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BY Australian Retailers Association
30 September 2019

Support teams can be reinforced with efficient and reliable systems to allow themselves to be omnipresent.

Imagine you are a support agent for an online retailer and a customer reaches out to you regarding an order placed on the retailer’s website. You promise to get back to them with a resolution, but you know it is a long winded process that requires the collaboration of multiple people.

Involving multiple people is certainly not easy. These folks could be working across different teams, in their own silos, and with their individual everyday goals, making collaboration a lot harder. You need to meet them, provide context on the problem at hand, and then get down to working on the solution. In case someone else from another team has to reach out to the customer to understand the problem better, the customer will have to spend their valuable time to repeat all that they said to you.

The result: unhappy and frustrated customer. That’s the last thing a business wants.

In a time and age where customers interact with brands across channels and mediums, it is really an uphill task to give a seamless experience. You need to be omnipresent and also carry forward conversations from where the customer left off previously in a different channel. Brands which fail to live up to this expectation might end up losing customers and reputation, both of which could bleed one to slow death.

To address this very pain point, Freshworks, the leading provider of cloud-based business software, has come up with a fully integrated cloud bundle called Freshworks 360, which combines the power of sales, support, and marketing software together so that you not only communicate more effectively, but also keep track of the full 360o view of your customer data.

Whether its voice, email, chat, messaging, or social media feeds, businesses can get in touch instantly through the channel preferred by the user. Freshworks 360 makes it simple for anyone to work on a ticket by effortlessly making sure that all the customer history is available at all times and across mediums. It also sets the required context.

No more scrambling for help.

Support teams are always aware of the background of any given customer whether they’re engaged on the phone, through chat or social channels.

The final piece to further enhance your customer experience is Freshworks’ AI-driven omnibot called Freddy. Together with Freshworks 360, the omnibot assists agents by automating simple, basic tasks and providing customers with quick responses, thus allowing agents the time to handle complex tasks. Freddy also assists agents by fetching historical data and providing the required context about the customer.

The complimentary combination of Freshworks 360 and the AI-driven omnibot customer engagement will only get smoother, easier, and more efficient, and will be something retailers no longer have to stress about. Make sure you don’t miss the bus. Sign up for the ultimate 360 experience at


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