An ovation to customer experience

BY Australian Retailers Association
23 December 2018

The industry is vast becoming a 24/7 marketplace with technology acting as a catalyst for change and customer experience ingraining itself throughout the retail industry. With customer experience being the lifeblood of any retail business, the 2018 The Realise Group Excellence in Customer Experience Award was awarded to Brava at the 2018 ARA Australian Retail Awards for their outstanding ability to deliver an excellent customer experience across all retail shopping platforms.

“To be recognised by the Australian Retail Awards for loving our customers is a big deal, especially since the judging involved mystery shoppers visiting Brava for a fitting. This is such authentic confirmation of the service and values of our dedicated and compassionate team."

"For us, we don’t just talk the talk, we live and breathe customer excellence. We were thrilled to compete against other well-respected Australian retailers and to be shortlisted as a finalist, so to win was a fantastic reinforcement of our commitment to forging a customer experience that is authentic.”

This lingerie chain, now with 6 stores, started by mother-daughter-team Lin and Maxine Windram, is a D cup and up speciality bra retailer who emphasise the importance of hiring the right women and effective staff training as the crux of excellent customer experience.

“Customer experience encapsulates the ongoing story of our customer’s journey with us; from discovery to purchase and post-purchase satisfaction. We strongly believe that empathy and listening is imperative to create a safe and comfortable space for the customer. Our holistic approach to bra fitting sets us apart from competitors - we fit based on expert knowledge and we don’t use tape measures, which builds trust and respect.”

Dedicating a team to customer loyalty and developing a customer experienced-based philosophy through a three-stage training program, Brava ensures their customers are at the forefront of the business.

“The three-stage staff training program focuses on providing the customer with the best experience and empowering our staff to be sincere and authentic. We inspire staff to have a thirst for positivity, asking questions and being resolution focused. To thrive as a retailer in this modern marketplace, you must consider every touchpoint of the customer’s journey.”

Integrating e-commerce into all areas of the business, Brava replicates their in-store environment online by offering expert bra fittings via their Virtual Fitter service.

“Truly excellent customer experience is the result of putting the customer’s needs first, whether they are shopping online or in-store, engaging with you via social channels, phone or email.”

“The after-effects of excellent customer experience can last a lifetime. When your customer experiences a shopping interaction that exceeds their every expectation, they become brand advocates. We believe an excellent customer experience is the single greatest influencer of increasing word of mouth referrals of new customers.”

This frictionless functionality really represents Brava’s excellent customer experience and their perfect fit for retail.

To find out more about Brava or to view their products and services, visit

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