Next-Generation Scanner Scale Expedites Checkout Lines and Improves Shopper Experience

BY Zebra Technologies
27 July 2017

Shopper Image.jpgZebra Technologies Corporation, has unveiled the MP7000 multi-plane 1D/2D imager for grocers, discount chains and warehouse clubs. Also introduced is the all new DataCapture DNA software suite of productivity, management, application development and visibility tools and utilities. DataCapture DNA works with handheld, fixed-mount and companion scanners, as well as the new MP7000 to simplify device integration, deployment and management - helping businesses and channel partners realise enhanced benefits from their technology investments.


The DataCapture DNA-enhanced MP7000 builds off the success of its MP6000 predecessor, adding new technology innovations including:

  • Image capture capability for cashiers to easily capture receipts, utility bills or items not on file.
  • An intelligent illumination system which, on average, consumes up to 60 percent less power than competitive devices, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and energy use while supporting corporate green initiatives.mp7000-short-left-angld_No-Frame-326.png
  • Integrated horizontal and vertical scale platter which increases the active surface area for easy, accurate weighing of large items, helping reduce revenue loss from inaccurate weighing of oversized items.
  • Fewer components, no moving parts and an upper housing that can be removed without tools, making it significantly easier and more cost-effective to service or upgrade with optional features such as a customer side scanner which allows shoppers to simultaneously scan mobile coupons, loyalty cards and impulse buys without slowing down the checkout transaction.


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