Conflict resolution in flat structure teams

Workplace conflict can have a seriously detrimental effect on workers, the backbone of the retail industry. Conflict is one of the most distracting and negative forces at work and a huge cost to business, influencing workers to take sick leave or abandon their roles altogether.

AI paves the way, The future of retail over the next 5 years

The digital economy has changed the way retailers interact with consumers. As technology has become more portable, it has also weaved its way into our day-to-day lives—from supermarkets predicting and delivering the groceries we need, to a fully integrated concierge banking service.

How to get social media working for your business

Social media has proven to be an effective tool for businesses to reach out and improve relationships with customers. 

Products with a purpose

In a world where people are seeking purposeful purchases, businesses are now introducing healthier, safer, and more environmentally focused products as the competition of sustainability grows.

Keeping the brands image, uniform

How uniforms are more than just an item of clothing.

Develop, measure and report on promotional activities

Retail is such a dynamic and fast paced industry and visual merchandisers tend to shift from one focus to the next at great speed making it easy for the evaluation of promotional initiatives to go by the wayside. 

The benefits of managing your workforce

Outlining what is considered unacceptable behaviour and educating employees on business values through workplace policies means retailers are in a better position to manage undesirable behaviour when it arises.

The heart of hiring

The Retail Ready Jobs Program gives employers a new way to hire, without compromising on quality.

Why you need purpose in the age of mistrust

In a competitive environment where overseas rivals are putting pressure on local retailers, businesses need to invest in building their brand purpose for their customers and their people.

Loyalty at the core of retail

How retailers can grow their customer base and increase consumer loyalty

Is tech enough to improve the customer experience?

By harnessing the right technology, retailers can enhance the overall experience for their customers

Manage promotional activities

Extensive planning and alignment with wider business activities lays a strong foundation for promotions that excite customers, benefit business and minimise unnecessary pressure on store and visual merchandising staff. 

Four ways retailers can transform the customer experience

 The retail shopper is changing rapidly, and to keep up, so must the retail industry. 

Shipping joy in a social world

Tap into social cues to drive brand love via great shipping.

Shopping social

How the consumer experience can surpass the product.

Mastering social customer care

With social being the service channel of choice for 83% of consumers (Accenture), we thought we’d share 5 of our favourite lessons learned from working alongside leaders in the space.

Reaching out for global opportunities

Aussie retailers need to embed technology and innovative thinking to gain global traction.

Let's get virtual

Virtual changing rooms might be in fashion, but are retailers using this new technology effectively?

Non-conventional marketing: Put your brand where your customers are today

How retailers can use and leverage contemporary consumer platforms to benefit their business.

The importance of researching pricing trends

Modern retailers consider pricing a strategic decision. With the increase in domestic online retail, and the improved access of Australian customers to international avenues to shop, local bricks and mortar stores need to be aware of current pricing trends to remain viable.They need to do so not...

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