Customers of 2019

Last-minute Christmas shopping is a thing of the past

Retailers revolutionise the customer experience

Offer after sales support

A demand for faster online delivery

New technology making online shopping more secure and convenient

Rewarding customer service and brand loyalty

Why the need for the sales reporting code of conduct

New data reveals Christmas shopping deliveries are growing by 10% each year

Mastering the art of human resources

Plan and action sales predictions

Gift cards to even the playing field for small businesses

Orchestrating the perfect harmony through omni-channel retailing

A holistic risk assessment for online retailers

Understanding key financial figures

Tips for improving the in-store experience

How cash costs your business

Celebrating omni-channel retailing

A cheers to innovation

Started from the shopfront now I’m here

Four reasons why retailers should consider international trade

The importance of diversity in tech teams

Email marketing strategies to maximize customer lifetime value

Evaluate and review strategy

From 2D to 3D: retailers embracing new technology

Charging the future of retail

New Government initiative to reduce plastic pollution

Next level customer engagement

Implementing action plans

Not your run of the MIL approach to sustainable fashion retail

Christmas merchandising tips

Retail content marketing: planning guide and tools

Ten insider tips for retail success

An experience your customers won’t forget

How independent grocers can boost efficiencies in-store

Small business failures on the rise as retailers feel the pain

Tasmania leading charge in online shopping

Develop retail action plans

Investing in a pay-per-click agency

Helping small businesses with retail leases

Measuring digital maturity for your business

Striking a chord with customers through music

Why an omni-channel experience is key for retail customers

Creating memorable experiences for travelling customers

Aussie consumers leaving online shopping carts empty

Melbourne welcomes California on Little Collins St.

Identifying constraints and developing contingencies

Challenging the retail status quo

What is a good Net Promoter Score?

Australian bank integrates Alipay

Christmas is coming to Myer

Service, the fabric of retail

Shopping not shipping: The art and science of in-store retailing

The future of retail feat. chatbots

A Political storm impacting retail

Prepare for strategy success

Australian consumers want a unique in-store experience

Top three tips to improve customer service

Changing the retail conversation

Retail therapy replaced by retail anxiety- credit card fraud

Three steps to solve the sustainable palm oil puzzle

Develop and define your objectives

Retail Realm winners recognised at the 2018 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

The future of retail is heading online

Business-banking initiatives providing flexible settlements for retailers

5 tips retailers can implement to prevent stock loss

Crypto currency charting the future of customer loyalty

eftpos adopts Australian Made logo

Use mission to develop strategy

Championing consumer feedback

How to boost in-store traffic on peak trading days

Improve your professional retail skillset

From bricks to clicks

Australia commits to sustainable packaging goal by 2025

Surviving and thriving with e-commerce

Businesses and consumers define good customer experience

Communicating the brand story

Generosity Marketing

Becoming a trusted retail mentor

Four signs your SEO campaign isn’t working and ways to strengthen it

Leasing Insanity!

Have you secured your ticket to the 2018 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards?

Top ten tips for creating an impactful logo

Not sure where to shop this Footy Friday?

7-Eleven joins recycling initiative

Five steps to optimise your supply chain

Rent per metre versus sales per metre

Is omni-channel thinking jeopardising retail success?

Developing a unified commerce

Are you a Retail Realm finalist?

Driving delight through your brand’s experience

Personalise your purpose

Why cash could be costing your business

The 2018 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards stellar line-up

The importance of creating a positive shopping experience

Sydney Retail Festival features stellar line-up of speakers

Transparency is the new black

Maximising convenience for consumers

The 2018 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards are fast approaching

Managing your finances to make a profit

New website to test banks on merchant fees

Small business tax write off

Video Advertising

This Father's day: Dad's the word

The ARA supports new retail definitions for big box and small supermarket shoppers

Assigning staff responsibilities

Five ways AI is transforming retail recruitment

Packaging solutions for your delicate products

ARA pay tribute to former President, Tony Coote

Shrink management as a service: Delivered to you by Tyco and Google

Protecting young workers in retail

Establishing store housekeeping policies

Six simple SEO steps that small retailers could take to improve their ranking

Happy employees, happy customers

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on retail leasing

Why brands should not overlook the power of in-store marketing in the lead up to Christmas

Five common leasing mistakes

Tackling legacy systems to exceed consumer expectations

Develop layout assessment checks

Learning from evolutions of the past, to keep yourself relevant for the future

Domestic Violence leave

Productivity Commission picks up ARA’s recommendations

How are you leveraging technology across your business?

