Digital Transformation contributing $45 billion to Australia's GDP by 2021

Digital transformation will add an estimated $45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021, and increase its growth rate by 0.5% annually, according to a new study recently released by Microsoft[1].

Google’s Digital Garage empowers all

The new Google Digital Garage in Manchester is part of an initiative announced by Google to help 100,000 people in the UK enhance their retail career by offering free digital skills in more than 200 towns and cities. Designed by creative agency Dalziel & Pow and delivered in partnership with...

Five ways digital transformation can improve employee engagement

Today’s employees are digital first. They expect collaboration, flexibility, energy, purpose and inclusion. Employees are motivated by recognition, rewards and competition. But are workplaces keeping up? Recent research shows that 70% of business transformations fail due to a lack of employee...

Technology is creating a faster, more intuitive and data driven retail sector

It is easy for retail businesses to view the rise of digital engagement as a threat to traditional retail, but it is just as important that retailers also see the opportunities it brings. Digital engagement is an opportunity to capitalise on your customer's love of all things electronic, to...

A new augmented reality experience

Following the successful launch of their online store earlier this month, fashion retailer ZARA are not quite finished with disrupting retail sphere, with a pioneering in-store concept launching today.

2018 retail technology trends

As consumer expectations continue to rise in a fast-changing retail environment, retailers are seeking new ways to succeed. With the pace of innovation increasing, we anticipate retailers will double down on technology deployments in the year ahead.

Why RFID technology is the key to a successful omni-channel strategy

Following Christmas, the New Year’s sales and a busy back-to-school period, many stores have taken stock of their inventory with varying levels of accuracy.  For omni-channel retailers, where inventory is spread across multiple store locations, warehouses and distribution centres, the...

Innovating in-store

Dubbed the training of tomorrow’s workforce, the possibilities of using Virtual Reality (VR) to educate staff are expanding at a rapid rate. As the benefits of mixed reality and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly becoming more available to organisations, the ability to create effective and...

Five vital email marketing tips to boost the digital retail experience

Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of the internet and things like free next-day delivery, more and more people are choosing to shop online, even more so than shopping in-store. At the end of the day, who wants to venture to the shops in the rain to pay more for products and stand in queues when...

Technology to accelerate retail in 2030

Robotics, automation and increasing focus on customer experience are some of the trends expected to transform the retail industry and the way consumers shop in the future.

Can you speak data?

Stating we live in the age of data is like saying water is wet – we all know this. Customers are increasingly providing brands with data about themselves without any hesitation but there is still a large problem with many brands not using this freely provided data effectively. There are some...

Live chats and enhancing customer service

The most pressing issues for most consumers these days is not money, but time. Time has become the new currency and if retailers are to keep up with trends in 2018, they need to be innovative in their solutions on how to save their customers more of their time.

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Online

Let’s be honest, hiring staff can be really difficult, especially if you’re stuck in the dark ages of posting job vacancies in a shop window, hoping that decent candidates will hand in their CVs. The whole process can be time consuming, frustrating, and with such a limited talent pool can often...

Retail’s next wave of automation

Retailers have copious amounts of customer data. But, that is clearly insufficient in the age of the new customer. Many retailers talk of a 360-degree view. But frankly, how many even have a 36-degree view of their client base? And, if they do, are they able to deliver better value to their...

E-commerce technology trends, sorting through the hype

Customer Experience – we’ve all heard the term, we all know what it intends to mean and convey, and we’re all committed to improving it – a better experience means happier customers, and happier customers engage and spend more.


Aside from a few short-lived pilots, and the tradeshow stands...

Retail Training in a Digital age

You would think mobile training applications are a new phenonium, however learning through applications have been around since 2014, with key retailers such as Target USA, Bunnings and Best Buy utilising specific apps to train ‘on the job’ and provide information to associates to enhance the...

A divided vision of the future

We’re entering the next era of human-machine partnerships with a divided vision of the future, according to global research from Dell Technologies. Half of the 3,800 global business leaders surveyed, forecast that automated systems will free up their time while the other 50% believe otherwise....

Getting realistic about personalisation

Creating a highly personalised in store experience is retail nirvana. Yet with limited numbers of Store Associates managing stock and display as well as customers, is personal service always an option? And with technology in-store on the rise the temptation to overload the Store Associate with...

Using new technology to generate ROI

Technology is reshaping the way retail businesses and markets operate. Although many industries have already begun using such things as virtual reality and wearable devices, many bricks-and-mortar retail stores bare unsure how they can benefit from these new technologies.

Human-Machine Partnerships in 2018

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) recently forecasted that we’re entering the next era of human machine partnership, and that between now and 2030, humans and machines will work in closer concert with each other, transforming our lives.

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