What kind of nbn™ plan do you need to work from home?

There’s no doubt that the various periods of lockdown and requirements around social distancing has had an impact on the retail industry. And yet there have been opportunities as well.

New nbn™survey shows a demand from consumers for a stronger online presence

A groundswell of support from consumers wanting to ‘buy local’ highlights an opportunity for Australian businesses to strengthen their online presence and offer new ways for people to access their products and services.

Are you prepared for a cyber attack?

Recently the Prime Minister announced to Australia that we were the target of a large scale, sophisticated, cyber attack. The attack targeted both government and private enterprise and was perpetrated by a foreign state.

Create positive CX with search

The online shoppers of today expect fast service and to be able to find what they want, when they want.

Amazon announcement highlights industry focus on post-COVID future

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) associate Member Amazon Australia will establish its first Amazon Robotics fulfilment centre (FC) in Western Sydney. 

How tech is driving the reinvention of the modern retailer

Providing a fantastic shopping experience to customers, both online and offline through technology, is no longer a novelty – it is an essential part of successful retailing. 

Delight your customers at every click, tap, and scroll

As the Australian e-commerce industry continues to grow, smart retailers are seizing the opportunity before them by drawing on intelligent technology that delights the customer at every click. 

Hygienic product testing in health and beauty post COVID-19

The retail industry has always been an exceedingly volatile one that has changed suddenly at many points throughout history. We are, at present, standing amid one of those landmark crossroads that both retailers and consumers must adapt to build the new normal.

Why order management is the key to great customer experience

Using technology and data to reduce overstocks and provide customers with real-time inventory to ensure they receive deliveries promptly. 

Deliveries in the future and what they will look like

If the last decade of retail has taught us one thing, it’s that evolving consumer expectations will continue to innovate delivery and returns solutions for years to come.

The era for the food and beverage industry to go digital

Digitising the F&B industry is one way to increase efficiency and ensure a high-quality product output.

Making CRM the key to unlocking unrivalled customer understanding

Led by tech-savvy shoppers with digital baskets and a thirst for 24-7 online consumerism, the retail industry has changed dramatically in recent years.

How can COVID-19 help businesses grow using social media?

Coronavirus has forced many of us to move to an agile and remote workforce. We’ve had our social liberties substantially reduced and we are reaching out for human connection and social interaction online at an unprecedented level.

Technology is empowering traditional bricks-and-mortar retail, not replacing it

The retail industry evolves on a seemingly weekly basis, but in the midst of this fluid, always-changing state, there comes a periodic paradigm shift that threatens to change the landscape irreversibly.

How Australian retailers can harmonise social with their broader digital e-commerce strategy

Learn about the three most important factors on how to utilise social media harmoniously as part of a wider digital eCommerce strategy.

5G and the retail revolution

5G is set to revolutionise the retail sector by providing innovative technologies and solutions. As the network continues to roll out across Australia, forward-thinking retailers should look to embrace 5G sooner than later.

Using sustainable and intelligent digital solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of retail operations

How technological innovations are changing the way people shop and how retailers can engage their customers in a more sustainable way.

TikTok – should retailers and brands be prepared or scared?

According to Kate Maszluch, VP of Marketing at Tryzens, the last 12 months have seen a number of social media giants take the leap and enter the ecommerce market in a bid to expand their offering. The latest example of this is TikTok, which has roughly 625 million active users.

Enforcing packaging standards across the supply chain delivers ethical and financial value

With the rising pressure on costs and growing stakeholder expectations regarding ethical business practice, retailers are now taking control to plug the financial leaks across the supply chain associated with packaging inefficiency.

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