From Muji to Ikea: why the best retailers think like UX designers

Trade opportunities for Australian small and medium-sized businesses

Adapting VM standards in store

The power of personalisation

Physical stores still king until 2040

Eight ways to increase your online sales in 90 days

Conversational commerce and its impact on retail

Establish VM standards

Are you connected?

In-store fulfilment – how to use your retail stores as mini distribution centres

Style with substance

Employment Relations Overview 2018

Mobile wallets: the future of retail payments

Successful management of complaints

The young and the digitally driven

Defining the online path to purchase

The importance of small pretty things

Small business retail showcase

Use your expert product knowledge

21st century customer engagement

How much should you spend on your brand?

How to help manage the wellbeing of Generation Z in retail

The cultivating culture of retail

Australia’s independent retail revenue up 18% on global markets

Build the sale and the relationship

Retail on the move with mobile printers

Why the cost of labour is costing you good service

Mentally healthy workplaces

You only lease time

Establish initial interaction with customer

Why customers love to buy now, pay later.

Technology: key to the retail industry’s employee engagement

More Aussie shoppers snagging EOFY sales

Meeting consumer demand for electronic payment

Mission vision and values

Solving Australia’s waste crisis – how Australia’s retail industry can be part of the solution.

Country of origin labelling update

Modern Slavery Legislation is coming

Service: the common thread for retail success

New findings show that Australian consumers are happiest online when shopping

Have a happy lease year

Effective retail strategies

Four things you need to know about having an accurate NPS

Advance cross-selling on store pickup orders

Mobile loyalty – a necessity, not an accessory

Strategy in a retail context

The future of retail digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retail

A year in the life of a retail lease

The strategic planning process

Do you want to lead the retail revolution?

Using media to amplify your expertise

Implement sales and service strategies

State of e-commerce

Tech trends in customer experience

Retail disruptors: speed, customer experience and differentiation bring the winning competitive edge

Right-Sizing retail

Be customer centric

Privileged account security never goes out of style

Loyalty = success

Warning about threat-based impersonation scams this Scams Awareness Week

Business plans, what’s the point?

Foster a beneficial learning-facilitation relationship

Three ways retailers can thrive in the age of disruption

Shopping with the current and future generations

Embracing change with agile retailing

New rules of leasing – time to change your thinking!

Develop and implement a work-based learning pathway

Top three tips for breaking into the international market

Online sellers say after-hours delivery to be popular in the future of e-commerce

Leveling the playingfield

Seamless shopping experiences with real-time stock visibility

Create a learning environment

Consumer guarantees

Power partnerships and moving beyond millennials: the trends defining brands in 2018

Why customer curiosity is crucial for retail growth

Defending Australia's retail talent

Establish good work habits

The retail app chasm between Millennial's and Baby Boomers

Understanding the difference between customer behaviour and trends

Top 4 trends in retail lighting for 2018

Digital Transformation contributing $45 billion to Australia's GDP by 2021

Show team support

David Jones, the now department-supermarket store

Google’s Digital Garage empowers all

Five ways digital transformation can improve employee engagement

The secret to effective employee engagement for the retail industry

Technology is creating a faster, more intuitive and data driven retail sector

A new augmented reality experience

Organisational requirements

Three ways Aussie retailers can get smarter with communications

2018 retail technology trends

Why RFID technology is the key to a successful omni-channel strategy

The human benefits of omni-channel retailing

Innovating in-store

Retailers preparing for Modern Slavery legislation

Action customer service standards and policies

Six simple tips to ensure your retail store is providing a quality experience

Tips to help your business target the next generation of shoppers – Gen Z!

Gift Aussie quality this Easter

Firstline Workers: the hidden gem in retail

Are retailers ready for gen Z?

Three common leasing mistakes

Remaining Professional

Five vital email marketing tips to boost the digital retail experience

The 'impulse buy' is dying

Australia needs to work on consumer privacy

Retailers need to give bad behaviour the BOOT

Building relationships through customer emails

The Melbourne Retail Festival

The ARA paving the way for the Millennial Movement

Lead the customer service team

Technology to accelerate retail in 2030

Tyro first-to-market contactless payments ahead of government deadline

Can you speak data?

