Modernising the customer journey

The rise of online shopping, click and collect and the world of social media has transformed the buying experience. Customers have access to information, expertise and validation at every step of the journey online but today they want an in-store and offline experience that complements and meets...

Meet the world’s first crowdsourced delivery company.

The past few years have seen rapid change in customer demand. The response from retailers has been quite diverse. We have seen the introduction of many products, innovations and solutions to uphold customer expectations and overall, a brands reputation. The rise of crowd-sourced services such as...

CCTV health

CCTV technology has been around for some time and although its quality and accessibility has improved dramatically so has some of its complexity. Many systems are becoming larger and more complex to manage, including network management, cyber threat mitigation and efficient integration of newer...

24/7 delivery network for online sellers and shoppers

Parcel delivery network HUBBED have partnered with eBay and DHL e-commerce, giving online sellers new affordable and convenient options for sending goods internationally.

How retailers are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, shoppers will once again be searching for the most meaningful gifts to celebrate this notorious event. This Valentine’s Day will see retailers offering a range of personalised gifts and limited edition products, giving Cupid a run for his money.


Soundtrack your brand

 Marketing Melodies, Australia’s independent in-store music provider, formed a reseller agreement with Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand, for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Managing your Fair Work obligations.

The last 12 months has seen some very recognisable Australian businesses hit with huge fines from Fair Work Australia for failing to pay their staff accurately. More than ever businesses are asking: how do I make sure my business is paying staff correctly and is Fair Work compliant?

Personalisation with a tech edge drives increased customer loyalty

While consumers have more choice in the way they shop and where they spend their money, there is still the demand for further flexibility, an improved experience, better service and additional channels to engage regularly with. Whether the focus is online or bricks-and-mortar stores, Australian...

Better, cheaper and faster is here to stay

It used to be that companies that did well would offer consumers one of the following benefits – better, cheaper or faster. We switched TVs, phones and cars when they were better. We switched to eBay, Bunnings or Aldi because they were cheaper. We switched to Express Post, flight check-ins on...

New international air-side offerings at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport’s new dining and luxury retail precinct is open, showcasing Melbourne's food and fashion capital.

How to detox your business in 2018

January may be a great time to take stock of your personal life with the year ahead, but it’s also the perfect time to implement small changes and detox your work life, by reviewing your business plan. Where do you want your business to go and more importantly, how are you going to get there? 

How Retailers Can Improve Their Mobile Experience Platforms

Mobile platforms, including apps or mobile sites, have traditionally been seen as a marketing tactic or an expensive way to create an online destination similar to a shop front. However, the reality is retailers can leverage both downloadable mobile apps and a customised online mobile platform...

GPT launches Retail Runner – you shop it, we drop it

Melbourne Central is offering customers a new service to shop in person and have purchases delivered anywhere within 20 km on the same day.

Global Marketplaces: Friend or Foe?

The Australian retail industry is amid a perfect storm. Slowing growth, rapidly changing shopper behavior, and dramatic increase in competition. The emergence of global marketplaces is an opportunity and a threat that brands and retailers need to consider and tread carefully. Data, analytics and...

Online Retail Rising for Older Generations

Online purchasing by Australia’s oldest generation, the Pre-boomers, is set to grow faster than all other age groups this year, according to research from the Commonwealth Bank.

The New Risk for Businesses – Cloning

With the rapid rise of data hacking in the Australian business sector in recent months, a new risk has emerged – cloning an entire business to steal intellectual property and ultimately income.

Predicting Retail Trends for 2018

A successful Christmas season has set Retailers on a strong foot for 2018. To ensure that businesses are always growing, it is key to continue adapting alongside a transforming digital and consumer-based environment. What trends can brands expect to arrive in store for this year? Azoya examines...

Are Retailers Ready to Take the $3.5 Trillion Bull by the Horns?

Distribution strategies for taking advantage of global omni-channel growth with next generation technology.

Shipping Beyond our Shores

Exploring the global shift in how retailers tackle cart abandonment and why shipping and fulfilment is the new frontier for innovation.

‘Frictionless’ Commerce Versus the ‘Social and Tactile’ Experience of Physical Retail

If an, admittedly overly simplistic, conclusion is reached between the limitation that the lack of a physical store network put on Amazon’s retail ambitions and it’s enormous acquisition of Wholefoods, the importance of a physical location is illustrated.

Support for Small Business Made Easy

The Australian Government is committed to supporting small business owners achieve their goals and recognise the diverse challenges of running a small business.

Speeding up checkout lines to improve the customer experience

With stiff competition from online sellers, the onus is on retailers to provide a unique experience in-store, and to increase the incentive for customers making a purchase. However, in order to maximise the success of any storefront, retailers need to take advantage of every opportunity and...

