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BY Australian Retailers Association
19 February 2019

Some retailers have never pursued multi-channel strategies to sell to customers. Even with single product retailers, the introduction of online channels in addition to existing bricks-and-mortar approaches can cause discontinuities between promotion and advertising activities.

It is essential then for online retailers to understand the ways in which they can go about:

· Communicating online brand management strategies

· Aligning strategies with advertising initiatives

· Aligning strategies with promotional activities

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The implementation of online brand management strategies necessitates communication both to internal and external stakeholders. For internal stakeholders this communication may begin with why and what is required. In the context of online marketing, the three main objectives of developing an integrated promotional programme are to:

· Use online and offline communications to drive visitors or traffic to a web site and or the store

· To use on-site communications to deliver an effective message to the visitor which is consistent with the

experience the customer would have if they visited the store

· To integrate all communications channels to help achieve marketing objectives by supporting mixed-mode


Offline site promotion

· Traditional techniques such as print and TV advertising used to generate web site and store traffic

Online site promotion

· Internet-based techniques use to generate web site traffic and store visits

It is possible that stakeholders across the business will require some convincing as to the merits of online strategy and the ways in which their business focus may be impacted. Clear communication designed to engage stakeholders and outline how online brand management strategies integrate with and impact the wider strategic business direction will set the tone for stakeholder buy-in.

Information is the main currency. Supplying information is arguably more important than appealing to emotions. Online and offline promotions and advertising for a company can impact brand associations with manufacturers and product brands.

Such brand associations can influence:

· Differentiated positioning

· Sales, specials and premium offers

· Customer returns through rapid recall

Evaluation of the differences between traditional and new media for advertising is necessary in order to select the best media for promoting the online presence. Consider how Internet advertising differs from traditional advertising in a number of key areas and utilise these areas to increase your brand awareness.

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