How to be positive about the negatives

Hiring right is the secret to success

What are your options?

Performance culture

Six common questions about casual employees

Live chats and enhancing customer service

As online retail grows, bricks-and-mortar retail innovates

Hiring smart to prolong staff retention

How to re-engage employees in times of change

Four insights that will turn customers into fans

Innovation in the next 10-15 years of Australian Fashion

Goal alignment with organisational objectives

Melbourne Central #Pressforprogress this International Women's Day

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Online

A guide to sustainable packaging for online retailers

Optimising reverse logistics and getting value from returns

Retail’s next wave of automation

Leases are assets not liabilities

Fulfilment by Amazon Launches for Australian Businesses

Dealing with team disfunctions

National recycling label to combat growing waste issues

The sustainable supermarket of the future

NSW gift card regulation producing more harm than good

Unlocking the valuable resource of trade event

Apple Pay to level the playing field for mobile wallets

Why brands must keep pace with changing grocery shopper behaviour

Managing the generations

Modernising the customer journey

E-commerce technology trends, sorting through the hype

Meet the world’s first crowdsourced delivery company.

CCTV health

Retail Training in a Digital age

Concerns over consumer confidence

Group development for greater performance

A divided vision of the future

24/7 delivery network for online sellers and shoppers

How retailers are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day

Getting realistic about personalisation

How to outsmart the competition using HR technology

Using new technology to generate ROI

Soundtrack your brand

Promote targeted events

Managing your Fair Work obligations.

Human-Machine Partnerships in 2018

What brings e-commerce shoppers in-store?

Personalisation with a tech edge drives increased customer loyalty

Better, cheaper and faster is here to stay

Start of the retail year- 2018

Involve staff in event planning and design

New international air-side offerings at Melbourne Airport

Changing the retail paradigm

How to detox your business in 2018

All for one and one for all: how the future of retail lies in employee engagement

How Retailers Can Improve Their Mobile Experience Platforms

Main street retail: where has everybody gone?

Prepare for event planning

New electronic shopping cart for businesses and consumers

GPT launches Retail Runner – you shop it, we drop it

How Much Coffee is Costing us Across the Country

Global Marketplaces: Friend or Foe?

The Customer Experience Begins and Ends with Customer Service

How to Build a Business Website for Success

Best Practice in WHS Maintenance

Online Retail Rising for Older Generations

The New Risk for Businesses – Cloning

Predicting Retail Trends for 2018

Are Retailers Ready to Take the $3.5 Trillion Bull by the Horns?

Shipping Beyond our Shores

‘Frictionless’ Commerce Versus the ‘Social and Tactile’ Experience of Physical Retail

Risk Assessment and Control

Support for Small Business Made Easy

AUD Transfers for Amazon Sellers

New Year, New Invoicing Solutions

Online Marketplaces Disrupt Global Retail Thinking

The Three Superpowers of Mobile Advertising

Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

Speeding up checkout lines to improve the customer experience

Unlocking the Retail Advantage

Australia, the First Cashless Country?

Shoppers Purchase and Post Gifts on the Spot

Tips for Choosing the Right Franchising System

Five Tips to Outstanding Field Marketing

The Path to RFID Adoption

A Review of Shopping Trends and Hot Products in November 2017

Aligning Your Brand Experience

Preserving Consumer and Merchant Choice

How Retailers are Using AI for Personalised Marketing Strategies

Cheaper Contactless Card Payments with eftpos

The Jobs App Helping Aussie Retailers Staff Up & Save

Retailers Set to Slash Summer Power Bills

Intellectual Property

Simple, Speedy and Seamless Customer Experience

Legalities of Online Brand Protection

Omnichannel: How Retail Analytics Can Help

‘Tis the season…to tinker with your digital campaigns

CBA, NAB bow to Reserve Bank on debit reform

Why 'Discovery Stores'​ are More Powerful than Flagships

New Technology Providing Solutions for Contemporary Retail Challenges

Why email campaigns trump social media.