Unlocking the Retail Advantage

Data-rich retailers need to be able rethink the ways in which they utilise customer information

Shoppers Purchase and Post Gifts on the Spot

With the Christmas shopping rush in full swing, leading parcel delivery service CouriersPlease (CP) has opened a PopUp Stand in Westfield Bondi Junction to enable customers to conveniently courier recently purchased presents to loved ones around Australia and overseas to 220 countries.

Tips for Choosing the Right Franchising System

Franchising a business is a complex undertaking. Overseeing the day-to-day operations of multiple businesses, all run completely differently yet operating under the same banner, requires systems capable of handling that level of complexity.

The Path to RFID Adoption

Inventory distortion becomes particularly acute in the 30 days leading up to Christmas Day, adopting RFID tagging technology allows retailers to track products through the entire logistics chain.

A Review of Shopping Trends and Hot Products in November 2017

November kicked off the peak retail season with several online sales events – the most notable in Australia being Click Frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These events offered a great opportunity for retailers to kick off sales for the season and increase brand awareness, and for consumers...

Cheaper Contactless Card Payments with eftpos

Australia’s business bank and eftpos provider, Tyro, announced in early December that it will deliver lower cost routing via the eftpos network in the first quarter of calendar 2018. Tyro are well on track with pilots already in progress for some of their merchants. Their ‘least-cost routing’...

Retailers Set to Slash Summer Power Bills

An Australian invention is set to save retailers hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy bills with the touch of one button.

Legalities of Online Brand Protection

In most situations knowledge is power, and the more online retailers know and understand about the realities of brand protection online, the more informed they are to make decisions that will effectively protect their business.

Omnichannel: How Retail Analytics Can Help

Omnichannel defines the new retail landscape, requiring top brands to knock down marketing silos and deploy data analytics to earn customer loyalty.

Why 'Discovery Stores'​ are More Powerful than Flagships

Discovery stores promoting the future of transportation and defining what it means to be a mobility company. 

New Technology Providing Solutions for Contemporary Retail Challenges

Does buy now, pay later pass the test for retailers?

Consumer Spending on Experiences Increases

Consumers are increasingly looking for experiences to spend their money on such as dining out, buying theatre or concert tickets and staying at hotels according to a recent consumer data report from NAB.

How we can support our franchisees in a challenging retail environment

Franchising is on the rise in Australia. According to the Asia Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence[1], the franchise sector grew by $2 billion to $146 billion from 2014 to 2016 alone. There are about 1,200 different franchise systems operating nationally with almost 80,000 franchisees,...

Leasing for the Store of the Future

95 percent of all retail sales are the result of some combination of online, mobile, and in-store interaction along the path of purchase.

How Retailers are Combining Sensory Branding with Advances in Technology

Bricks-and-mortar stores find a competitive edge over online retailers 

Leadership – there is not an app for that.

There is no shortage of new shiny leadership ideas being put before the often fatigued retail leader trying to make progress on hard projects with knotty stakeholders and a looming deadline. A “six steps to this”, a “4 ways to that” in a constant stream of gleaming hype promising to unleash,...

Buy Local this Christmas

Holiday gift ideas on the largest online product directory of locally made and grown goods.

Who’s Spending Money and Who’s Just Wasting Time?

You walk into a store looking for a new outfit, it takes you around 10 minutes to pick out a few items, but it’s fun so who’s counting. You then spend 4 minutes waiting for help on sizing, ok they’re busy. Could I now be bothered waiting to try these on? 5 min’s later you finally get a change...

Rent Increases- an Inconvenient Truth

The recent Retail Sales results have been (and rightly so) reported as “frightening,” to quote ARA Executive Director Russel Zimmerman. And I concur that this Christmas retail performance stands as one of the most important outcomes since the GFC.

The Notifiable Data Breaches scheme

Time to prepare for data breach notification obligations in 2018

Australian retailers with a turnover of $3 million or more, or those that trade in personal information, will be obligated to notify individuals affected by certain data breaches involving personal information from 22 February...

Optimising reverse logistics

One of the core reasons that retailers are struggling to make their Click & Collect operations profitable is the huge increase in returns that Click & Collect have generated. Retailers who may have innocently thought that offering another channel and wider choice for the customer was just...

Speak Up Now or Forever Hold Your Lease!

Disclosure Statements have been an integral part of the essential documents and procedures related to Retail (Shop) Leases for over a decade.

Is the future of the store- shopping centres or shopping strips?

Retail has been facing varied challenges from international entrants, online and evolving shopping centres and outlets. This has placed continued pressure on older shopping strips that were once filled with feet pounding the pavement.

The Importance of Christmas

As Australian consumers increasingly embrace online platforms, shopping centres will review and innovate their business model to broaden their value proposition for consumers.

Businesses Buying Local

Majority of Australian businesses now have a policy or preference for buying Australian-made goods wherever possible, according to independent research released by the Australian Made Campaign.

Demystifying the Fusion of eCommerce with the in-store Environment

The increasing expectations and sophistication of the instore experience is evolving rapidly, there has been a lot of attention and effort put into this as retailers have responded to the increasing reach of online retailers.

