Women kicking goals in business

Women are increasingly making their mark in decision making in NSW workplaces with females holding almost 40 per cent of managerial roles, compared to 35 per cent a decade ago.

Coles community hour extends to help more Australians

Coles is dedicating two Community Hour shopping periods per week to emergency services and healthcare workers, who are essential to protecting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New resource from Facebook to help small businesses manage impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus has created unexpected challenges for millions of small businesses. 

Economic survival package to support businesses and jobs

The Victorian Government will pump billions of dollars into the economy to help Victorian businesses and workers survive the devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporting new parents as they navigate their parental leave journey

Becoming a parent is arguably one of life’s most challenging transitions. With several new and unexpected demands, becoming a parent can be an emotional journey.

Shoppers rejoice: 3 in 4 Aussies say parcel delivery has improved

Online shopping technology and delivery services have come a long way, but has it made a difference to purchasers?

Five strategies to upskill your retail employees

Providing your team with the skills needed to succeed in retail.

Over seven hundred retailers support Rural Aid

OneMusic launched with an offer to existing music licence clients if they got their licence application in ‘on time’ they would contribute to the Rural Aid’s Gift of Music program.

5G and the retail revolution

5G is set to revolutionise the retail sector by providing innovative technologies and solutions. As the network continues to roll out across Australia, forward-thinking retailers should look to embrace 5G sooner than later.

Australia’s oldest grocer, Ritchies Supermarkets has paid $50 Million dollars to Aussie charities

Staff and community members at Ritchies Supermarkets, recently raised a glass to the momentous $50 millionth payment through the Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

The rise of Buy Now, Pay Later services in Australia opens up the impulse opportunity

Card or cash? Not anymore. ‘Buy now, pay later’ options have been rapidly embraced by Australians since 2015—completely disrupting the online retail and finance sectors. And with near universal awareness of buy now, pay later services among Australians (91%), the upside for businesses is at an...

When to counsel an underperforming employee

Managing poor performance is one of the biggest challenges leaders face in retail today. With increased litigation cases it is imperative that leaders get it right. If, despite coaching the team member, they’re still not performing to standard, the next step is to conduct a counselling session.

Using sustainable and intelligent digital solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of retail operations

How technological innovations are changing the way people shop and how retailers can engage their customers in a more sustainable way.

Coronavirus workshops available to Australian businesses

Prime Minister Scott Morrison activating Australia’s emergency response plan to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA) is hosting a series of one-day workshops to help businesses minimise the operational, financial and reputational risks the...

Priceline Pharmacy launches new campaign to combat ageism and promote inclusivity

To encourage more accurate representation of women, Priceline Pharmacy is launching Festival of You, a program which aims to celebrate women of all ages.

The Australian Youth Development Index Consultations 2020 Mount Isa

It is often the small steps we take in life that have the most impact.

TikTok – should retailers and brands be prepared or scared?

According to Kate Maszluch, VP of Marketing at Tryzens, the last 12 months have seen a number of social media giants take the leap and enter the ecommerce market in a bid to expand their offering. The latest example of this is TikTok, which has roughly 625 million active users.

How does least-cost routing works for different payments service providers?

Least-cost routing functionality helps save on fees because it allows merchants to choose to route a debit card transaction to the lowest cost network for that transaction, which in many cases the eftpos network. 

Enforcing packaging standards across the supply chain delivers ethical and financial value

With the rising pressure on costs and growing stakeholder expectations regarding ethical business practice, retailers are now taking control to plug the financial leaks across the supply chain associated with packaging inefficiency.

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