Consumer guarantees

While most businesses are by now aware of the existence of the consumer guarantees contained in Australian Consumer law (the ACL), there are a number of peculiarities in this area of law which can cause confusion. In light of this we’ve put together a quick FAQ about some of the issues which...

Five ways digital transformation can improve employee engagement

Today’s employees are digital first. They expect collaboration, flexibility, energy, purpose and inclusion. Employees are motivated by recognition, rewards and competition. But are workplaces keeping up? Recent research shows that 70% of business transformations fail due to a lack of employee...

The secret to effective employee engagement for the retail industry

Employee engagement is a worldwide problem—but the retail industry is particularly affected. The Employee Engagement Trends Report from Quantum Workplace revealed that nearly 35% of retail employees in the United States (US) feel disengaged— that’s lower than the national average for all...

The ARA paving the way for the Millennial Movement

The ever-changing retail landscape sees new generations growing in importance. With millennials now making up a large portion of the retail sector, retailers need to invest in their staff to enhance their training and development processes to transform retail from a stepping-stone industry into...

Hiring right is the secret to success

We all know customer service is at the heart of the retail industry, so it comes as no surprise the success of your retail business is intrinsically linked to the ability and drive of your human capital.

Six common questions about casual employees

With autumn settled in, retail in Australia sets into full swing for the rest of the year. Many businesses are planning for strong retail sales in the upcoming months, planning and executing the next phase of their 2018 strategy. It is this time of the year where recruitment plays an important...

Hiring smart to prolong staff retention

Employees are a business’ most valuable asset. This is a claim made by various business owners, as they battle to hold onto their star representatives. However, in an increasingly competitive business world, keeping hold of your best workers can be a challenging task.

How to re-engage employees in times of change

It’s no secret, the retail sector is currently going through significant change. Consumers’ purchasing habits are shifting to bargain hunting online. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are completely changing the workforce and retail operations. But, perhaps most telling, is the current...

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Online

Let’s be honest, hiring staff can be really difficult, especially if you’re stuck in the dark ages of posting job vacancies in a shop window, hoping that decent candidates will hand in their CVs. The whole process can be time consuming, frustrating, and with such a limited talent pool can often...

Getting realistic about personalisation

Creating a highly personalised in store experience is retail nirvana. Yet with limited numbers of Store Associates managing stock and display as well as customers, is personal service always an option? And with technology in-store on the rise the temptation to overload the Store Associate with...

How to outsmart the competition using HR technology

As more and more global retail giants enter Australia, it places a spotlight on the demand for more rigorous HR processes to ensure workforce compliance obligations are being met and the importance for niche retailers to up their HR game as a competitive strategy.

Managing your Fair Work obligations.

The last 12 months has seen some very recognisable Australian businesses hit with huge fines from Fair Work Australia for failing to pay their staff accurately. More than ever businesses are asking: how do I make sure my business is paying staff correctly and is Fair Work compliant?

All for one and one for all: how the future of retail lies in employee engagement

Like any industry, those working in retail can easily get jaded by repetitive routine. With the retail industry known for its high attrition rate, business owners and managers need to create a workplace that will attract, retain and engage employees so they aren't simply waiting for the clock to...

GPT launches Retail Runner – you shop it, we drop it

Melbourne Central is offering customers a new service to shop in person and have purchases delivered anywhere within 20 km on the same day.

The Customer Experience Begins and Ends with Customer Service

The customer experience is increasingly becoming the key differentiator that bricks-and-mortar have in their arsenal to fight against Amazon. Often, when retailers talk about customer experience, they think about investment in new technologies including upgrading their Enterprise Resource...

Risk Assessment and Control

After identifying hazards the next step is to assess the risks to health and safety that they pose. A risk is the chance, however big or small, of a hazard actually causing harm.

Speeding up checkout lines to improve the customer experience

With stiff competition from online sellers, the onus is on retailers to provide a unique experience in-store, and to increase the incentive for customers making a purchase. However, in order to maximise the success of any storefront, retailers need to take advantage of every opportunity and...

Simple, Speedy and Seamless Customer Experience

Retailers need to excel at customer experience in order to thrive and survive

Consumer Spending on Experiences Increases

Consumers are increasingly looking for experiences to spend their money on such as dining out, buying theatre or concert tickets and staying at hotels according to a recent consumer data report from NAB.

Tips & tricks: How to make the most of this year’s Christmas shopping period

Kick starting in the middle of November is Australia’s Christmas buying season, with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), in partnership with Roy Morgan Research recently predicting Aussie shoppers to spend more than $50 billion on Christmas shopping this year alone. Experts also predict...

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