Supercharge your mystery shop program

Using new reporting enhancements to resolve problems, not just uncover them.

Catch Marketplace expands fashion range with the addition of new leading brands, one of Australia's leading diversified online retailers has introduced more leading fashion brands to its ever-expanding catalogue of big brand fashion.

A ten-step guide for lifting manually

When merchandising and setting up displays in-store, you have a duty of care to both your team and customers to make sure that you are doing it safely. This ten-step guide explains the best practice for lifting manual loads.

Give customers what they want

The perception gap between retailers, sales assistants and shoppers.

Exceptional customer experience begins from the inside out

If you want your business to be successful, focus on building relationships with both customers and employees

New data reveals retail stores are attracting foot traffic – so why the retail gloom?

New data from CouriersPlease shows that nearly 1 in 3 Aussies went into a department store, specialist store, or fashion store in the last week, and more than half went into a store in the previous fortnight.

How to avoid the 'always on sale' trap

How often have you walked past a store that seems to be permanently plastered top to bottom in red and white bunting screaming, ‘SALE’? For some, the sale never seems to end.

Presenting and reporting budgets

Whilst there is no defined language of budgets, generally most professional retail businesses will have a number of different budgets for the various functions of the business. 

Could these tips revolutionise the department store experience?

This article was originally published on Australia’s leading fashion business publication Ragtrader.


A 1% increase in time spent in store will lead to a 39% increase in sales per customer.

Australian Made shines a light on our ‘Australian Makers’

The Australian Made Campaign is taking Australians behind the scenes and into the local factories, workshops and farms of some of the country’s most innovative manufacturers with its ‘Australian Makers’ video series.

Simple ways to use creative problem-solving techniques

Simple ways to use creative problem-solving techniques

Government publishes detailed guidance for Modern Slavery reporting

This article was originally published atInside Retail.

Author Credit: Heather McIlvaine, Inside Retail


Competitive market deals saving small retailers in electricity costs

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s report into the retail electricity market reinforces that competitive market deals continue to offer the greatest value to consumers and that retailers have been responding positively to market changes.

Help your customers by giving your employees the full 360

Support teams can be reinforced with efficient and reliable systems to allow themselves to be omnipresent.

How to shut the shop on absenteeism

Unplanned absence is one of retail’s biggest workforce management challenges, but better employee engagement can help reduce this rostering headache.

New technology optimising workflows for customer support teams

AI-powered search enhancements and advanced management tools bring more effective coaching and empower teams to work smarter, not just harder.

Government seeks to restore clarity to personal leave entitlements

The Morrison Government will seek leave, in the High Court, to appeal a recent Full Federal Court decision, which has sparked confusion and uncertainty around the way sick and carers leave entitlements should be calculated.

A simple risk analysis to boost staff performance

Every business needs to conduct a risk analysis when assigning responsibilities to staff and establishing performance standards. A good risk analysis will help you manage everyday workplace risks, and it will ensure that you don’t fall afoul of organisational or legal requirements.

Barriers to employment holding small businesses back

Small businesses are saying that despite recent tough conditions, they are looking forward to growth in the next 12 months, off the back of improved economic and political certainty, however many are reluctant to grow by hiring staff due to too many policies and procedures.

Employees advanced by tech

Employees are the backbone of the retail industry - and technology is becoming the beating heart; like in the human body, all the parts have to work together to stay alive. Amazingly, the people component is the hardest part to manage.

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