Expand brand awareness

Once online, many retail brands look for opportunities to expand the reach of their company by developing strategies to boost brand awareness.

Develop, measure and report on promotional activities

Retail is such a dynamic and fast paced industry and visual merchandisers tend to shift from one focus to the next at great speed making it easy for the evaluation of promotional initiatives to go by the wayside. 

The heart of hiring

The Retail Ready Jobs Program gives employers a new way to hire, without compromising on quality.

Manage promotional activities

Extensive planning and alignment with wider business activities lays a strong foundation for promotions that excite customers, benefit business and minimise unnecessary pressure on store and visual merchandising staff. 

The importance of researching pricing trends

Modern retailers consider pricing a strategic decision. With the increase in domestic online retail, and the improved access of Australian customers to international avenues to shop, local bricks and mortar stores need to be aware of current pricing trends to remain viable.They need to do so not...

Understand store pricing policy

As retailers have varying product and service offers, providing customers with choice in product quality, appearance and functionality, it is understandable that approaches to pricing differ. It would be naïve to assume however that all retail pricing is based upon a cost of goods sold...

Finding your perfect match in retail

Employing the right candidate can be hard, but the Retail Ready Jobs Program gives employers a head start.

Initiating visual merchandising contingencies

Once identified, visual merchandising issues need to be rectified. Timeliness is of the essence here as the majority of visual merchandising (VM) issues have the potential to negatively affect the customer experience and as direct result business profitability. When monitoring and evaluating the...

Roles in health and safety

Everyone has a role to play with regards to health and safety in the workplace. This specifies around legislative expectations can be found by accessing the particular state or territory in which the organisation operates.

Building awareness to understand organisation guidelines

Team members play a very important role in workplace health and safety. That said organisations need to equip the team to ensure they understand all facets of workplace health and safety. Organisations can support the team by:

Offer after sales support

As a retail salesperson you work very hard to satisfy your customers. This is an important part of establishing them as long term customers who choose to shop at your store rather than at your competitors.

Plan and action sales predictions

Depending on the type of retail store that you work in, you may find yourself either running or involved in a sales presentation. A sales presentation is a planned event at which representatives from a retail store demonstrate their key products to invited customers with the aim of promoting...

Understanding key financial figures

The managing process entails setting goals and objectives, agreeing plans and budgets, evaluating and controlling performance. Information underpins management hence why retailers spend a lot of time collecting and analysing information. Put simply it allows them to better manage their business.

Evaluate and review strategy

Monitoring, reviewing and evaluation activities are undertaken to track progress against desired outcomes and provide feedback on the process itself, to inform ongoing and future strategic activities.

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Implementing action plans

The considerable work involved in getting to the action plan phase is brought to fruition as plans are implemented. All the investment in research, consultation and planning is ideally repaid in a streamlined and straightforward implementation. At this stage organisational commitment needs to be...

Develop retail action plans

The planning process is incomplete until detailed action plans are in place. 

Identifying constraints and developing contingencies

Acknowledging constraints involved through the development of strategic plans, establishes a commitment to transparency and addresses issues prior to them becoming challenges.

Prepare for strategy success

There are specific actions that can support the success of strategic objectives. Taking the time to establish the groundwork to maximise the likelihood of the achievement of business objectives is a valuable investment. As a retail leader, it is necessary to think with the end in mind and plan...

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Develop and define your objectives

Developing a retail strategy

Good planning is critical to the success of any business. Strategic planning essentially involves setting a strategic direction and objectives for the business and defining parameters and processes that underpin how the business plans go about achieving those...

Use mission to develop strategy

Businesses expend significant energy establishing and effectively communicating their brand story to their teams across the organisation that in turn embody the business values to provide an in store experience that accurately reflects how the business wishes to be seen and what it represents....

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