Brand Value Online

Consumer Spending on Experiences Increases

Tips & tricks: How to make the most of this year’s Christmas shopping period

How we can support our franchisees in a challenging retail environment

Leasing for the Store of the Future

How Retailers are Combining Sensory Branding with Advances in Technology

Leadership – there is not an app for that.

Using Social Media Successfully

Buy Local this Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas trade

Who’s Spending Money and Who’s Just Wasting Time?

Are you renewing a retail lease next year?

The Rise of the Social Shopfront

Category Management in an Omnichannel Age

How to: Amazon in Australia

Rent Increases- an Inconvenient Truth

The Notifiable Data Breaches scheme

Optimising reverse logistics

Is your website ready for Christmas and peak trade season?

What a Stack

Staying Human in the Digital Age

Observations of Frustration

Speak Up Now or Forever Hold Your Lease!

Daily Operations

Is the future of the store- shopping centres or shopping strips?

The Importance of Christmas

Businesses Buying Local

Accessorial Liability – Are you at risk?

Demystifying the Fusion of eCommerce with the in-store Environment

It’s Called a Disclosure Statement for a Reason!

Theft in Retail

One in two Australians will still shop in-store by 2022

Reduced Penalty Rates are Here to Stay!

Selling Slow Stock

Follow Your Dreams in a Small Business

Automation: Achieving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

The Paradox of Data Exchange

Does Your Lease Have an Option?- Part 3

Minimise Stock Loss

Pronto Software and ARA reveal the state of technology in Australian retail

Retail Rated Third Most Trustworthy Industry

Top 5 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Future Proofing Australian Retail Talent

A Crash Course in Customer-Centricity

Does Your Lease Have an Option? Part 2

Develop Store Security Procedures

Afterpay Enters Westfield Retailers Across Australia

Using Digital Marketing to Engage your Retail Customers.

Queen Victoria Market Gets the Australian Made Logo for Local Producers

Does Your Lease Have An Option?

Technology and Customer Service

What Can Local Retailers Learn From Overseas Entrants?

Online Businesses are Big Winners from Surcharge Changes

Pronto Software Recognised as Software Innovator

Is sustainability the secret?

What is your BATNA?

Tips to Pull Customers Into your Store with Visual Merchandising

What is Good Customer Service?

How to employ right to reach your financial goals

Square Expands its Australian Offering with Iconic Square Stand

Reducing shrinkage with increased stock visibility

Generation Z: the Powerful Influencers.

Crafting Seasonal Window Displays

Communicating With Customers

Christmas Online

Why You Don’t Need an Algorithm to Win in Retail

Building Cyber Security

10 Negotiation Tactics you Need for Your Next Lease

What Businesses Should Be Claiming: Tax Tips

How can retailers alleviate some of the growing pains during business expansion

IKEA Australia Reveals Tomorrow’s Sustainable Community

Launch Strategic Marketing Plan

Omnichannel Retailing - Leasing for the store of the future

7 Great Examples of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

A new reality for retail

Small businesses Falling Behind the Mid-Tier Due to Marketing Resources

Vulnerable Workers Legislation Passes Through Senate

Australia Post Providing Support for Australian Businesses

Top 10 Leasing Tips

Manage Strategy Development

3 Ways You Can Plan for Success this Financial Year

Stepping up from a stepping stone

Think Like Your Customer: 4 Facts You Didn't Know

Cyber-Attacks on the Rise: How to Shield Your Business

5 Ways to Have a More Profitable Christmas

Top Buys and Specials this Father’s Day

Check Your Lease Today

Employ Consultation to Improve Marketing Strategy

What’s a ‘like’ on Social Media Really Worth for Your Brand?

The Role of Digital in Transforming Retail Businesses


A Radical Solution to Retail Innovation

Align Your Business with a Marketing Plan

Social Media: Using the Sea of Social Opportunity

In defence of the humble loyalty card

Refreshing your digital shopfront

The Current State of Retail Shop Leases Across the Nation

Predictive Supply Chains and Intelligent Future Gazing in Retail

Resolutions for the Modern Retailer

Aussies Spending More On-Line than In-Store

Amazon Australia Presents Opportunity for Australian Retailers to Innovate

Assess and Select Potential Recruits

Beware of Market Rent Review Traps

Are you listening to your customers?

