ensures that they get to their intended destination in one piece with no damage.

Shrink management as a service: Delivered to you by Tyco and Google

Tyco Retail Solutions has partnered with Google to offer SMaaS (Shrink Management as a Service), a new predictive analytics service that uses leading edge technology through the Google Cloud Platform. The service is an integration of electronic article surveillance (EAS) and device management...

Six simple SEO steps that small retailers could take to improve their ranking

SEO optimising is not an easy process, especially for small retailers looking to improve their ranking. However, you can always start simple and build from that. If you don't think that you have enough resources or knowledge to improve your ranking, here are some simple steps that any small...

Happy employees, happy customers

Most managers and business owners understand, on some level, that happy employees result in happy customers. That said, with key decision makers choosing to focus their time and effort on revenue-generating activities, employee satisfaction often gets overlooked.

Why brands should not overlook the power of in-store marketing in the lead up to Christmas

The festive season may be a merry one for consumers, but for brands and retailers it can be incredibly lucrative with the opportunity to keep the tills jingling non-stop. However, to really capitalise on the peak selling period, companies can’t rely solely on increased footfall alone. It’s how...

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