Under the influence: SEO and its power over the ecommerce industry

If an ecommerce business isn’t appearing in relevant search queries, it’s got a major problem. But while most retailers understand the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO), many feel ill-equipped to master its enigmatic art, particularly when it seems like the SEO goalposts are...

AI paves the way, The future of retail over the next 5 years

The digital economy has changed the way retailers interact with consumers. As technology has become more portable, it has also weaved its way into our day-to-day lives—from supermarkets predicting and delivering the groceries we need, to a fully integrated concierge banking service.

How to get social media working for your business

Social media has proven to be an effective tool for businesses to reach out and improve relationships with customers. 

Loyalty at the core of retail

How retailers can grow their customer base and increase consumer loyalty

Is tech enough to improve the customer experience?

By harnessing the right technology, retailers can enhance the overall experience for their customers

Reaching out for global opportunities

Aussie retailers need to embed technology and innovative thinking to gain global traction.

Let's get virtual

Virtual changing rooms might be in fashion, but are retailers using this new technology effectively?

Non-conventional marketing: Put your brand where your customers are today

How retailers can use and leverage contemporary consumer platforms to benefit their business.

The opportunities autonomous vehicles will bring to retail

The era of autonomous vehicles is quickly becoming a reality in Australia. There are already a number of driverless vehicle trials taking place in some of our state capital cities, like Adelaide and Perth. Major mining operations already use driverless vehicles to transport millions of tonnes of...

Fulfilment: The final frontier

These are the voyages of your online order, to seek out new ways to boldly go exactly where you want it to go and to appear in full and on time.

Boost your brand with online reviews

Consumers today look first to online reviews for social validation when researching a product or service. Whether they want to find out about the quality or fit of a product, what the returns policy is like, or compare brand against brand – reviews are an important first reference point.

Building the measurement gap from digital to offline

Connecting the digital and physical worlds is becoming increasingly critical for retailers to measure the ROI on marketing accurately.

Four shopper stats that make website personalisation a must

As a retailer, you’re familiar with calls to personalise your site to optimise customer experience and supercharge sales. You can pin this personalisation mandate on ‘the Amazon effect’, a phrase which Australian retailers are becoming all too familiar with given the retail giant’s recent...

Relationships are complicated: but not in retail

Personalisation continues to be the buzzword of the customer service world as Australian retailers hunt for ways to use current and new technologies to build customer loyalty and win trust - in order to stand strong against the influx of new competitors that are entering the market.

The SEO metrics your business should swear by

What is a ‘like’ or a share on social media worth? Is keyword competition a good thing or a bad thing? Does it matter if website traffic is from local browsers or overseas?

Transforming the customer experience with RFID

The need for inventory visibility has never been more critical in retail. Customers expect their goods to arrive faster than ever before and want to know where their package is every step of the way.

Retailers revolutionise the customer experience

As retailers race to deliver more unique and personalised customer experiences, the use of Cloud, IoT and Big Data will accelerate in stores, online channels and distribution centres. However, one quarter of retailers still lag in the process of adopting new technologies and integrating them...

A demand for faster online delivery

 Australian consumers are increasing their expectations when it comes to their online delivery options. A survey conducted by SOTI extracts these expectations from customers, and breaks it down into key takeaway points.

A holistic risk assessment for online retailers

The digital landscape is changing, so it makes sense that online fraud is as well. Staggeringly, card-not-present (CNP) fraud has grown at a double-digit annual percentage for the last five years, now representing 85% of all Australian card fraud. The problem isn’t going away, either: with...

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