It’s Called a Disclosure Statement for a Reason!

Lessor’s Disclosure Statements have formed an integral part of Retail Lease documentation for over 10 years now.

Theft in Retail

Theft is the most prevalent form of shrinkage experienced by retailers on average globally. In Australia, theft costs retailers billions each year, and for most retailers that number is on the rise. Averaging between 1 and 3% of gross profit, theft can significantly impact the net profitability...

One in two Australians will still shop in-store by 2022

New research from Salmat reveals by 2022, in-store and human interactions will remain an important aspect of the retail experience for Australian consumers. The data which looks into consumers’ multichannel preferences and behaviours finds customers prefer to touch and try products before they...

Selling Slow Stock

One of the rules of my retail shop, with regards to slow moving stock, was MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT – SELL IT.  If a product was moved around the shop floor 3 times and still hadn’t motivated a customer to buy it, then it has to go. We have all purchased a product we were sure would be a hot...

Follow Your Dreams in a Small Business

Starting your own business is an exciting time but can be a daunting experience. The importance of planning in advance will ensure you are on the right foot and understand what’s involved in the process. Whether it’s opening up a coffee shop or launching an online gift store, there are a variety...

Does Your Lease Have an Option?- Part 3

This is the final part of this mini-series relating to exercising your Retail Shop Lease.

Minimise Stock Loss

There are causes of stock loss beyond the obvious of theft and robbery. Any damage to stock prior to sale that prevents it from being saleable is also considered stock loss and adds to a retailer’s shrinkage calculation.

Retail Rated Third Most Trustworthy Industry

Eighty-three percent of consumers globally rate transparency and ethical behaviour as vital to building trust, according to SAI Global’s inaugural Consumer Trust Index. Topping the list at 88 percent is a reputation for good quality products and services.

A Crash Course in Customer-Centricity

Customer-centricity. We’ve all heard the jargon, and for the most part understand what it means. To put it simply, it’s about making the customer the centre of your business’ universe – every product, every touch point and every experience built around their needs and desires. It’s a powerful...

Does Your Lease Have an Option? Part 2

In part 1 we advised how to establish the timelines (critical path) to your lease option event, noting that time is of the essence.

Develop Store Security Procedures

Bricks-and-mortar retail stores can be vulnerable to all manner of security issues. Merchandise theft from both internal and external sources, full-scale robbery during or outside of opening hours and cash loss through premeditated or accidental means are the most frequently occurring causes of...

Afterpay Enters Westfield Retailers Across Australia

After reaching a milestone of one million users, Afterpay has made a major move into Westfield centres across the country, introducing their pioneering payment platform to even more retailers.

Queen Victoria Market Gets the Australian Made Logo for Local Producers

Victoria’s most visited attraction, Queen Victoria Market (Vic Market), has partnered with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign, to showcase producers making goods locally.

Does Your Lease Have An Option?

Resulting from several recent retail leasing tragedies related to Lease Options being missed, it is time to revisit some basics with Lease Options 101.

What Can Local Retailers Learn From Overseas Entrants?

Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and TK Maxx are a few global giants successfully selling apparel within Australia at discounted prices. So what is it we can learn from them? 

What is your BATNA?

Following on from the “10 Negotiation Tactics” blog post, this week we want to discuss the concept of BATNA…. when negotiating your lease (or for that matter any important commercial negotiation).

Tips to Pull Customers Into your Store with Visual Merchandising

The common perception is that visual merchandising (VM) is about making your products and your store look nice, but I assure you that there is a lot more to it than this. It is healthy to view your VM as a hub that links directly to all your other main business departments. These usually include...

How to Employ Right to Reach your Financial Goals

Summer, peak season and Christmas trade is only just around the corner.  So it’s now that you need to start planning. 

Square Expands its Australian Offering with Iconic Square Stand

After 18 months of strong local growth, Square continues to expand its presence in the local market, introducing more products and services to help a wider range of Australian businesses. From today, the iconic Square Stand for contactless and chip is available across the country.

Reducing shrinkage with increased stock visibility

Stock shrinkage is an inevitable part of any retail business. Human error, shoplifting, and other factors can all contribute to loss, but you may not realise how much they’re actually costing you. According to the National Retail Security Survey, shrinkage costs retailers more than $49 billion...

Crafting Seasonal Window Displays

Creating a visually pleasing store can feel rather overwhelming for retailers at the best of times, not to mention during peak periods. Although it may at first seem like a simple task, VM is something that retailers need to seriously consider, a great window display can be the one thing that...

Why You Don’t Need an Algorithm to Win in Retail

With the latest announcement about its warehouse location in Melbourne, Amazon is without a doubt on its way. It will quickly demonstrate to customers that they can have a better life. Order a necklace, a phone or a toaster with a single click, and receive it at your doorstep in less than a day...

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