Mastering social customer care

With social being the service channel of choice for 83% of consumers (Accenture), we thought we’d share 5 of our favourite lessons learned from working alongside leaders in the space.

Reaching out for global opportunities

Aussie retailers need to embed technology and innovative thinking to gain global traction.

Let's get virtual

Virtual changing rooms might be in fashion, but are retailers using this new technology effectively?

Non-conventional marketing: Put your brand where your customers are today

How retailers can use and leverage contemporary consumer platforms to benefit their business.

The importance of researching pricing trends

Modern retailers consider pricing a strategic decision. With the increase in domestic online retail, and the improved access of Australian customers to international avenues to shop, local bricks and mortar stores need to be aware of current pricing trends to remain viable.They need to do so not...

The opportunities autonomous vehicles will bring to retail

The era of autonomous vehicles is quickly becoming a reality in Australia. There are already a number of driverless vehicle trials taking place in some of our state capital cities, like Adelaide and Perth. Major mining operations already use driverless vehicles to transport millions of tonnes of...

How to keep retail personal as competition goes global

The modern retail environment is extraordinarily challenging and full of change. Competition is going global and consumers have no regard for boundaries. Whether you’re a big international brand or a small disruptive one, the customer experience bar is set extremely high and constantly on the...

Changing company thinking to consumer thinking

There is a common belief that loyalty programs help to build and grow relationships with customers making them loyal to your brand. But how can this be the case if brands are using loyalty programs designed around business need and IT systems? A large portion of loyalty programs are often...

Fulfilment: The final frontier

These are the voyages of your online order, to seek out new ways to boldly go exactly where you want it to go and to appear in full and on time.

Boost your brand with online reviews

Consumers today look first to online reviews for social validation when researching a product or service. Whether they want to find out about the quality or fit of a product, what the returns policy is like, or compare brand against brand – reviews are an important first reference point.

Understand store pricing policy

As retailers have varying product and service offers, providing customers with choice in product quality, appearance and functionality, it is understandable that approaches to pricing differ. It would be naïve to assume however that all retail pricing is based upon a cost of goods sold...

Surviving the turbulent evolution of retail

The retail industry is undergoing significant changes as disruptive technologies are reshaping the landscape and many retailers are eagerly rushing to adapt. However, with annual growth in retail sales slowing to just 2.1% in Australia, 2018 hasn’t started well with January’s results coming in...

The ecosystem economy and the retail renaissance

Retailers can reinvigorate their relevance and societal value by leading the ecosystem economy.

Building the measurement gap from digital to offline

Connecting the digital and physical worlds is becoming increasingly critical for retailers to measure the ROI on marketing accurately.

Finding your perfect match in retail

Employing the right candidate can be hard, but the Retail Ready Jobs Program gives employers a head start.

Securing your brand’s reputation

Tips for dealing with disciplinary matters in an impartial and procedural fair way.

Initiating visual merchandising contingencies

Once identified, visual merchandising issues need to be rectified. Timeliness is of the essence here as the majority of visual merchandising (VM) issues have the potential to negatively affect the customer experience and as direct result business profitability. When monitoring and evaluating the...

Is in-store becoming the ignored and undervalued channel?

Retailers can lift their in-store shopping experience through innovative technology, in order to match the ease of point and click and increase revenue.

Why small retailers need to build a brand online and offline

There is no doubt that Australia’s retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade with the continued rise of e-commerce. Now, we have large retailers dominating the online retail market, shipping instantly and worldwide, which has in turn triggered some cause for concern among...

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