Predicting the 2017 Economic Climate

Online retail trends: Click & Collect starts to pay off

Remarkable Retailers Recognised at this year’s eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

Source and Interview Candidates

Who Said What?

A Supreme Opportunity for Fifteen Tertiary Students with Dominos and the Smith Family.

Technological Game Changers in Retail

Total Advertising Market to reach a record $7.1 billion.

Develop a Framework for Staff Recruitment

6 Strategies of Highly Effective Retailers

Next-Generation Scanner Scale Expedites Checkout Lines and Improves Shopper Experience

What You Can Measure, You Can Manage!

How Retailers Can Save on Energy

Hill Street climbing mountains in Tasmania

5 Ways to Increase Sales This Winter

Consumers Expect Consistent Retail Experiences

Researching Retail Premises

Giving your customers the personal touch they need

Think Boring to Get More Bang for Your Buck

Harnesses the Power of Geofence Technology

Your Retail Lease is Like a Marriage!

Australia’s eftpos Completes Industry-Wide Technology Transformation

Tax Time Tips

Is Australia in the mood for shopping in-store?

Coaching your Retail Team

Why Australian Women are More Brand Loyal than Men

Why Pop-Up Shops will Always be Popular

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Arrival of Amazon

Diversity in the Workplace

Is Buy Now, Pay Later Valuable for Retailers?

Communicating With Your Retail Team

Reinventing Retail in the Age of Digital Disruption

Step 5: Negotiating Your Next Lease

Online and Offline channels have equal influence during End of Financial Year Sales.

Immersive Technology is No Longer the Future, it’s Here Now for Retailers

Turning Visitors into Customers

Are You Maximising Potential?

Millennials are money-wise, despite the stereotype

Enterprise-grade OMS Key to Omni-channel Customer Service

Step 4: Negotiating Your Next Lease

Co-ordinating a Retail Team

Internet of Things to Transform Relationships Between Brands and Consumers

5 Tips for supercharging your sub-season sales

Setting a high-bar for HR

Step 3: Negotiating Your Next Lease

Last day to win $5K! Enter the 2017 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

Improving Learning in the Workplace

The search for Australia's best independent retailer

Reinforcing and Rewarding Learning

Celebrating the people that power retail - 2017 Individual Retailer of the Year

Evaluating Learning

Retailers can now celebrate tax fairness

Driving better ROI through data-driven decisions

Fit-outs that stand out; celebrating exceptional store design

Monitoring Learning

Negotiating Your Next Lease

In search of Australia's most Remarkable Retailer

Retail Disruptors; Pushing the boundaries of convention

Stores to Play Greater Role in Fulfilment of Online Orders

CouriersPlease driving innovative solutions for retailers

Calling Australia's best Omni-Channel Retailer

Step 1 in Negotiating Your Next Lease

Could you be the 2017 Retailer Employer of the Year?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Game-changer for Personalisation

The difference between shopping online & online shopping

The Future is Now: The Tech Trends Reshaping Retail

Winter Descends On Melbourne For Shop The City

Back from the Edge: Why bricks-and-mortar stores are key to retail success in the digital era

Evaluating E-Business Models

E-business for Retailers

Top tips for a Winning Submission

Moving to a Multi-Channel Model

The Lease - Asset or Anchor

E-Business Fundamentals

Hiring New Staff: Focus on Who, Not When

How Australian retailers can prepare for the arrival of Amazon

Why a stop doing list is crucial for business growth

Recognising Remarkable Retailers

How to make storytelling work in newsletters, blogs and websites

ARA disagrees with Labor's 12 month delay to GST low-value imports

Lease Critical Path

Make up, don’t break up with your cross-channel supply chain

Tips and Tricks for Addressing Absenteeism

Review and evaluate approaches to development

Back to the future of retail

How Australian retailers can avoid getting killed by Amazon

Review and evaluate approaches to recruitment

Landlord and Lessee Relationships

A reduction in company tax is great news for retailers

Review and evaluate approaches to leadership

Three reasons retailers need to embrace industry change

Reflect upon personal leadership performance

Lights, camera, privacy!

New deal allows consumers to ‘buy now and pay later’

SmartScreen network launches in New Zealand

Millennial retail market set for huge growth

ARA submits a two-stage pay arrangement for penalty rates reduction

LUC. Design hits the international stage and wins!

