Boosting in-store performance with retail data

The prevalence of digital commerce is perpetually changing the face of the retail landscape. As a result, brick-and-mortar stores are put in a situation where they have to come up with compelling ways to make shoppers get off their couch and step into the store rather than buy online.

Young workers are at risk employees

This year, a retailer was fined $60,000 following an incident involving a young worker. The 20-year-old was working for QSR Pty Ltd (QSR), a KFC franchise in Coffs Harbour when he slipped in the kitchen while cleaning and suffered serious burns to his leg.

A sustainable biome for the future of retail

Retailers who perform as global actors make an extraordinary impact on customers

Learning for success

The Diploma of Retail Merchandise Management equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required to deliver profitable results for a retail organisation. The course has been designed by the industry for retail buyers and planners, and includes a range of activities including concept...

Grow an Instagram following for your business: practical tips to put in place today

This article was first published on City of Sydney News and shared by Australian Retailers Association

Adapting various training types for your employees

Employee training is an essential investment to ensure your staff can efficiently manage all aspects of your retail business. A well-trained employee is more productive and more fulfilled. While some employers and business owners tend to consider employee training to be expensive and...

Spark social responsibility

 The joy of fostering CSR in the workplace. 

Aussie's say digital catalogues are a stress-free and useful way to window shop

Almost 4 million Australians are using digital catalogues alone rather than hard copy versions saying they are a useful tool and stress-free way to window shop, according to the latest research.

Improving security in your store

Store security is one of the biggest threats facing retail businesses. A retailer’s ability to a make profit can depend on good store security.

Customer experience in the race for retail transformation

By focusing on the most important piece of the puzzle, the customer, retailers can improve their digital experience where it really matters.

Coca-Cola Australia’s road to gender equality

All businesses need to look to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the communities in which they work. Profitability is important, but not at any cost. People matter. The planet matters. By doing business the right way and following its brand values, retailers who work toward...

How to optimise your promotions to maximise performance

The way promotions are planned and undertaken is evolving. It has previously been commonplace to return to what has been done before and simply replicate it. But now retailers are stopping and thinking about whether they should run the promotion in the first place. And if they choose to run it,...

Keeping up with consumers: go mobile or go out of business

Mobility is influencing customer behaviour and retailers are faced with embracing this change or becoming extinct. Mobility is integrated into our day to day lives and expanding the power it brings to the everyday shopping experience is now commonplace.

Develop and deliver WHS training

Develop and deliver WHS training Workplace health and safety initiatives are at the core all about the protection of people. People that either work for you or in some way are working on your premises. Any WHS policies and procedures are limited in their effectiveness if they are not seen as...

Optimising online purchasing experiences

Inefficient customer carting and checkout experiences are deterring Aussie shoppers from using mobile phones to complete their purchases, according to new research released today by Bazaarvoice.

The three senses of retail

There is much talk about the so-called retail apocalypse, but some retailers are very much bucking the trend through commitment to digitally transforming themselves.

Empowering the business innovators of tomorrow

Every day, we can find lots of opportunities. Some small, some big. But when we take a closer look, many of them are not true opportunities. So, the key is how to prioritise and identify the best of them.

How investing in in-store technology can engage customers and increase productivity

New research has revealed that when it comes to investing in technology, 39.1% of retailers say increasing sales and generating more in-store revenue are top priorities for their business.

Customers are still spending, so why are retailers closing their doors?

Customer spending in Australia increased to 261905 AUD million in the last quarter of 2018, and has actually continued to rise since 2016¹, and yet we continue to learn of another retailer closing its doors and entering into administration.

Effective WHS record keeping strategies for retailers

All of the time and effort invested in workplace health and safety is an investment in people and business sustainability. It does not happen by accident and its value is not maximised without further investment of time into the evaluation of WHS policy and procedural effectiveness. Here we look...

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