Customers of 2019

What businesses must understand about the customers of tomorrow (not yesterday)

Last-minute Christmas shopping is a thing of the past

New research has revealed that 9 in 10 Aussies have already done their Christmas shopping, with just 11% leaving their shopping to December and only 4% leaving it to the week before Christmas.

A demand for faster online delivery

 Australian consumers are increasing their expectations when it comes to their online delivery options. A survey conducted by SOTI extracts these expectations from customers, and breaks it down into key takeaway points.

Rewarding customer service and brand loyalty

The 2018 eftpos National Retailer of the Year, demonstrates progressive leadership within the retail sector. Through inspiring peers and exhibiting significant long-term contributions to the longevity and sustainability of the industry, PETstock have been recognised for this prestigious award.


New data reveals Christmas shopping deliveries are growing by 10% each year

E-tailers are encouraged to offer customers flexible delivery options for successful first-time delivery

Orchestrating the perfect harmony through omni-channel retailing

Operating a store in the unpredictable retail realm, is simultaneously rewarding and challenging for business owners. Through omni-channel marketing strategies, Simply for Strings, Australia’s largest leading retailer of quality string instruments have mastered the art of inspiring their peers.

Tips for improving the in-store experience

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the eCommerce industry, you’ll know that eCommerce is growing at an extraordinary pace, resulting for retailers around the world to up their game when it comes to the customer experience they provide. According to estimates, global ecommerce sales will reach $4.5...

Celebrating omni-channel retailing

The online marketplace is increasing exponentially, with online presence becoming an integral component for driving consumer engagement, the retail industry has transformed into a competitive 24/7 platform.

A cheers to innovation

With international competitors and technology disrupting the retail sector, developing innovative and engaging strategies to attract customers is imperative to remain relevant in the current retail landscape.

Four reasons why retailers should consider international trade

International trade might sound daunting, but retailers can and should consider cross-border trade to grow their business

Next level customer engagement

Retailers are constantly searching for ways to bring the best of bricks-and-mortar and e-commerce platforms together, to develop a strong, unique customer experience. Australian initiative, Shopple does exactly this.

Christmas merchandising tips

Department stores and mass retailers used to be the perfect one-stop shop for Christmas shopping, offering an abundance of brands in every category imaginable - from books and DVDs to toys, cosmetics and electronics. As instant shopping continues to evolve with the rise of digital retail thanks...

Retail content marketing: planning guide and tools

Retail content marketing: planning guide and tools

Ten insider tips for retail success

With new shopping seasons arriving, Christmas campaigns approaching and new products released every week, the Retail Industry is busier than ever. For new retailers about to enter the Australian market, here are ten tips to running a successful retail store.

An experience your customers won’t forget

Retailers need to delve into their data and think outside the box, to give shoppers experiences and products they can cherish.

How independent grocers can boost efficiencies in-store

The past three years have been the toughest in over 30 years for Australia’s FMCG sector, with only 2-3 per cent industry growth year-on-year. This was the message delivered at the recent Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) conference.

Why an omni-channel experience is key for retail customers

Building personalised experiences will differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Aussie consumers leaving online shopping carts empty

Over 60% of Australian consumers are abandoning shopping carts due to high shipping costs, with more than half of Aussie consumers saying discounts will drive them to purchase.

What is a good Net Promoter Score?

So you’ve been using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool to collect customer feedback for a while now, and your NPS numbers are fluctuating quite a bit. What counts as a good NPS? How does your score measure up against your competitors? And how do you improve your score? In this article, we answer...

Service, the fabric of retail

How to create a service culture across all areas of retail

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