Sephora launches its first mobile shopping app in Australia and New Zealand

Mining a Gem: Baby Boomers for eCommerce

Location, Location, Location!

Retailers can now use Siri to easily pay business bills

We’re all connected  - so how do we engage the connected consumer?

Managing grievances and disputes in your retail team

Snapchat offering a sneak peak at the VAMFF

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Putting the Store Associate at the Heart of the Retail Experience

Key changes to the Retail Leases Act for NSW

The next big thing in mobile retailing

How to manage workplace conflicts

Stocard's next step to revolutionise retail

ARA achieves historic reduction in Sunday Penalty Rates

New data service to provide consumer basket-insights

Benefits of Retail Analytics

Hiring a retail manager: many skills in one package

Merchandising 3.0: Customer-Centric Retailing

Google Helps the Romantically Challenged

Keys to optimising your online brand presence

Workplace Investigations - are they really such a big deal?

Online Brand Communication

Recognising Remarkable Retailers

Amazon Is Coming... Be Prepared to Deliver

Getting to grips with online retailing

Christmas 2016 Wrap Up

Understanding customers and assessing competitive advantage online

Retail trends set to shape 2017

Slow Down to Speed Up: Get ready for lululemon’s new Regent Street Store

Zebra Technologies Provides Innovative Solutions for Retailers

Going The Distance With Shipping

LUC. Design Announced 2017 Retailer to Represent Australia at GIA Awards in Chicago

3 Simple Ways To Keep High-performing Teams Together

What’s in store for retailers this year?

Beware market rent review traps

Pandora Championing Team Achievements

The importance of fostering team development

Aussie retailers experience success in the UK

New Forward Thinking Workplace Technology for Retailers

6 Tips for Hiring Retail Sales Superstars

A Year in the Life A Retail Lease

Developing Effective Customer Service Staff

Rain, hail and shine – the importance of insurance for Australian retailers

Achieve the best deal on your retail lease in 2017

3 strategies for increasing sales in the new year

Missguided bringing bricks and mortar back


­­Bricks and Clicks: the new GenMobile Shopping Experience

My people don’t sell! 5 tips that help your team love selling

Toll launches its first pop-up delivery service in Westfield centres

Seven Ways Indoor Locationing Technology Enhances the Shopping Experience

Reduce energy costs with Make It Cheaper

'Tis the season to be wrapping!

Positive outlook for an Aussie-made Christmas


Online shopping to hit peak on 13 December

How to prepare your staff for the busy Christmas period

Online retailers face consumer fulfillment challenges this Christmas

Single's Day surge for Australian retail brands

Why an online presence is valuable to your business – especially when it’s time to sell

Tricks to designing a retail store on a budget

How to hire and keep quality retail staff

Don’t bury your head in the sand, if your business is struggling, wake up!


What Makes a Good Business Broker?

KitKat unveils permanent location in Melbourne

Insight onslaught

The incredible shrinking store

Gen Z: Rebels of Retail?

At your service

Modern award review update

Top retail brands revealed

How to achieve the best deal on your retail lease

Feel good retail recruitment

Retailers lose in conflicts with manufacturer

Resources to main courses

Rebel refits at Miranda

Lincraft goes back to its roots

Weak incomes hit retail

Tyro retail SME grants

Coles offers fitness incentives

Shirtmaker courts ACCC trouble

Discount for AFR Retail Summit

Food safety in NSW retail food businesses

The power of Tim Tams

Online card fraud workshop

Men spend up online


Debenhams to open in Australia

ERMS: Performance Management

Dismissal unfair despite serious misconduct

2016 Christmas New Year Public Holidays

Casual employment counted for redundancy

Changes to annual leave

Meet Betts chairman, Danny Breckler

Retail sales flat, but some buck the trend

7/Eleven proposes franchise reform

Uniqlo doubles Chadstone space

Is the (Mr) Price right?

