The Reserve Bank reveals the new design of the $100 banknote

The Reserve Bank reveals the design of the new $100 banknote, which is the final denomination to be redesigned as part of the Next Generation Banknote Program.

Why reporting and recording stocktake is good for business

To truly make the most of inventory control initiatives, it is essential to establish protocols and schedules around stocktaking. Stocktake involves counting stock in hand and comparing it to the reported figures from the inventory management system. The purpose of stocktake is to ascertain any...

A new natural connection for consumers at Chadstone

Blending placemaking, infrastructure, and innovation, Make Architects has completed a new project for Vicinity Centres at Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne.

Future planning your retail space through sustainability

How to future plan your retail space by using sustainable materials that require minimal maintenance.

Westpac announces support for businesses affected by Coronavirus

Westpac annouces support measures for business customers financially affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Designing the future of retail with passion, purpose and change

The growing global movement for sustainable and ethical transparency in the industry.

How do you analyse the impact of a promotion?

When you monitor and evaluate the impact of displays, you should consider the objectives of a Visual Merchandising plan. Asking the following questions can help you monitor the effectiveness:

Traffic Management – Getting it right in distribution centres

Retailers who have management or control of powered mobile plant at a workplace must ensure it does not collide with pedestrians or any other powered mobile plant. If there is a possibility of collision, the plant must have a warning device alerting a person who may be at risk from its movement.

The ATO says it’s time for business to move to myGovID

On 27 March, the ATO and 26 other government agencies will retire the decade-old AUSkey and the Manage ABN Connections login credentials. This means anyone who uses the ATO’s Business Portal or a range of other government online services will need to set up and use myGovID.

Show your love for Aussie Makers in bushfire affected areas this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, the Australian Made Campaign is urging consumers to show their love for Aussie growers and manufacturers based in bushfire-affected areas.

Burwood Brickworks bustling with sustainable retailers

Since the official opening of the Burwood Brickworks shopping centre on December 6, retailers continue to finalise their shopfronts and open for business in what is aiming to be the world’s most sustainable shopping centre.

Maximising your visual merchandising

Every retail store will gain more sales impact from defined regions of the store. For example, windows, impulse areas/hot spots and counters. These areas invariably attract the highest volume of traffic and therefore generate a greater proportion of sales.

Six tips for how employers can look after the health and wellbeing of their workplaces

Concerning new data from a leading workplace safety auditing and training, organisation has revealed that Australian workplaces are not prioritising employee health. 1 in 2 workers have admitted their bosses don’t send sick employees home, 2 in 5 have said work overload and stress is rife, and 1...

Sustainable ways to reduce transport costs for retailers

Discover sustainable solutions to reduce transport costs for your retail business with telematics technology.

Bushfire assistance extended for more Queensland small business

Small businesses across Southern and Eastern Queensland that were hit by the recent bushfires can now access low interest Disaster Assistance Loans of up to $500,000 to support their recovery journey.

Protect your business from online scams

Online scams are bad for business, but fortunately there are steps you can take to help stop your business falling prey to common tricks.

Why providing feedback to your employees is vital for your business

Feedback is a way to support team members and ensure they’re aware of their performance. Regular feedback can help team members reflect on their performance and take action to repeat or change behaviours.

Aussie merchants get ahead by understanding the cost of taking payments

With as many as 2.1 million Aussie merchants wasting hard-earned revenue by not investigating the best payment service providers, the time is right for a change.

Green from the inside out

Harnessing technology to drive sustainable business operations.

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