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BY Australian Retailers Association
09 October 2018

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) are offering courses to assist retailers on improving their personal and professional expertise. Through interactive and informative workshops facilitated by experienced trainers, retailers will gain insight into the industry and refine their knowledge on workplace protocols. Courses include:

Contact Person: Refresher

This workshop is designed to provide existing contact personnel the opportunity to refresh the essential skills and knowledge required to perform their role. Outcomes of the workshops include:

  • Revisit the role of the contact person
  • Practice the skills required using relevant case scenarios
  • Address any concerns of dilemmas faced by participants in their role as contact person.

Course date: Wednesday 17 October 2018 9:30am-12:30pm

Unconscious Bias & Cultivating Inclusive Behaviours

The success of an organisation in the 21st century is attributed to open diverse perspectives, experiences and thinking. Because of the unconscious processes of the human brain and interactions with people, we tend to dismiss views that are different from our own and often miss out on potential to grow and learn. This workshop is recommended for directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders and will explore the importance of addressing bias in the workplace to establish an inclusive culture. Outcomes of the workshops include:

  • About the role of team and organisational culture in cultivating inclusion
  • How to identify 'red flag' scenarios, processes and language that alert you to the possibility that unhelpful unconscious biases are at play
  • How to apply safeguards that mitigate the impact of unconscious biases and cultivate inclusion in your workplace.

Course date: Thursday 29 November 9:00am-1:00pm

To find out more, call on 8207 1977 or register here.  

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