Don't blush baby

Lush opens latest flagship

Using balance charts for book keeping

Large format retail boom

Shopper marketing 101

If the shoe fits

Sydney leads retail rent growth

October - National Safe Work Month

Tech tips for 2016

DJs sells Market St store

Melbourne Airport appoints duty free

Online grocer to take on supermarkets

Penalties following failure to check wage rates

New era for David Jones


Last chance for tickets to eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

The risk of moving into convenience stores

The sound of spending

Fashion retailers in liquidation

DJs opens first NZ store

Ozsale hit with penalty

Small business regulation review - VIC

Safe use of ladders alert

Keeping up with the millennials

Judging underway for 2016 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

Guide to supplying goods and services to the disability sector

Pronto appoints new head

Executive Director's note, July 2016

Online Retailer in Sydney next week

Boost Juice & Thank You to speak at 2016 Australian Retail Awards

The new profit protection landscape

New neighbourhood centre for Sydney's west

Australian only online 'Mega Mall' launches

Reminder: Minimum wage increase takes effect

Zara to debut across the ditch

Deadline extended for 2016 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

Tesla opens Sydney CBD store

Election message from the Executive Director 

ERMS: Creating employment contracts

Understanding part time employment

Think you understand overtime? Think again

The discrimination of dress codes

Are you short changing your employees?

Extended trading hours for Western Australia

Take home notes on annual leave

How can I find the new wages on the Employment Relations Management System (ERMS)?

Constructive Dismissal, what is it?

More recognition needed for Australian Retailers

Hollywood retail

From the Executive Director, June 2016

Sydney Light Rail Update

New investment buoys CBD shopping

ORIA finalists revealed

Kogan to list on ASX

Amex rolls out Samsung Pay

Eastland introduces The Canopy

Minimum Wage increased

Excessive surcharging banned

Capturing customers with 3D people counters

Out of the box: Gregory Jewellers & music

Sample - How To Post

7 reasons UX design is integral

Dick Smith relaunches online

Staying on top online

Bang & Olufsen's Aussie flagship

Testing of Digital Business Accounts

A Simple store opening

Lego to open first Australian store

New explosives guidelines for crowded places

VIC follows QLD energy ratings

Adore Beauty opens on Tmall

Woolworths pilots eBay parcel drop

New $5 note design revealed

H&M to open at Broadway

Online retailers yet to harness big social data

Executive director wrap, March 2016

New CEO for 7-Eleven

Worksafe WA supermarket visits

Peel centre expands

Shopfront for SA small business

Uniqlo’s double digits

Dick Smith survives online

Green light for Supabarn acquisition

Retailer joins QIC

Online complaint help

Nutritional info for QLD QSRs  

New $5 note

Internationals still strong

Hefty fine over laybys

Instant customer feedback

Butchers being slaughtered?

Square arrives in Australia

Winter dawns for Westfield

ARA Executive Director’s note

ARA annual minimum wage survey

E-commerce shipping left wanting

Market City Perth sold

Sydney George St closures

Domino’s innovation lab

Noodle brands merge

Easy grocery run for train commuters

Internationals ramp up

7-Eleven appoints specialist investigator

Retail lease disputes (VIC)

