A divided vision of the future

We’re entering the next era of human-machine partnerships with a divided vision of the future, according to global research from Dell Technologies. Half of the 3,800 global business leaders surveyed, forecast that automated systems will free up their time while the other 50% believe otherwise....

How retailers are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, shoppers will once again be searching for the most meaningful gifts to celebrate this notorious event. This Valentine’s Day will see retailers offering a range of personalised gifts and limited edition products, giving Cupid a run for his money.


How to outsmart the competition using HR technology

As more and more global retail giants enter Australia, it places a spotlight on the demand for more rigorous HR processes to ensure workforce compliance obligations are being met and the importance for niche retailers to up their HR game as a competitive strategy.

Human-Machine Partnerships in 2018

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) recently forecasted that we’re entering the next era of human machine partnership, and that between now and 2030, humans and machines will work in closer concert with each other, transforming our lives.

Involve staff in event planning and design

Modern technology has left customers with a short attention span. There is so much information coming at people at any given moment that they subconsciously edit the vast majority of it.

New international air-side offerings at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport’s new dining and luxury retail precinct is open, showcasing Melbourne's food and fashion capital.

Changing the retail paradigm

E-commerce has provided shoppers with an alternative to visiting traditional retail stores. The ability and freedom to buy products from the comfort of a couch, bed or office desk is hard to ignore for shoppers.

How to detox your business in 2018

January may be a great time to take stock of your personal life with the year ahead, but it’s also the perfect time to implement small changes and detox your work life, by reviewing your business plan. Where do you want your business to go and more importantly, how are you going to get there? 

Main street retail: where has everybody gone?

The move towards online shopping coincides with a decline in the presence and use of physical retail establishments, according to a study exploring the changes in shopping habits and environments conducted by Ipsos Global Advisor in 24 countries around the world.

Prepare for event planning

‘Customer happiness results from joyful, meaningful and engaging experiences, and customer happiness campaigns are most successful when they are executed in creative and innovative ways’ -Bernd Schmitt - Happy Customers Everywhere

New electronic shopping cart for businesses and consumers

The recent market correction has put more pressure on e-commerce sites to be even more profitable. It is vital for retailers to implement the correct technology to help adapt to the changing retail environment. The DS Smart Cart is a portable check out station that allows users to scan and weigh...

Global Marketplaces: Friend or Foe?

The Australian retail industry is amid a perfect storm. Slowing growth, rapidly changing shopper behavior, and dramatic increase in competition. The emergence of global marketplaces is an opportunity and a threat that brands and retailers need to consider and tread carefully. Data, analytics and...

Shipping Beyond our Shores

Exploring the global shift in how retailers tackle cart abandonment and why shipping and fulfilment is the new frontier for innovation.

Support for Small Business Made Easy

The Australian Government is committed to supporting small business owners achieve their goals and recognise the diverse challenges of running a small business.

AUD Transfers for Amazon Sellers

Hyperwallet account holders will be able to receive disbursements from sales on Amazon’s new Australian marketplace.

New Year, New Invoicing Solutions

Mobile invoicing application- Invoice2go, has launched a tap-and-go payments feature with PayPal Here, enabling Australia’s smallest businesses to be paid in person, wherever they are.

The Three Superpowers of Mobile Advertising

In the increasingly mobile environment, it is critical for retailers to tailor their advertising strategy to successfully target today’s consumers.

Shoppers Purchase and Post Gifts on the Spot

With the Christmas shopping rush in full swing, leading parcel delivery service CouriersPlease (CP) has opened a PopUp Stand in Westfield Bondi Junction to enable customers to conveniently courier recently purchased presents to loved ones around Australia and overseas to 220 countries.

Five Tips to Outstanding Field Marketing

Outsourcing field staff to a specialist agency can make a huge difference to sales figures, but to really capitalise on a field agency’s level of expertise, campaigns need to be driven by data and offer a flexible, more tailored approach.

A Review of Shopping Trends and Hot Products in November 2017

November kicked off the peak retail season with several online sales events – the most notable in Australia being Click Frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These events offered a great opportunity for retailers to kick off sales for the season and increase brand awareness, and for consumers...

How Retailers are Using AI for Personalised Marketing Strategies

In the competitive world of retail commerce, marketers and customers want the same thing: personal, engaging, and meaningful interactions. In an era of Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest, users are able to self-select and curate the content they crave. This has raised the bar for...

Why email campaigns trump social media.

If you’re spending more time on social media than you are on developing email campaigns for your database – you are leaving “money on the table”.

Tips & tricks: How to make the most of this year’s Christmas shopping period

Kick starting in the middle of November is Australia’s Christmas buying season, with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), in partnership with Roy Morgan Research recently predicting Aussie shoppers to spend more than $50 billion on Christmas shopping this year alone. Experts also predict...

