Five ways to keep your retail staff motivated

The retail industry is a demanding one to work for, especially if you are part of the store team. From the high sales targets and dealing with disgruntled customers to working through the holidays, the life of retail staff isn’t always smooth-sailing and relaxed.

Busting the myths of retail outsourcing

There’s an assumption that outsourcing comes at a cost, that the business will not be in control, that it is more expensive than deploying an in-house team, and that it is simply easier to just ‘do it ourselves’. Yet in the highly volatile retail sector, where consumer spending is influenced by...

Strategies to build your brand

Here’s the thing: branding matters. But your brand isn’t just a logo or the pretty colours that come with it. 

Four ways retailers can transform the customer experience

 The retail shopper is changing rapidly, and to keep up, so must the retail industry. 

Shipping joy in a social world

Tap into social cues to drive brand love via great shipping.

Shopping social

How the consumer experience can surpass the product.

How to keep retail personal as competition goes global

The modern retail environment is extraordinarily challenging and full of change. Competition is going global and consumers have no regard for boundaries. Whether you’re a big international brand or a small disruptive one, the customer experience bar is set extremely high and constantly on the...

Surviving the turbulent evolution of retail

The retail industry is undergoing significant changes as disruptive technologies are reshaping the landscape and many retailers are eagerly rushing to adapt. However, with annual growth in retail sales slowing to just 2.1% in Australia, 2018 hasn’t started well with January’s results coming in...

Why small retailers need to build a brand online and offline

There is no doubt that Australia’s retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade with the continued rise of e-commerce. Now, we have large retailers dominating the online retail market, shipping instantly and worldwide, which has in turn triggered some cause for concern among...

Roles in health and safety

Everyone has a role to play with regards to health and safety in the workplace. This specifies around legislative expectations can be found by accessing the particular state or territory in which the organisation operates.

An ovation to customer experience

The industry is vast becoming a 24/7 marketplace with technology acting as a catalyst for change and customer experience ingraining itself throughout the retail industry. With customer experience being the lifeblood of any retail business, the 2018 The Realise Group Excellence in Customer...

The gift of customer loyalty

From a small business operating in Collins Street, Spoilt Gift and Homewares has hatched into a gift emporium operating in eight stores across Melbourne.

Tips to minimise shoplifting over the festive season

Scenario: A strongly suspected shop lifter enters your store – she is a regular and you have very strong suspicion about her – you spend some time following her – you note she goes to the change room with more clothes than she returns. She leaves the shop and you are sure that she has stolen...

The importance of a cutting-edge store-fit-out

Paying homage to the traditional barber aesthetic, Pickings and Parry have cut out the competition, winning the 2018 Store-Fit-Out of the Year Award at this year’s 2018 ARA Australian Retail Awards with their nostalgic design.

The bright future of retail

The 2018 Rest Young Retailer of the Year Award recognises the growing talent of future leaders in the industry. This year’s award went to Louise Stephens, Coordinator for convenience stores On the Run for the Peregrine Corporation.

Customers of 2019

What businesses must understand about the customers of tomorrow (not yesterday)

Last-minute Christmas shopping is a thing of the past

New research has revealed that 9 in 10 Aussies have already done their Christmas shopping, with just 11% leaving their shopping to December and only 4% leaving it to the week before Christmas.

A demand for faster online delivery

 Australian consumers are increasing their expectations when it comes to their online delivery options. A survey conducted by SOTI extracts these expectations from customers, and breaks it down into key takeaway points.

Rewarding customer service and brand loyalty

The 2018 eftpos National Retailer of the Year, demonstrates progressive leadership within the retail sector. Through inspiring peers and exhibiting significant long-term contributions to the longevity and sustainability of the industry, PETstock have been recognised for this prestigious award.


New data reveals Christmas shopping deliveries are growing by 10% each year

E-tailers are encouraged to offer customers flexible delivery options for successful first-time delivery

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