Aldi opens first SA stores

Christmas catalogues boom

Fresh look for Aussie Farmers Direct

The future of retail

Tight supply drives retail property

ARA Executive Director's wrap up

Queensland Small Business Week 2016

Electricity dispute resolution for QLD

Myer Hobart reopens

Cash no longer king

Retail 2016 tipped to be rosy

Retailer safety alert - button batteries

Standards Committee representative sought - bicycles

Jean Paul Gaultier Targeted

Discount on Online Retail Supply Chain Summit

PAS makes fashion acquisition

Rebel showcases new flagship

Cannibalisation threatens centre anchors

Easter bun fight

Superstream preparations underway

Mental health tool for business

Westfield kicks off Christmas campaign

Benefits for retail from Victorian jobs

Christmas retail sales hang in the balance, ARA

Shopping centre marketing winners crowned

Westfield Tour reveals 2016 locations

Streaming opens options for music licensing

UK retailer to open Australian store

Christmas retail sales hang in the balance, says ARA

Footfall update wc 26 Oct

Benefits for retail from Victorian jobs and skills funding

Interest rate hold disappointing for retailers

Luxury retailers eye Australia

7 year high for Aussie businesses

Sydney light rail works update

Text for a pizza

Costco drives competition

Footfall update, wc 5 Oct

Christmas casuals hunting earlier

RedBalloon's new look

Retailers support FSI recommendation for credit card surcharges

Changes in shopping behaviour trigger retail penalty rate reform

Retail sector proves its resilience

Making the Move west

Targeting digital shoppers

Footfall update, wc Sept 28

Sydney George St works update

Microsoft sets opening date

Using the Noodle for new acquisition

Furniture e-tailer rebrands

Oz branding key following TPP signing

Sydney CBD centre on the market

Centre managers pessimistic

No impact on sales from leadership change

Women in Retail

Supermarket loyalty non-existent

Spending holds above decade average

Heavy fines for late night liquor sales

Business attitudes surveyed

City of Sydney calls on retailers this Christmas

Retailers urge continued support of retail and small business

US brands land in Brisbane

E-commerce drives property market

Made in Oz branding spikes

Catalogues return to dominance

Weekly Australian footfall update

Digital meets design

R.M. Williams reborn online

Macy's to cull stores

New protections for suppliers

Target sizes up mannequins

Large format retailers expand

New Sephora to launch with giveaways

Government must introduce effects test

Pandora's latest flagship

H&M Sydney sets the date

Retail sales show solid perfomance

Uniqlo confirms QLD stores

ARA welcomes abolition of overseas GST threshold

ARA urges support of LVIT removal

Victorian retailers hardest hit by new public holidays

Penalty rates must support retail growth, says ARA

Collection of GST for online international transactions must eliminate all thresholds, says ARA

More positive budget buoys retail sales, says ARA

Australia's top retailers shine at 2015 ARA eftpos Australian Retail Awards

Tickets on sale now for retail industry’s most iconic awards event

Federal Budget must deliver a solid plan to build business confidence

Retailers welcome long-awaited interest rate cut

Retailers, state governments and Australian jobs to suffer as result of online tax decision

ARA tenancy - Do you have the knowledge and confidence to negotiate a retail lease?

2015 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards

Retail Loss Prevention 2015 conference

An e-commerce revolution: study reveals what connected shoppers really want

Free webinar Slash your energy costs and eliminate lighting maintenance

Stagnant cash rate does little to stimulate business confidence

Co-founder of retail success story Shoes of Prey to keynote at ARA Awards

ABS February 2015 retail trade figures released TODAY (0.7 percent increase) – tax reform needed for retail industry to thrive

Competition policy – more questions than answers

Aussies on the hunt for fresh seafood this Easter

2015 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards – ENTRIES NOW OPEN!

SA retailers welcome much-needed changes to penalty rates

Touch points impacting retailers in 2015

Employment Relations: A year in preview for retailers

Adapt or die: Being brave in business

ABS January 2015 retail trade figures released TODAY (0.4 percent increase) – post-Christmas sales and summer holidays boost department store and hospitality spend

Retailers question whether steady cash rate is enough to support growth

Retailers support NSW Government’s move to deal with ridiculous Boxing Day trading laws

Retailers pay tribute to industry leader Bernie Brookes

A slice of the big global issues and trends presented at the NRF Conference 2015

Cyber criminals – only one click away

Peak retail industry body launches QLD Division and new QLD office

NSW retailers concerned about hit and miss high business tax policies from NSW Labor

Retail technology is ensuring there are exciting developments in store

ARA’s forecast confirmed – Aussie shoppers spent $45.2 billion in lead up to Christmas

Union’s unreasonable stance on penalty rates is costing jobs and closing Australian businesses

Government must move forward after spill motion and ‘get on with the job of doing business’

ABS December 2014 retail trade figures released TODAY (0.2 percent increase) – great result for Christmas trade but government must drive growth for 2015

Retailers welcome long-awaited interest rate cut

Survey confirms retailers stance on unregulated credit card systems

Retail supply chain risks

Top shopping centres named

Disability employment seminars

ABS November 2014 retail trade figures released TODAY (0.1 percent increase) – slow start to pre-Christmas sales

Support for closing GST loophole continues to grow

Approaching state elections

Five omni-channel trends impacting retail supply chains

Steady cash rate supports $45b pre-Christmas retail sales

America seeks to abolish GST loophole while Australian retailers continue to suffer

ABS October 2014 retail trade figures released TODAY (0.4 percent increase) – retailers hope pre-Christmas sales will make up for a tough year in business

New year, new career

Christmas employment issues: ensure you’re prepared for the festive season

The Model WHS Laws: are they working or creating more red tape?



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