Christmas merchandising tips

Department stores and mass retailers used to be the perfect one-stop shop for Christmas shopping, offering an abundance of brands in every category imaginable - from books and DVDs to toys, cosmetics and electronics. As instant shopping continues to evolve with the rise of digital retail thanks...

Retail content marketing: planning guide and tools

Retail content marketing: planning guide and tools

Ten insider tips for retail success

With new shopping seasons arriving, Christmas campaigns approaching and new products released every week, the Retail Industry is busier than ever. For new retailers about to enter the Australian market, here are ten tips to running a successful retail store.

An experience your customers won’t forget

Retailers need to delve into their data and think outside the box, to give shoppers experiences and products they can cherish.

How independent grocers can boost efficiencies in-store

The past three years have been the toughest in over 30 years for Australia’s FMCG sector, with only 2-3 per cent industry growth year-on-year. This was the message delivered at the recent Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) conference.

Why an omni-channel experience is key for retail customers

Building personalised experiences will differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Aussie consumers leaving online shopping carts empty

Over 60% of Australian consumers are abandoning shopping carts due to high shipping costs, with more than half of Aussie consumers saying discounts will drive them to purchase.

What is a good Net Promoter Score?

So you’ve been using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool to collect customer feedback for a while now, and your NPS numbers are fluctuating quite a bit. What counts as a good NPS? How does your score measure up against your competitors? And how do you improve your score? In this article, we answer...

Service, the fabric of retail

How to create a service culture across all areas of retail

Shopping not shipping: The art and science of in-store retailing

How physical retail experiences top online shopping experiences.

Australian consumers want a unique in-store experience

According to a survey conducted by SOTI, Australian consumers are increasingly putting more value on a personalised customer experience over traditional point of sale (POS) when shopping in-store.  In a recent survey, 61% of Australian consumers want to receive a personalised customer service...

Top three tips to improve customer service

How many times have you opened Facebook, scrolled down your newsfeed, and seen an angsty post that talks about how Company XYZ has the worst customer service ever?

5 tips retailers can implement to prevent stock loss

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the e-commerce industry, you’ll know that e-commerce is growing at an extraordinary pace, resulting in Australian retailers increasing the customer experience they provide.

How to boost in-store traffic on peak trading days

Now is not the time to rely on guesswork in retailing in Australia. It’s clear that retail disruptions – most notably web titans Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and – will have a growing impact on traditional Australian retail sales in the coming decade.

From bricks to clicks

A survey conducted by Rakuten Marketing across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has revealed that 78% of Australian consumers like to shop both online and in store, with 20% shopping in store only and 2% of Australians shop exclusively online. The report suggests that for retailers to grow in...

Businesses and consumers define good customer experience

Recent LogMeIn’s 2018 AI Customer Experience Study shows business and consumer disparity

Generosity Marketing

Be memorable for all the right reasons to fast track customer loyalty.

Becoming a trusted retail mentor

How becoming a mentor in the retail industry is a rewarding experience.

Leasing Insanity!

The thought of dealing with your pending lease renewal and expecting a different result without changing how you approach the process is in essence leasing insanity.

Top ten tips for creating an impactful logo

As world famous Tennis star Andre Agassi said “Image is EVERYTHING,” and it’s especially true when it comes to a business logo. As the cornerstone of any brand, a logo can effectively express a brand’s essence that’s more easily digested than a written explanation of your products or services.

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