Tasmania leading charge in online shopping

The 2018 Yellow Digital Report has found that whilst Tasmanian's are shopping online more than other states in Australia, they are still concerned around the safety of their information online.

Investing in a pay-per-click agency

The internet and technology dynamic have fundamentally changed the way we shop and purchase products. Today many consumers who shop in-store still turn to the web to compare prices and read product reviews.

Measuring digital maturity for your business

In a research report by Infosys Digital Acceleration Study: Australia and New Zealand, revealed that enterprise leaders across sectors are at varying stages of digital agility, facing consistent barriers and opportunities to building disruptive business models at scale.

Striking a chord with customers through music

New commercial music apps are creating memorable and effective in-store experiences for consumers, increasing dwell time and sales.

What is a good Net Promoter Score?

So you’ve been using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool to collect customer feedback for a while now, and your NPS numbers are fluctuating quite a bit. What counts as a good NPS? How does your score measure up against your competitors? And how do you improve your score? In this article, we answer...

The future of retail feat. chatbots

Five ways to maximise the customer experience with chatbots

The future of retail is heading online

Australian consumers predict a shift to online retail within the next 5 years.

Crypto currency charting the future of customer loyalty

Blockchain loyalty company Incent is taking up the challenge of bringing payments and rewards into the mobile era.

Four signs your SEO campaign isn’t working and ways to strengthen it

Maintaining an online presence may not be the biggest priority as a retailer, but with many retailers’ moving into the digital sphere, keeping up with the competition is important. 

Top ten tips for creating an impactful logo

As world famous Tennis star Andre Agassi said “Image is EVERYTHING,” and it’s especially true when it comes to a business logo. As the cornerstone of any brand, a logo can effectively express a brand’s essence that’s more easily digested than a written explanation of your products or services.

Developing a unified commerce

Retailers should no longer be adapting to change, they should be driving the future of retail

Small business tax write off

With the financial year at a close and tax returns underway, how businesses can better utilise government incentives is front of mind. For small businesses (turnover of up to $10 million) the $20,000 instant tax write off is a great opportunity to invest in new technologies and equipment that...

Five ways AI is transforming retail recruitment

Artificical Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by a storm. In 2017, AI startup investment increased 141% compared with 2016. Last year alone, a mere $15.2 billion has been invested in AI startups globally. The consequences of AI spreading out are starting to pop up in all industries - the...

Shrink management as a service: Delivered to you by Tyco and Google

Tyco Retail Solutions has partnered with Google to offer SMaaS (Shrink Management as a Service), a new predictive analytics service that uses leading edge technology through the Google Cloud Platform. The service is an integration of electronic article surveillance (EAS) and device management...

Six simple SEO steps that small retailers could take to improve their ranking

SEO optimising is not an easy process, especially for small retailers looking to improve their ranking. However, you can always start simple and build from that. If you don't think that you have enough resources or knowledge to improve your ranking, here are some simple steps that any small...

How are you leveraging technology across your business?

With technology advances impacting various industries, retail technology has transformed the industry in more ways than one. Last year, a staggering 49% of retailers admitted to not having an integrated POS system, limiting them from processing sales offline when disconnected from their network.

Conversational commerce and its impact on retail

The integration of messaging apps and voice technology is transforming how people communicate and get information. Consumers already prefer to use conversational interfaces such as SMS and Facebook Messenger, to interact with their friends and family. Retailers are now able to bring that same...

Mobile wallets: the future of retail payments

The traditional wallet as we know it today is rapidly being replaced by mobile management platforms, prompting retailers to explore new ways to engage customers. Mobile wallets can be a strategic marketing tool for retailers to drive repeat customers and improve sales. Digital loyalty programs...

Defining the online path to purchase

“What is my consumers path to purchase?” The million-dollar question and one that is asked time and time again, and up until now, it’s been fairly hard to determine. But with online retail growing at such a fast pace, and the abundance of online behavioural data being collected, answering this...

Retail on the move with mobile printers

With the retail industry averaging a 2.76% growth year-on-year last year, and retail trade growth down more than 1% on the 50-year average, it is obvious retailers across the country are facing challenges.

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