The gift of customer loyalty

BY Australian Retailers Association
22 December 2018

From a small business operating in Collins Street, Spoilt Gift and Homewares has hatched into a gift emporium operating in eight stores across Melbourne.

“Spoilt store locations are the key to our success. We offer eight stores conveniently located near the busy Melbourne CBD. We contribute most of our success to being a bricks-and-mortar store that offers the convenience of an online shop.”

A family owned business, Spoilt Gift and Homewares received the 2018 eftpos Independent Retailer of the Year Award in the 5+store category at the 2018 ARA Australian Retail Awards.

“We were so honoured to be named as a finalist and simply blown away to be announced as the winner. It is amazing to be recognised for all our hard work and vision.”

Adopting re-branding and marketing strategies, Spoilt Gifts and Homewares have directed their attention to consumers, through projecting a welcoming and familiar small business environment both in-store and online.

“Without staff there would be no retail industry. Spoilt still believes our customers appreciate the hands-on approach our staff provide, including product knowledge, providing suggestions and personalised gift wrapping. It’s very important for us to have our staff embody the Spoilt ethos and culture so that it is replicated in each store as well as online.”

As the retail climate is becoming increasingly competitive, Spoilt Gift and Homewares have identified their target market and tailored products to align with consumer demands.

“With the world becoming so automated, we believe our customers love coming in-store and receiving the personal touch our staff provide. We have many regular customers that have been visiting us since we opened our first store in 2005. They have watched as our stores; our staff and my family have grown over the decade.”

To enhance their relationship with their customers and community, Spoilt Gift and Homewares have partnered with St Kilda Mums Charity, placing charity donation boxes on counters in each store to stimulate conversation and emphasise the family values the business represents.

On top of the charity work the business does they are also looking at ways to improve their environmental impact. This year the business decided to stop using plastic bags and make the switch to reusable ones.

“This year we put a lot in to the business with rebranding and looking at the direction the business is going and what changes we can make to be more environmentally friendly, give back to the community and be overall sustainable for the future. There’s always more that can be done, and we’ll be striving to always improve each year.”

Through innovative strategies and core family values driving their success, Spoilt Gift and Homewares are a gift to the retail industry.

To find out more about Spoilt Gift and Homewares or to view products and services, visit

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