Rest FAQs on Coronavirus

The following answers common member and employer questions on current market volatility, super and insurance. Visit for the latest updates.

Supporting new parents as they navigate their parental leave journey

Becoming a parent is arguably one of life’s most challenging transitions. With several new and unexpected demands, becoming a parent can be an emotional journey.

Traffic Management – Getting it right in distribution centres

Retailers who have management or control of powered mobile plant at a workplace must ensure it does not collide with pedestrians or any other powered mobile plant. If there is a possibility of collision, the plant must have a warning device alerting a person who may be at risk from its movement.

Six tips for how employers can look after the health and wellbeing of their workplaces

Concerning new data from a leading workplace safety auditing and training, organisation has revealed that Australian workplaces are not prioritising employee health. 1 in 2 workers have admitted their bosses don’t send sick employees home, 2 in 5 have said work overload and stress is rife, and 1...

Why providing feedback to your employees is vital for your business

Feedback is a way to support team members and ensure they’re aware of their performance. Regular feedback can help team members reflect on their performance and take action to repeat or change behaviours.

Five ways to kick start your CX program

Most organisations no longer compete based on the products they sell. Today, businesses predominantly compete on the experiences they provide to customers.

Retailers urged to focus on safety during peak season

Managing health and safety can be like a game of snakes and ladders. It takes time, effort and resources to build systems and effectively manage health and safety in a retail work environment. 

Why retailers should look outside the standard resume for their hires

The project making young people soar.

Seven common questions about casual employees

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has been at the forefront of advocating and supporting retailers on a range of employment law opportunities.

It’s time retailers flexed their employee experience muscles

The employee experience is a hot topic at the moment. There has been a lot of research looking into the impacts of both positive and negative employee experiences and how it affects a businesses bottom line.

What makes a great store manager successful ?

Great store managers consistently turn in great results. They regularly achieve their KPI’s, have lower staff turnover, less customer complaints and this list goes on.

Investing in employees

How investing in them is investing into the development and success of your brand.

How to shut the shop on absenteeism

Unplanned absence is one of retail’s biggest workforce management challenges, but better employee engagement can help reduce this rostering headache.

Barriers to employment holding small businesses back

Small businesses are saying that despite recent tough conditions, they are looking forward to growth in the next 12 months, off the back of improved economic and political certainty, however many are reluctant to grow by hiring staff due to too many policies and procedures.

Great culture the key differentiator in driving employee and customer engagement

Delivering exceptional customer experience in the retail world starts with building great employee engagement.

Small businesses unprepared for the latest wave of scams

Over half of Australian small business owners are concerned their business will be scammed, yet a quarter do not have processes in place to prevent the latest wave of scams hitting our shores, according to new research.

Building a company culture that makes employees want to come work

As the fight to hire talented employees gets fiercer and company loyalty is becoming a thing of the past, it is becoming even more important to build a company that your employees actually enjoy working for.

Creating a positive experience beyond customer service

Developing positive customer relationships, consumer loyalty and customer experience, starts with employees. 

SafeWork urges retailers to support young workers

During the last quarter (Jan – Mar 2019), SafeWork NSW prosecuted eight companies in the district or local courts for breaching work health and safety laws.

Did you know? Females represent only 28.4% of CEOs or MDs in the Australian retail industry

While global attitudes toward gender parity are experiencing an encouraging shift, statistics continue to tell us that we have a long way to go.

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