Coca-Cola Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil announce a major increase in recycled plastic

Coca-Cola Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil recently announced a major increase in the use of recycled plastic as part of a global commitment to help solve the world’s packaging problem.

The flourishing digital network

How to make technology work for your business  

Team support contributes to enhanced store security

To learn how to steer your success as a team leader, the ARA Retail Institute runs multiple workshops on leadership and team culture. Join the ARA Retail Institute in a range of both accredited, and non-accredited courses, workshops and training events.

Access Ability Day- a huge success

The below article was published in Issue 64 of The Retailer

Monitoring stock movements to improve overall business efficiency

Retailers that can streamline operations and reduce unnecessary inventory costs, whilst still providing consumers with products they desire, greatly improve the sustainability and profitability of their business. A key factor to guaranteeing this type of business success is establishing quality...

Easter scavenger hunt re-imagined by tech savvy retailers

Retailers are getting into the spirit of Easter! 

Pronto Software and ARA uncover the state of Australian retail technology

The retail industry’s peak representative body, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), in collaboration with Australian technology company, Pronto Software, today announces The State of Australian Retail Technology 2019, a white paper based on a survey of technology uptake and priorities...

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty with scan-as-you go technology

It seems obvious that retailers should be trying to reward customers who spend the most in their stores. So, why do so many supermarkets fail in this department, often punishing those customers with full trolleys by making them wait in long checkout queues? This factor has resulted in grocery...

2019 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards: Join the retail transformation

Australia’s largest and longest running national retail awards program are back! 

The annual 2019 eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards has returned to once again. Our prestigious awards program celebrates achievements made by influential leaders from across the nation, who specialise in all...

True unified commerce changing the retail sphere

With digital commerce revolutionising retail, unified commerce becomes a whole new ball game of opportunities for retailers.

Positive interactions with staff are essential to the customer experience

InMoment, a leader in customer experience (CX) intelligence recently released findings from its 2019 CX Trends Report; uncovering a significant disconnect in the way brands and customers perceive CX.

Make Workplace Health and Safety a part of your business culture.

Retail workplaces are not associated with risks like other industries, but this does not mean workplace health and safety should be compromised. 

SME advice for the ahead of the Federal Elecion

Australian small businesses are concerned about the impact of the impending Federal Election and are delaying critical business decisions, which could impact job growth and investment, according to new survey results in the Westpac Small Business Report in collaboration with Deloitte.

Ways to stay afloat in the world of retail

With bricks-and-mortar frequently under threat in an unforgiving economic climate and made to compete with online shopping trends, small and medium retailers can look to the big brands in the flagship stores of New York City for answers.

Finding customer loyalty in the online age

Although customer experience has become the new model to boosting customer loyalty, consumer data is still the key.

Why resilience matters when you run your own retail business

Resilience could be the greatest retail skill you possess, but you might not even know it’s one you have. So why does it matter?

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Safety measures your business can use to prevent a robbery.

Robbery can be considered the actions of one or more people that threaten, injure or intimidate others to part with money or goods.

To learn how to steer your success as a team leader, the ARA Retail Institute runs multiple workshops on leadership and team culture. To learn more about our latest...

Is your business 'crisis' ready?

How the right communications plan can make all the difference.

The three levels of inventory insight you need to deliver omni-channel profitability

The world has changed in the past five to ten years, and no industry is more indicative of that change than retail. Forbes reports that 98% of consumers believe that purchases, deliveries and returns should be easily available across multiple channels. According to Aberdeen, companies with...

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