Mastering the supply chain conundrum with CX

To future-proof your retail business, you’ll need to understand the symbiosis between CX and supply chain.

The empowered consumer and strategising for success

As consumer expectations change in an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, brands and retailers can no longer afford to simply survive; they must thrive by staying ahead of shifting trends to maintain their edge.

Preparing a successful sales budget

There is considerable value in reflecting upon past performance. Implementing a process of comprehensive evaluation and review of the outcomes of proposals for expenditure can assist in future planning in several ways. 

Did you know? Females represent only 28.4% of CEOs or MDs in the Australian retail industry

While global attitudes toward gender parity are experiencing an encouraging shift, statistics continue to tell us that we have a long way to go.

Navigating supply chain and tariff challenges in the retail sector

How local retailers can mitigate the financial burden of political and economic disruption by using digital networks.

Research, purchase online and last-mile offering can save retail

By adopting strategies around ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), retailers can incorporate a strong e-commerce offer into their stores. This offer would not only lead to complete the purchase, but also serve as a platform for distributing purchases.

Afterpay launches Global Mentorship Program to support Australian SMB's

In a concerted effort to help SMBs across Australia and New Zealand get ahead, buy-now pay-later pioneer, Afterpay is providing a unique opportunity for its merchant community through the launch of Afterpay Connect’s inaugural Global Mentorship Program.

The six rights of merchandising

The six rights of merchandising ensures products are displayed correctly and for maximum impact. Visual merchandisers working in retail are often involved in both the physical visual implementation and also the planning. 

Common workplace practices that are risking employee safety

Despite businesses in Australia having a legal requirement to comply with their State’s Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws, more than 100,000 serious workplace injuries still occur every year.

How mobile employee engagement solutions lead to positive results

How to transform the employee experience by mobile solutions to, communicate and engage retail workforce's.

Increase sales, profits and brand awareness with video marketing

Want to increase engagement, brand awareness, sales and profits all at once?

Big banks to roll out blockchain lease solution to help retailers

Despite the innovations of today’s digitally empowered business practices, retailers in Australia continue to struggle with laggard processes like obtaining bank guarantees for their leases.

Additional expenditure to benefit business

There are occasions when expenditure outside of existing budgets is required to bring in an otherwise unattainable benefit to the  business. At these times it may be appropriate to propose expenditure to senior management to justify and gain endorsement for your initiative. The proposal of...

Calls for more life-saving defibrillators in the workplace

WorkSafe is urging employers to consider installing a life-saving defibrillator at their workplace.

Australia’s independent retail sector among the best performing in the world

Research from Vend reveals Australia’s independent retailers are among the best performing in the world, ringing in an average of AUD $504,979.85 annually compared to New Zealand ($495,360) and the UK ($487,355).

Four habits of online shoppers

New research reveals Aussie shoppers have developed distinctive habits in their online shopping that differ from their in-store shopping habits.

The era of customer experience

With a new decade of retail approaching, Christine Rodrigues, Head of Technology Partnership at Magento, an Adobe Company, reminds us that the era of customer experience is still at the heart of any business.

Encouraging staff to commit to cost control

Cost control benefits everyone in the store, however, the means of creating can be inconvenient and imposing on store teams. It is up to the retail manager to win the hearts and minds of their teams and create an engaging and compelling set of reasons or benefits to boost staff commitment for...

Survey shows more than half of consumers would pay more for sustainable products

Quality and price remain top consumer concerns, creating a challenge for companies to deliver recycled and recyclable products at minimal additional cost.

How to keep a customer for life

Understanding the ever-changing world of online shopping and how important it is to adopt a customer-first strategy.

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