Buy Local this Christmas

Holiday gift ideas on the largest online product directory of locally made and grown goods.

How to: Amazon in Australia

The Australian Retailers Association’s wrap up on the Amazon Seller Summit

Is your website ready for Christmas and peak trade season?

Every (successful) retailer has a website. Some have ecommerce attached to them – others are purely informational. Just having one allows you to drive more sales either online or to your bricks-and-mortar store.

What a Stack

First published in Ragtrader September 2017

Retail has a few major systems building blocks.

The Importance of Christmas

As Australian consumers increasingly embrace online platforms, shopping centres will review and innovate their business model to broaden their value proposition for consumers.

Using Digital Marketing to Engage your Retail Customers.

Are you using video in your digital marketing to engage your retail customers?

Square Expands its Australian Offering with Iconic Square Stand

After 18 months of strong local growth, Square continues to expand its presence in the local market, introducing more products and services to help a wider range of Australian businesses. From today, the iconic Square Stand for contactless and chip is available across the country.

Crafting Seasonal Window Displays

Creating a visually pleasing store can feel rather overwhelming for retailers at the best of times, not to mention during peak periods. Although it may at first seem like a simple task, VM is something that retailers need to seriously consider, a great window display can be the one thing that...

Christmas Online

It’s almost that time of year again. Christmas is the busiest and most lucrative season for retailers. If you want to make this one a cracker, get your digital strategy sorted early to attract and convert customers online and maximise your profit. I know this can sound easier than it actually...

Small businesses Falling Behind the Mid-Tier Due to Marketing Resources

New research by Australian marketing services business, Salmat, reveals that while half (51%)* of Australian small companies (with 1-24 employees) said they would increase their marketing spend in 2017, most of them lack the time and resources to invest properly into marketing strategies,...

5 Ways to Have a More Profitable Christmas

Are you thinking of Christmas yet? As a retailer you should be. With the Christmas and summer peak-trade season on the horizon, customers have become savvier than ever. The retail market is crowded and noisy, meaning that shoppers are good at filtering out the things they don’t want to hear....

Top Buys and Specials this Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, there will inevitably be those of us doing a last minute dash for a gift to give to the special man we call dad.

The Role of Digital in Transforming Retail Businesses

To fully embrace the digital world, retailers need to know where to intelligently invest their development dollars.

Remarkable Retailers Recognised at this year’s eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

Australia’s extraordinary retailers were crowned on August the 3rd, at the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Retail Awards 2017 in front of 550 guests at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Technological Game Changers in Retail

The shopping experience has truly come a long way in the past ten years. Just a short time ago we were charmed by the arrival of self-checkout in supermarkets, and delighted by the introduction of tap-and-go. But these advancements have now become the norm for shoppers, and we mindlessly use...

Total Advertising Market to reach a record $7.1 billion.

Australia’s Retail advertisers delivered the greatest increase in advertising expenditure of any product category in the 2017 financial year (FY) with total investment soaring by $90 million.

Harnesses the Power of Geofence Technology

ReachLocal, a leader in powering online marketing for local businesses, has recently launched “ReachDisplay GeoFence”, a location-based mobile advertising solution that harnesses the power of geofencing technology, making it more accessible, affordable and quantifiable for businesses of all...

5 Tips for supercharging your sub-season sales

Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons are so last year. From Christmas to Easter, sub-seasons are the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them retail periods that can provide a welcome lift to your sales and profits.

Setting a high-bar for HR

In the retail sphere, HR plays a vital role in acquiring, developing and retaining the brightest talent at the heart of the industry. A motivated and productive workforce is imperative to the success of any and every retailer, and the contribution of exceptional HR professionals to get the most...

The search for Australia's best independent retailer

Independent retailers make up a critically important segment of the industry, the most successful of which embrace the opportunities and overcome the challenges that come being owned and operated independently. Without being associated to a larger company, independent retailers are uniquely...

Celebrating the people that power retail - 2017 Individual Retailer of the Year

People power retail - and the heart of the industry are passionate individuals who truly love what they do and inspire those around them. The 2017 REST Industry Super Individual Retailer of the Year is recognised as a leader within the retail sector, inspiring their peers and making a...

Fit-outs that stand out; celebrating exceptional store design

The role of expectational design has never been more important for retailers, as bricks & mortar stores shift their focus to provide the highest possible standard of customer experience. A commitment to creating a retail atmosphere that that elegantly blends ambience, aesthetics, and...

In search of Australia's most Remarkable Retailer

To be chosen as the ‘Best in Retail’ takes a remarkable retailer – an exemplar of leadership within the sector making an unrivalled contribution to the industry’s vibrancy and sustainability. The coveted 2017 eftpos Australian Retailer of the Year is set to be one of hardest on record to judge,...

