Positive interactions with staff are essential to the customer experience

InMoment, a leader in customer experience (CX) intelligence recently released findings from its 2019 CX Trends Report; uncovering a significant disconnect in the way brands and customers perceive CX.

SME advice for the ahead of the Federal Elecion

Australian small businesses are concerned about the impact of the impending Federal Election and are delaying critical business decisions, which could impact job growth and investment, according to new survey results in the Westpac Small Business Report in collaboration with Deloitte.

Ways to stay afloat in the world of retail

With bricks-and-mortar frequently under threat in an unforgiving economic climate and made to compete with online shopping trends, small and medium retailers can look to the big brands in the flagship stores of New York City for answers.

The three levels of inventory insight you need to deliver omni-channel profitability

The world has changed in the past five to ten years, and no industry is more indicative of that change than retail. Forbes reports that 98% of consumers believe that purchases, deliveries and returns should be easily available across multiple channels. According to Aberdeen, companies with...

The value of home


Food and the instant gratification era

Patience might be a virtue, but for food retailers working in the instant gratification era, it’s not very easy to find.

Boosting the motivation of a retailer’s most valuable asset: their shopfront workforce

Every retail business knows the value of their shopfront workforce. The relationships they build with customers not only impact individual sales, but also create the foundation of a brand’s overall reputation and growth.

Signed, sealed and delivered but without the cost

The growth of online shopping has resulted in consumers wanting parcels to be delivered around the clock. However, new research reveals that while a majority of consumers want out-of-hours delivery, many are not willing to pay extra for this service.

Australian shoppers want an experience

New global study by Mood Media reveals customers will choose bricks-and-mortar over online.

In-store retail is back in style

Recover 60% of sales and ramp up 43% of sales rates by refocusing retail employees’ time on helping customers.

The homeless grapes project   

The Homeless Grapes Project is a harmonious fusion of winemakers, growers, producers, families and individuals whom all donate their time and resources to create fantastic local wines - made by the people, for the people - with 100% of the proceeds going towards supporting Australia’s homeless...

How to strengthen your leadership skills

There’s no doubt that retail is a challenging landscape, with those operating within the space often finding it challenging to adapt due to the industry’s competitive nature. At some point however, those who have decided to make a career out if it have no doubt been challenged mentally and...

The retail ‘S’ factor

How space, support, story and senses can all be bundled into an effective customer engagement strategy to foster brand love and loyalty.

The City of Sydney partner's with Investible to launch Retail Innovation Program

Brick-and-mortar retailers are increasingly facing new challenges to stay competitive in today’s digital economy.

On the spot fines for work health and safety non-compliance

In Queensland, work health and safety legislation is administered by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, referred to as the Regulator. The inspectorate is responsible for providing information and advice about work health and safety compliance, and monitor and enforce compliance by directing...

The season for retailers to manage the risks of work-related violence

On Monday 10 December 2018, the ARA published a media release announcing ARA’s support for the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association’s (SDA) ‘No One Deserves a Serve’ campaign to treat retail workers with respect throughout the busy festive season.

In the bag: the best alternatives to single-use plastic bags

This article was first published on City of Sydney News and shared by Australian Retailers Association.

Many supermarkets in NSW have now banned single-use plastic shopping bags.

Five ways to keep your retail staff motivated

The retail industry is a demanding one to work for, especially if you are part of the store team. From the high sales targets and dealing with disgruntled customers to working through the holidays, the life of retail staff isn’t always smooth-sailing and relaxed.

Busting the myths of retail outsourcing

There’s an assumption that outsourcing comes at a cost, that the business will not be in control, that it is more expensive than deploying an in-house team, and that it is simply easier to just ‘do it ourselves’. Yet in the highly volatile retail sector, where consumer spending is influenced by...

Strategies to build your brand

Here’s the thing: branding matters. But your brand isn’t just a logo or the pretty colours that come with it. 

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