Sydney businesses take the no plastics pledge

Leading companies joined forces with the City of Sydney to pledge a dramatic reduction in single-use plastics across their businesses.

Analysing data to understand market trends

The identification of market trends is a key factor in the analysis of market research. It is aimed at identifying what is trending in the sector that may impact the business or present opportunities that are a natural fit for the business in its constant pursuit of customer loyalty.

The state of the retail industry: The empowered shopper

Despite e-commerce continuing to mature and grow in convenience, today’s shoppers still value bricks- and-mortar stores. Zebra’s 2019 Shopper Vision Study found that during the past year, only 43% of shoppers opted to purchase items online instead of visiting a physical store, proving that most...

Quality customer experience matters in business

Zendesk's latest Quantifying the Business Impact of Customer Service in Australia Report 2019, shows companies that fail to deliver quality customer service experiences could see an adverse impact to their bottom-line.

Sustainable retail means going beyond the cup

Nespresso’s unique retail experience allows shoppers to explore the journey that the brand undertakes to bring their customers high-quality coffee; from farming through to production and recycling, reflecting a holistic commitment to sustainability and a circular economy.

Australian cities and States where online shopping is growing faster than the population

If you need proof that online shopping has skyrocketed, just look at this new data that compares the rate of online shopping with the rate of our population growth. In the last two years, Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide have seen higher growth in online shopping than the growth of its...

Develop goals and performance indicators for your business

A business objective is something the business is aiming toward or a strategic position it is working to attain. Usually it is a step in the strategy.

Driving consumer loyalty through cryptocurrency

As competition increases locally and globally, retail brands are increasingly turning to innovative technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain to assist in customer retention and improve sales performance.

Seven mistakes that lead to major employee underpayments

Every few months sees a major employee underpayment scandal – companies announcing that they have made payroll errors that have impacted thousands of employees – go public.

The business of fashion opens doors across Sydney

This article was first published on City of Sydney News and shared by Australian Retailers Association

Communicating organisational roles and responsibilities

Regardless of an individual’s position within an organisation, they need to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

What you need to know about Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Everything you need to know about Single Touch Payroll (STP).

Complaints are good for business

How local retailers can mitigate the financial burden of political and economic disruption by using digital networks.

Boosting in-store performance with retail data

The prevalence of digital commerce is perpetually changing the face of the retail landscape. As a result, brick-and-mortar stores are put in a situation where they have to come up with compelling ways to make shoppers get off their couch and step into the store rather than buy online.

Young workers are at risk employees

This year, a retailer was fined $60,000 following an incident involving a young worker. The 20-year-old was working for QSR Pty Ltd (QSR), a KFC franchise in Coffs Harbour when he slipped in the kitchen while cleaning and suffered serious burns to his leg.

A sustainable biome for the future of retail

Retailers who perform as global actors make an extraordinary impact on customers

Learning for success

The Diploma of Retail Merchandise Management equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required to deliver profitable results for a retail organisation. The course has been designed by the industry for retail buyers and planners, and includes a range of activities including concept...

Grow an Instagram following for your business: practical tips to put in place today

This article was first published on City of Sydney News and shared by Australian Retailers Association

Adapting various training types for your employees

Employee training is an essential investment to ensure your staff can efficiently manage all aspects of your retail business. A well-trained employee is more productive and more fulfilled. While some employers and business owners tend to consider employee training to be expensive and...

Spark social responsibility

 The joy of fostering CSR in the workplace. 

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