Retail Disruptors; Pushing the boundaries of convention

In the ever-changing retail environment, it is the retailers that embrace change and push the boundaries of convention that shape future of the industry. Displaying a talent for imaginative innovation and exploring uncharted retail territory, disruptors march headfirst into the unknown and have...

Calling Australia's best Omni-Channel Retailer

The retail landscape has been shaped by the customer’s increasing expectations to be able to shop for anything, at anytime from anywhere. It is the retailers who embrace this desire for convenience through seamlessly integrate digital and offline channels that encapsulate the omni-channel...

Could you be the 2017 Retailer Employer of the Year?

With over 1.2 million people working in the retail, the sector is a vital source of employment for Australians. Retailers who exemplify what is to be leader employer of choice earn their standing through a genuine commitment to the people that power the industry, acknowledging their...

Winter Descends On Melbourne For Shop The City

With the winter blues already setting in, Melbourne CBD’s retail giants are giving shoppers a reason to celebrate our most unloved season… early.

Top tips for a Winning Submission

Australia is overflowing with undiscovered retail excellence, and the ARA is on the hunt to find outstanding stores and individuals to enter The 2017 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards.

How Australian retailers can prepare for the arrival of Amazon

There is increasing evidence that retail giant Amazon is expanding into the Australian market, and have its Australian website and local distribution centres operational by the end of 2018.

Recognising Remarkable Retailers

The ARA is proud to announce the launch of the industry’s pre-eminent awards program, The 2017 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards. The prestigious event serves as a national stage to recognise the leaders and disruptors in the retail space, celebrating their contribution to moving retail...

ARA disagrees with Labor's 12 month delay to GST low-value imports

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) disagrees with Labor's announcement to delay the implementation of GST to low-value imports and strongly supports the Government in closing the Low Value Threshold (LVT) loophole for the purchase of offshore tangible goods under $1000.

How Australian retailers can avoid getting killed by Amazon

With Amazon due to land in Australia this year, retailers need to take the old adage “innovate or die” very seriously. Australian retailers are notorious for lagging behind on the innovation front, compared to more innovative counterparts in the US, Europe and the UK.

A reduction in company tax is great news for retailers

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) believes the reduction in the company tax rate will attract retail investment, create jobs and help build a stronger Australian economy,

Lights, camera, privacy!

New video surveillance technology present privacy issues for Australian retailers

New deal allows consumers to ‘buy now and pay later’

The $200 billion Australian retail sector could be revolutionised by the rollout of a new ‘buy now and pay later’ form of purchasing.

Millennial retail market set for huge growth

Millennials are growing up and their purchasing power is increasing significantly, latest research has revealed.

ARA submits a two-stage pay arrangement for penalty rates reduction

On Friday last week the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) issued a submission to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) regarding their proposed two-stage transition for the Sunday penalty rate reduction.

LUC. Design hits the international stage and wins!

Hobart's own LUC. Design has won the Global Innovations Award (GIA) for Excellence in Visual Merchandising in Chicago. GIA (the IHA Global Innovation Awards) is the leading housewares industry awards program, covering the industry as a whole, including both retailers and manufacturers/designers,...

Sephora launches its first mobile shopping app in Australia and New Zealand

Global beauty authority SEPHORA today unveils its free iPhone and Android app, Sephora – Beauty Shopping, delivering to its customers a seamless shopping experience, live beauty content and exclusive offers.

Mining a Gem: Baby Boomers for eCommerce

If you just had to open the lid of a bucket full of cash with your name on it, would you do it? I think most of us would (assuming it was money earned legally!). But many Australian retailers are not opening that lid, at least not when it comes to marketing to attract the nation’s 7.3 million...

We’re all connected  - so how do we engage the connected consumer?

Nielsen’s 2017 Australian Connected Consumers Report has revealed what marketers need to focus on to maximise their consumer engagement and advertising spend.

Snapchat offering a sneak peak at the VAMFF

Pacific and Priceline Pharmacy will today debut Snapchat Spectacles at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) – with exclusive behind-the-scenes beauty footage at the Grand Showcase presented by marie claire.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

As soon as someone says “feedback”, most people think ‘negative and criticism’. This is a harmful mindset. From now on when you hear ‘feedback’, you should think ‘information’- information that helps people perform better, learn and build their skills, change their behaviours when necessary and...

Key changes to the Retail Leases Act for NSW

The Retail Leases Amendment (Review) Bill 2017 was passed on 21 February 2017 which will amend the Retail Leases Act 1994 (NSW). The commencement date is yet to be determined by Parliament but we have summarised how these changes will benefit retailers with stores in NSW below.

The next big thing in mobile retailing

FinTech payments company Openpay has announced their partnership with RainCheck, the Australian platform developed to convert the 88% of shoppers who research online but then make their purchase offline. 

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