Customers of 2019

What businesses must understand about the customers of tomorrow (not yesterday)

Last-minute Christmas shopping is a thing of the past

New research has revealed that 9 in 10 Aussies have already done their Christmas shopping, with just 11% leaving their shopping to December and only 4% leaving it to the week before Christmas.

Retailers revolutionise the customer experience

As retailers race to deliver more unique and personalised customer experiences, the use of Cloud, IoT and Big Data will accelerate in stores, online channels and distribution centres. However, one quarter of retailers still lag in the process of adopting new technologies and integrating them...

Offer after sales support

As a retail salesperson you work very hard to satisfy your customers. This is an important part of establishing them as long term customers who choose to shop at your store rather than at your competitors.

A demand for faster online delivery

 Australian consumers are increasing their expectations when it comes to their online delivery options. A survey conducted by SOTI extracts these expectations from customers, and breaks it down into key takeaway points.

New technology making online shopping more secure and convenient

Shopping online will soon be easier and more secure, following the introduction of technology called credential on file (COF) tokenisation.

Rewarding customer service and brand loyalty

The 2018 eftpos National Retailer of the Year, demonstrates progressive leadership within the retail sector. Through inspiring peers and exhibiting significant long-term contributions to the longevity and sustainability of the industry, PETstock have been recognised for this prestigious award.


Why the need for the sales reporting code of conduct

There has been a lot of news this week following the announcement of the introduction of The Reporting of Sales and Occupancy Costs-Retail Industry Code of Practice.

New data reveals Christmas shopping deliveries are growing by 10% each year

E-tailers are encouraged to offer customers flexible delivery options for successful first-time delivery

Mastering the art of human resources

The workplace compliance system is a complex and ever-changing process that can be difficult to manage. With non-compliance issues in the workplace on the incline, the role of human resources plays an essential part in understanding key issues within the workplace, developing company strategies...

Plan and action sales predictions

Depending on the type of retail store that you work in, you may find yourself either running or involved in a sales presentation. A sales presentation is a planned event at which representatives from a retail store demonstrate their key products to invited customers with the aim of promoting...

Gift cards to even the playing field for small businesses

Square announced it has added gift cards to its Australian offering in a bid to help small businesses across the country compete with larger retailers for revenue and new customers this holiday trading period.

Orchestrating the perfect harmony through omni-channel retailing

Operating a store in the unpredictable retail realm, is simultaneously rewarding and challenging for business owners. Through omni-channel marketing strategies, Simply for Strings, Australia’s largest leading retailer of quality string instruments have mastered the art of inspiring their peers.

A holistic risk assessment for online retailers

The digital landscape is changing, so it makes sense that online fraud is as well. Staggeringly, card-not-present (CNP) fraud has grown at a double-digit annual percentage for the last five years, now representing 85% of all Australian card fraud. The problem isn’t going away, either: with...

Understanding key financial figures

The managing process entails setting goals and objectives, agreeing plans and budgets, evaluating and controlling performance. Information underpins management hence why retailers spend a lot of time collecting and analysing information. Put simply it allows them to better manage their business.

Tips for improving the in-store experience

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the eCommerce industry, you’ll know that eCommerce is growing at an extraordinary pace, resulting for retailers around the world to up their game when it comes to the customer experience they provide. According to estimates, global ecommerce sales will reach $4.5...

How cash costs your business

A national study commissioned by payments company Square, has revealed that Australian small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are spending an average of 216 hours (around 29 working days) each year counting and banking cash, that’s a minimum cost of $8.7 billion in annual wages for the SMB...

Celebrating omni-channel retailing

The online marketplace is increasing exponentially, with online presence becoming an integral component for driving consumer engagement, the retail industry has transformed into a competitive 24/7 platform.

A cheers to innovation

With international competitors and technology disrupting the retail sector, developing innovative and engaging strategies to attract customers is imperative to remain relevant in the current retail landscape.

Started from the shopfront now I’m here

When Nathan Keating joined the Retail Ready Jobs Program three years ago, he never expected he would find a career. He’s come a long way since completing the seven-week course, which provides passionate jobseekers with a pathway to retail employment through an intensive education and job...

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