Preventing psychological injury at work

BY Australian Retailers Association
13 October 2020

October is National Work Safe month in Australia, an important time for all businesses to create safe working environments. This also extends to taking care of workers' mental health.

Safe Work Australia have shared some very helpful mental health resources, key guides, fact sheets and case studies for businesses to use, which we've included below for you. As stated in a recent piece of communication from Safe Work Australia: "Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been a stressful time for all Australians. While employers might not be able to help the stress workers are facing at home, they must eliminate or minimise the risk to psychological health and safety at work as far as is reasonably practicable."

For more information, see Safe Work Australia’s COVID-19 information on mental health which includes links to support services. And to learn more about National Safe Work Month at

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We've been celebrating Safe Work Month in our own way across our social channels, reflecting some interesting retail stats and tips. For example, did you know that in a survey conducted in the second week of September, 93.4% of ARA members said there were no known outbreaks of COVID-19 at any of their stores, distribution centres, or warehouses? It's the hard work of our retailers that has kept our sector a safe place to work and shop. #safetytogether

In another post, we shared two tips to staying safe this October and beyond:

1. Ensure that customers are encouraged to only touch items they are interested in purchasing

2. Have you got a cleaning regime? Ensure regularly cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and spaces, which are most likely to result in the transmission of communicable diseases.

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