Data security is a must for wary Australian consumers

Three out of four (74%) Australian consumers claim their confidence in a brand’s data security influences how they spend money with that brand, according to new global research conducted by payment security specialists PCI Pal together with cloud telephony platform provider Natterbox.

The empowered consumer and strategising for success

As consumer expectations change in an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, brands and retailers can no longer afford to simply survive; they must thrive by staying ahead of shifting trends to maintain their edge.

Navigating supply chain and tariff challenges in the retail sector

How local retailers can mitigate the financial burden of political and economic disruption by using digital networks.

How mobile employee engagement solutions lead to positive results

How to transform the employee experience by mobile solutions to, communicate and engage retail workforce's.

Big banks to roll out blockchain lease solution to help retailers

Despite the innovations of today’s digitally empowered business practices, retailers in Australia continue to struggle with laggard processes like obtaining bank guarantees for their leases.

Four habits of online shoppers

New research reveals Aussie shoppers have developed distinctive habits in their online shopping that differ from their in-store shopping habits.

How to keep a customer for life

Understanding the ever-changing world of online shopping and how important it is to adopt a customer-first strategy.

Compressing the delivery time frame without compromising the customer experience

From drones to GPS tracking, customer fulfilment strategies are becoming ever more innovative as retailers fight for every available consumer dollar.

Increase brand awareness and boost profits

If you’re a retailer with an online presence, chances are you’re constantly looking for ways to increase your brand awareness, build your customer base, and sell more through the myriad channels available in today’s marketplace.

Breaking down the barriers to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for all retailers

Machine learning has a wide range of applications in retail and new technology allows it to be accessible for retailers of all sizes.

Digitalisation paving the way for Australia’s retail landscape

Australia’s CBD retail landscape is evolving in the face of continued headwinds, with brands harnessing creativity and innovation to increase their consumer wallet share.

The state of the retail industry: The empowered shopper

Despite e-commerce continuing to mature and grow in convenience, today’s shoppers still value bricks- and-mortar stores. Zebra’s 2019 Shopper Vision Study found that during the past year, only 43% of shoppers opted to purchase items online instead of visiting a physical store, proving that most...

Driving consumer loyalty through cryptocurrency

As competition increases locally and globally, retail brands are increasingly turning to innovative technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain to assist in customer retention and improve sales performance.

Boosting in-store performance with retail data

The prevalence of digital commerce is perpetually changing the face of the retail landscape. As a result, brick-and-mortar stores are put in a situation where they have to come up with compelling ways to make shoppers get off their couch and step into the store rather than buy online.

Grow an Instagram following for your business: practical tips to put in place today

This article was first published on City of Sydney News and shared by Australian Retailers Association

Aussie's say digital catalogues are a stress-free and useful way to window shop

Almost 4 million Australians are using digital catalogues alone rather than hard copy versions saying they are a useful tool and stress-free way to window shop, according to the latest research.

Customer experience in the race for retail transformation

By focusing on the most important piece of the puzzle, the customer, retailers can improve their digital experience where it really matters.

How to optimise your promotions to maximise performance

The way promotions are planned and undertaken is evolving. It has previously been commonplace to return to what has been done before and simply replicate it. But now retailers are stopping and thinking about whether they should run the promotion in the first place. And if they choose to run it,...

Keeping up with consumers: go mobile or go out of business

Mobility is influencing customer behaviour and retailers are faced with embracing this change or becoming extinct. Mobility is integrated into our day to day lives and expanding the power it brings to the everyday shopping experience is now commonplace.

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