A cheers to innovation

BY Australian Retailers Association
24 November 2018

With international competitors and technology disrupting the retail sector, developing innovative and engaging strategies to attract customers is imperative to remain relevant in the current retail landscape.

One retailer shifting the retail dynamic are Beer Cartel, who won the 2018 Retail Innovator of the Year Award at the 2018 eftpos ARA Retail Awards. Beer Cartel entered the 2018 ARA Australian Retail Awards to benchmark themselves amongst fellow retail pioneers in the industry.

“Entering a submission into the ARA Retail Awards is one of the best ways to compare yourself against the best retailers in Australia. It was great to be recognised for all the amazing effort we put in as a business.”

As one of the first retailers to sell beer online, Beer Cartel’s understanding of the current retail market has been the driving force behind their innovative strategies.

“The Australian retail industry is constantly changing. Retail in 20 years’ time is going to be radically different to what we see today- we have to be nimble and quick so we can survive in this rapidly changing dynamic.”

“Our innovations are led by a natural approach and we are always questioning whether there is a better way to do things.”

Due to the negative connotations surrounding the consumption of alcohol, being an independent retailer that prominently distributes craft beer can be a challenge. As a retailer that largely operates online, Beer Cartel took charge of the beer conversation by conducting the Australian Craft Beer Survey to obtain a better understanding of the craft beer market, consumer perceptions and behaviours towards beer.

Beer Cartel shared these insights with smaller craft breweries with limited marketing budgets to assist with their market share, creating further growth in the Australian economy.

“As individual businesses, we each have to constantly evolve and innovate otherwise we’ll be left behind.”

Inheriting the philosophy of becoming a thoughtful leader and educator in the craft beer space, Beer Cartel have distilled their business values to re-align with their target market.

To learn more about Beer Cartel and their innovations, please visit https://www.beercartel.com.au/

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