The Retail Ready Jobs Program: A different approach to hiring

The Retail Ready Jobs Program is a government-funded initiative under Smart and Skilled funding. This Program focuses on building the skills and capabilities of applicants to ensure they are equipped to meet the needs of retailers.

The Regional Employment Trial project: It takes a community

In 2019, the Australian Retailers Association (including the Retail Institute), in partnership with Young People Ahead, applied to deliver a Regional Employment Trial project. This was managed by the Employment Facilitator in Mount Isa, Tamilyn Brennan and funded through the Department of...

Find the right fit for your store with the Retail Ready Jobs Program

As retailers begin to reopen and start the recovery process, the ARA Retail Ready Jobs Program can help take the time and cost out of looking for skilled staff.

Five strategies to upskill your retail employees

Providing your team with the skills needed to succeed in retail.

When to counsel an underperforming employee

Managing poor performance is one of the biggest challenges leaders face in retail today. With increased litigation cases it is imperative that leaders get it right. If, despite coaching the team member, they’re still not performing to standard, the next step is to conduct a counselling session.

The Australian Youth Development Index Consultations 2020 Mount Isa

It is often the small steps we take in life that have the most impact.

Why reporting and recording stocktake is good for business

To truly make the most of inventory control initiatives, it is essential to establish protocols and schedules around stocktaking. Stocktake involves counting stock in hand and comparing it to the reported figures from the inventory management system. The purpose of stocktake is to ascertain any...

How do you analyse the impact of a promotion?

When you monitor and evaluate the impact of displays, you should consider the objectives of a Visual Merchandising plan. Asking the following questions can help you monitor the effectiveness:

Maximising your visual merchandising

Every retail store will gain more sales impact from defined regions of the store. For example, windows, impulse areas/hot spots and counters. These areas invariably attract the highest volume of traffic and therefore generate a greater proportion of sales.

Why providing feedback to your employees is vital for your business

Feedback is a way to support team members and ensure they’re aware of their performance. Regular feedback can help team members reflect on their performance and take action to repeat or change behaviours.

Understanding store pricing policy and decisions for your store

As retailers have varying product and service offers, providing customers with a choice in product quality, appearance and functionality, it is understandable that approaches to pricing differ.

Aligning e-business capabilities with existing business strengths

The Internet is a powerful channel that presents new opportunities for touching customers, enriching products and services with information, squeezing out costs through process automation, and redesigning internal business processes through enhanced communication and knowledge sharing.

Create an innovative environment for your team

Innovation is the process of making something new and of value. 

Investigating models of e-business

Different organisations and individuals will choose to use various forms of e-business. Some businesses will only use email for communication and don't require a website, whereas others will operate almost entirely online.

Improving and implementing cost reduction measures

Strategies for cost reduction must always be considered about store policies and procedures and aligned with broader corporate objectives. 

How to best merchandise fixtures during a promotion

The following guidelines are often used to display and sell the greatest amount of merchandise possible in a given amount of space for the most effective results;

How to develop an effective online service strategy

With so many businesses and sources of information on the Internet, most online customers quickly become used to making rapid judgements about a website.

Tips on delegating responsibilities to team members

When you delegate tasks or jobs that you do not need to be doing, it frees you up to focus on delivering on other areas. 

Simple tips to manage storage and equipment

The quality of storage areas and equipment reflects a shop’s level of organisation. It’s easy to neglect ‘out of sight, out of mind’ storage spaces, but cutting corners only nudges the problem a little way down the road before your store ends up losing stock and staff waste time searching for...

How employees can cultivate a positive shopping experience

The importance of offering exceptional customer service.

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